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INFEST was formed in the cold winter days of 2003 by Vandal (rhythm guitar/vocal), David (solo guitar), Anta (bass) and Dušan (drums) in Jagodina, Serbia, with clear idea of playing Old-School Death/Thrash Metal! Soon after INFEST recorded the first demo "Inquisition" in studio "Wolf", Majur, Anta was forced to leave for a vile due to his obligations in military service, so Ivan Petrović (Alister) took place as help bassist for demo recording.

In 2004, Anta returned to band and the full line-up was up again. The same year, INFEST preformed on Zaječarska Gitarijada Fest in Zaječar on which, by the public votes, won the First place.

INFEST recorded a second demo in 2005 titled "Time to Die", again in studio "Wolf". Also, two songs have been released; "Inquisition" (live in Studio 6) on Demo Masters Compilation, released by Rock Express Records and "Order", featured Igor Miladinović (Alister) on Forces Of Anger Compilation, released by Multimedia Records.

In the period of two months during 2006, David and Anta are leaving the band. By the end of the same year, Vandal and Dušan are entering the studio to record debut album "Anger Will Remain" which was later released by Terror Blast Production. As the hate machine grinds forward, need for better production and sound must be allayed, although essence of old spirit was kept. This time INFEST chose "Draft" studio in Belgrade. Vandal, which wrote all the music and lyrics, also recorded bass guitar, but solos on album were done by Kozeljnik and Demonetras (The Stone, May Result), which resulted with more evil and blasphemic feeling and atmosphere.

After album promotion in Serbia and Macedonia, band needed bass and solo guitar player for live gigs, so in 2007 Andrija (Discrepancy) joined this horde on bass, all until the end of 2007. not far after EXIT festival, when he left the band... After Andrija's decision to split, INFEST recruited Glavoseča (Vehementer) on solo guitar and with whom mini tour trough Bosnia and Macedonia was done. Because of our drummer’s illness, entire tour was done with Aksinomantijan (Posmrtna Liturgija, ex-The Stone). After mini tour was done, Zaelot integrates the band with his ideology and playing. Now, INFEST has a steady line-up and is ready to spread wings of pure hatred and destruction all over the Earth!

In 2008, drummer Dušan left the band because of personal problems, which are very important in his life... and new drummer is Zombi (Simargal, ex May Result, ex The Stone)! Soon after that Zombi came into entire story, INFEST entered studio and recorded EP "Christ Denial", which includes 3 songs, that will be only heating for new album! EP very soon becomes target of European journalist, and got very good marks in their reviews! INFEST did a lot of gigs for promotion of new material and finally entered "Draft" studio and start recording album in December!

2009 is one of the most important year in INFEST carrier! Vandal becomes very good friend with legendary Aad Klooserwaard from Sinister, and to make their friendship stronger, they decide to record one song together, so Adrie sings as a guest vocal on "Screaming From Within", that becomes one of the most listened song in the lines of INFEST fans! Also, Vandal makes a very good connection with songwriter of Vader, Harry Maat, and Harry wrote one of the lyrics for INFEST new album, and called it "A Sickness Named Religion" which also finds a good way for INFEST fans! Glad from Serbian horde of black metal May Result appears as guest vocal on "Krstu je Kraj", only song that INFEST ever recorded on Serbian language! As a promotion of new material INFEST played in Czech Republic, on Exit festival and many many more... New album "Onward to Destroy" appeared on October 10. 2009. and found a great reaction of a crowd! INFEST also became a member of Blood Stained Promotion from Holland, so you can except more gigs in New Year. Now we only have to wait new European tour which is planned for December this year and to hear what INFEST had prepared for their fans!

Promotion of "Onward to Destroy" album across Europe (Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Italy, Chech Republic...) At the end of the year, Glavoseca & Zelot left the band, and were replaced with Khil on bass guitar and Tyrant on lead guitar.

INFEST finished new songs and on March 21st of 2011, they entered the Hellsound666 Studio in Czech Republic to create a new album called "Everlasting Genocide". Tyrant had an accident a few days before recording session, so Branislav Panic (Bane, Synesis Absorption) recorded the biggest part of solos for this release. Thebon (Keep Of Kalessin) also appeared as a special guest, and due his presence made this album more darker and blasphemic! Honza Kapak (Avenger) produced and mastered the new album and it’s expected to be released in June this year via Grom records (Serbia), Butchered Records (USA), Zero Budget (Czech Republic) and Terror Blast (Macedonia).

INFEST made a great promotion of a new album "Everlasting Genocide" across Europe during all 2012! Lot of gigs and festivals, including Phantoms Of Pilsen 5, Blasphemy festival and many many more…

During 2013, the band played a lot of festivals and gigs across Europe, made European tour and played with legendary ABSU. Booked a lot of gigs until the end of the year, and started making new songs. Bass player Khil left the band, and Warlust joined the band. INFEST made a deal with Spanish label Xtreem Music, and started recording.

INFEST finished the recording of their new album during the first months of 2014 and got their 4th album “Cold Blood War” released in April! INFEST have booked European tour on May, and lot of mini tours and festivals for entire year. Many battles to be won!

Ideology of band shall forever remain antichristian persuasions and suffocation of destructive christian theory and its filthy influence on humanity!
Hail to all those who support our ideals and work!
Xtreem Releases:
INFEST - Cold Blood War
Band:   INFEST
Title: Cold Blood War
CAT. #: XM 144 CD
Format: CD [29:39]
Genre: Death/Thrash
Released: 04.2014
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