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Spanish legedary Brutal Death Metal band CHRIST DENIED, formed back in 1994, is getting ready for their very 1st live performance as a quartet after changing from a 2-piece to a 4-piece band!! This will be next 1st of May in Madrid (Spain) during the 1st edition of the MADRID DEATHFEST alongside with bands like INTERNAL SUFFERING, INCINERATE, NEUROMA, KEVLAR SKIN, VIRULENCY & CRANIAL BLOWOUT.

Back in February, CHRIST DENIED rehearsed for the first time as a quartet and here you can see a video of that first session: as well as the very first band photo with the current line-up (from left to right):

Roger B. - Guitars
Dave Rotten - Vocals
Roger P. - Bass
Erik Raya - Drums

The two latest addition to CHRIST DENIED are drummer Erik Raya who also plays in AVULSED & FAMISHGOD and bass player Roger P. who also plays in TIBOSITY together with Roger B. (INFECTED FLESH). The band is now getting ready for their upcoming live show and after that will start writing new material for their 3rd album, first one having a human drummer after more than 20 years of existence!!

For more info about the MADRID DEATHFEST, check the Facebook event here: and check out the song "Weak Lunatics" from their very first rehearsal ever:
"Cancer Eradication", the very long awaited 2nd album of CHRIST DENIED, one of the most talked about returns in the Brutal Death camp, is totally finished and ready for its release next 15th of June as previously announced. Just 2 weeks after this, the band will perform their very 1st show ever on their almost 20-year history!! This will be at the MOVE YOUR FUCKING BRAIN FEST in Barcelona, followed a week later by OBSCENE EXTREME FEST in Czech Republic and later on, in October, at the RITUAL ZOMBI FEST in Madrid.

The band is absolutely satisfied about how the production of the new album turned out, achieving a truly crushing, brutal and heavy sound, making of this album a fucking sonic bulldozer, an absolute madness of blasts and unparalleled guttural delirium!!

Track listing for "Cancer Eradication" is as follows:

1. Weak Lunatics
2. Blasphemic Blessings
3. Putrid Christian Blood
4. Christ is Gone
5. Limbless God
6. Prophylactic Execution
7. Beheading the Abomination
8. Infidel's Triumph
9. Of the Underworld (Imprecation)

As previously revealed, the magnific cover artowk was created by greek artist Gerasimos Kolokas, which you can see on HD quality as well as listening to an advance song on the following link:

For more information about CHRIST DENIED, you can follow them at their official Facebook:
Legendary spanish Brutal Christophobic Death Metallers CHRIST DENIED, who got reactivated in late 2011, have been hard working on their long awaited sophomore album after their acclaimed debut in 1996 "...Got What He Deserved" and various split CD's and their collection CD "Drink... Drink the Blood!" from 2004. This work has resulted in 8 new songs plus a cover song of IMPRECATION which will be featured on the new album that will be entitled "Cancer Eradication", that continues where the band left, combining all elements of their different recordings and for sure will not dissapoint any of their fans.

Recordings are almost finished and the album is expected to be released during the first days of June, right before the very first shows of the band in its history. Yes, CHRIST DENIED will perform live, something unthinkable until Roger Infected joined the band replacing David Nigger. So far, the band has already been confirmed for three festivals for this year:

Jun.29 - Move Your Fucking Brain Fest (Barcelona/Spain)
                   (w/Enthroned, Severance, Benighted, Baalphegor....)
Jul.06 - Obscene Extreme Fest (Trutnov/Czech Rep.)
                   (w/Napalm Death, Cryptopsy, Grave, Exhumed...)
Oct.12 - Ritual Zombi Fest. (Madrid/Spain)
                   (w/Avulsed, Purtenance, Dissect & Onirophagus)

At the moment there's no more shows expected and the band wants to keep it this way, just offering very few and selected live appearances, So don't miss your chance to experience the relentless blasting & guttural performance of CHRIST DENIED on stage while you can!!

Hereby we can reveal the artistically blasphemous cover artwork for "Cancer Eradication", a magistral piece of ART made by greek artist Gerasimos Kolokas, an artist rarely (if ever) used on extreme Metal, but which perfectly captured the essence of the ancient paintings, giving it a totally gloomy and macabre atmosphere. If you want to check the cover art on bigger size with more detail, vist the band's official Facebook at:

As soon as the recording, mixing & mastering process of the new album are finished, the band will post one advance song on their official Facebook as well, so keep an aye open for it!! The war against christian hypocrisy is fiercer than ever and CHRIST DENIED are already embarked on their second crusade to eradicate the worst cancer of humanity!!
CHRIST DENIED 26.11.2012
The resurrection of CHRIST... DENIED is here!! It took more than just 3 days to be honest, more likely 11 years, haha, but one of the most respected and legendary bands in the Brutal Death Metal camp from the 90's, has a new reincarnation!!

Since in October 2001 David Nigger moved to Germany, CHRIST DENIED entered in a lethargic state of which numerous times tried to resurrect, but in the end it never happened, so by mutual agreement, David Nigger gave his consent to Dave Rotten to try keeping the band alive with another member, so in November 2011, Roger from INFECTED FLESH was asked, and gladly accepted, to join in order to spread more blasphemies in the name of CHRIST... DENIED!!

However, due to Roger's commitment on the recordings of his own band's third album, the new compositions couldn't get started until late summer 2012 and it's now, after having 4 songs already written and with both members fully committed, when we can proudly announce what many lovers of Brutal Death have been claiming for years... CHRIST DENIED is back!!

Roger Infected is a reputed musician that has been spreading his Brutal Death sickness with INFECTED FLESH since 1997 and is a truly well connoisseur of the style, so it wasn't difficult for him to adapt himself to CHRIST DENIED's brand of old fashioned Brutal Death in the vein of bands like PYREXIA, IMPRECATION, SUFFOCATION, CRYPTOPSY... and in general anything that was created before year 2000.

CHRIST DENIED is now working on the composition of their 2nd full length album to be expected sometime in 2013, and everything under the blessing of David Nigger, who despite of not playing in the band anymore, we still consider him as an honorific member.

Right after the new album is written and recorded, some old songs will be recovered in order to create a set list that will be performed on the very first live shows ever to be played by CHRIST DENIED!! Yes, something that seemed it would never happen, so expect some of the sickest and definitely most unexpected live performances for a Brutal Death band. Where will be the very first show for the band?? Nobody knows, but one thing is sure: the band will only perform at very few and selected festivals. Always with only two members, which was, is and will always be the trademark of CHRIST DENIED!!

The band has now an official FaceBook site which can be reachable here:
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