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AGGRESSION 16.1.2012
AGGRESSION have already finished their long waited second full-length, after their acclaimed debut "Moshpirit", that was released on September 2009.

After a slight delay in the release of the album due to problems encountered at the level of production, that were completely alien to the band, finally the new official date of release of "Viocracy" is Wednesday, February 1st of 2012 through XTREEM MUSIC.

The mix of "Viocracy" took place during the month of November by Julian Janovich and mastering has been done in the Swedish Fascination Street Studio, at the hands of Jens Bogren (OPETH, AMON AMARTH, KREATOR, SYMPHONY X). The pre-production and production have been carried out entirely by the band.

"Viocracy" will be available for pre-order through the official store of the band ( two weeks before its official release; from the 16th of January. It will be possible to pre-order the new album as well as the new limited merchandising, and each order, in addition to getting the album before its official release, will be presented with a full color poster signed by the band as well as other gifts unrevealed yet.

You can actually listen to an advance song of the album on HD quality here: and also:
AGGRESSION 23.8.2011
After going through several line-up changes, Spanish thrashers AGGRESSION, are working on the last details of their long waited sophomore album, after their acclaimed debut "Moshpirit", that was released on September 2009. On this second album, that will receive the name of "Viocracy", there will be able to appreciate clearly a music style readjustment, oriented to a most technical, eclectic and progressive Thrash Metal, but without losing the first album essence.

Those changes have been enhanced with the entry of the new members, who help the band to acquire a technical and musical level never seen before in the band's history.

Actually, this is the AGGRESSION's line-up:
- Pol Luengo (Guitar and lead vocals)
- Oscar Reka (Guitar and back vocals)
- Carlos Leonardo (Bass and back vocals)
- Jose Rosendo (Drums)

The recording, mixing and the mastering of "Viocracy", will be done during this fall. The recording will be performed in Sweet Home Studios (Barcelona) on September, and the mix and the mastering will be done again (just like the first album) by the young producer Erik Monsonis.

The album will also include a cover of the classic "YYZ" from the legendary progressive rock band RUSH, from their highly acclaimed album "Moving Pictures".

The track list of "Viocracy" is going to be the following:
01. False Flags
02. Chemical Slavery
03. Viocracy
04. MK Ultra
05. Get Mad
06. Awake Awareness
07. Human Nature
08. Dehumanized
09. Victims of Bias
10.- YYZ (Rush cover)

The cover of the album has been designed by the renowned German illustrator Eliran Kantor, who has worked with bands like SODOM, ATHEIST, TESTAMENT, etc.

"Viocracy" will be released worldwide in January 1st, 2012 through XTREEM MUSIC, and which international promotion will be done by the professional musical agency Top Artist Promotion, who has already worked with bands like GAMMA RAY, STRATOVARIUS, KAMELOT, and so on. Listen to AGGRESSION at their official MySpace:
AGGRESSION 28.10.2009
One month after releasing the new album called "Moshpirit", the spaniards are ready to start the promoting tour of his debut called "MoshpiriTour". This tour will take the band to the most important cities inside of Spain and will last from winter 2009 to Mid 2010.

There are still some dates to confirm, but these are the ones confirmed so far:

Saturday 7 Noviembre – Zaragoza - Sala Ultimátum w/ Death Over Threat, Demonished Friday 4 Diciembre – Bilbao – Sala Bilborock Saturday 5 Diciembre - TBA Saturday 19 Diciembre – Barcelona – Sala Mephisto w/ Decapitated Christ, Asphyxion + banda por confirmar Saturday 16 Enero – Madrid – Sala Ritmo y Compás w/ Unsouled, Rancor + banda por confirmar Saturday 6 Febrero – Badajoz – Centro de Ocio Contemporáneo w/ Sheratan Saturday 20 Febrero – Murcia – III Heavy Metal Espectros Fest Saturday 13 Marzo – TBA Saturday 20 Marzo – Valencia – Sala XY

Finally, after 4 years of hard work, sees the light the expected full lenght of the Spanish Thrash Metal band Aggression. "MoshPirit" is already available to buy it from any place of the world.

All the people interested in buying a copy of the album, have some options to buy it:

- Contacting and buying it directly to the band, sending an e-mail with the complete personal information (complete name and address) to We send worldwide.

- Through Xtreem Music's mail order (, where you can buy your copy from any place of the world.

- In your regular record store, doing a reserve of the album to the label (Xtreem Music).

Very soon will be available a very limited edition of "Moshpirit" shirts, with the cover of the album, that we'll remind that was done by the legendary north american ilustrator Ed Repka (Megadeth, Death, Venom, Vio-lence...) for first time in a Spanish band.

Let's remind that "Moshpirit" was produced by the young Spanish productor Erik Monsonís and recorded in Axtudio (Barcelona). The album have a bonus track, with the special collaboration of Jani Pihlman on the lead guitar.

To know more about Aggression and to listed two tracks of the new album, we invite you to go to their myspace (
The debut first album of the two that the Spanish Thrash Metal band AGGRESSION signed with XTREEM MUSIC, will be ready soon, and will be entitled "MoshPirit".

"MoshPirit" is gonna include 9 tracks, which 5 of them were included in the debut MCD of AGGRESSION called "Thrashing Your Brain", that are gonna be recorded again, with the rest of the new songs. The recording of the debut album of AGGRESSION is gonna be done soon in Barcelona, in the known Axtudios by Mr Ax, and the mix & mastering of the album will be done by Erik Monsonis.

In "MoshPirit" we will find tracks like "Psycho-Crime", "New Born War", "Better You Run", "MoshPirit", "Never Surrender", "Thrash and Kill", and much more. AGGRESSION have the honour to comunicate that the artwork of "MoshPirit", were done by the first time in a spanish band, by the legendary and known north american ilustrator Ed Repka (Megadeth, Death, Municipal Waste, Venom, Nuclear Assault, Vio-lence...). Here you can see an advance of such artwork.

As you've probably noticed, the AGGRESSION's logo has changed. Now it heads to a more defined and more direct style but still keeping the old structure. The new logo has been done by Albert "Pèl". In the next months we'll announce the release date "MoshPirit", with more info and news about the band

From here, we encourage any media (promoters, organizators, bands, fans...) to contact directly with AGGRESSION by their MySpace ( or by mail ( to book the shows to present their brand new and first album "MoshPirit" in their cities.
AGGRESSION 19.5.2008
XTREEM MUSIC is proud to announce the signing of spanish old school Thrash Metal newcomers AGGRESSION!! The recent release of their debut mini CD "Thrashing Your Brain" took the spanish scene by storm and shows a killer band that has something great to offer in the future!! This 6-songs EP was recorded at AXtudios which secured them a superb production and this immediately gained the attention from XTREEM MUSIC who immediately offered them a 2-album deal. AGGRESSION are now writing new songs for what will be their debut full lentgh album scheduled for a late 2008 release. This will undoubtely boost them not only to the top of the spanish Thrash Metal movement that has been giving birth to many excellent bands during the last years, but also in the worldwide scene!!

For those who aren't familiar with AGGRESSION, they play a high quality aggressive Thrash influenced by bands like EXODUS, TESTAMENT, ONSLAUGHT, SLAYER, HIRAX and even ANTHRAX from their best works. "Thrashing Your Brain" is available both directly from the band or through XTREEM MUSIC's mailorder. Three of the songs are available for listening at the band's own website

As part of the pre-promotion campaign for the band, we encourage any medias (magazines, webzines & radios) to enter to download this EP for review & airplay.
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