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DISSECT - Swallow Swouming Mass
Title: Swallow Swouming Mass
CAT. #: XM 121 CD/LP
Format: 2CD/LP [147:29]
Genre: Death Metal
Released: 02.2013
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CD - 1
- Swallow Swouming Mass (Album '93)
01. Vanished Into the Void
02. Exterion Tumours
03. Gals of the Eternal Solstice
04. Z. Day
05. Presage to the Eternity
06. Swallow Swouming Mass
07. Pulsating Blood
08. Growls of Death
09. Spontaneous Diarhoea
- Demo l (Live Demo '9l)
10. Intro
11. Growls of Death
12. Exterion Tumours
13. Disembowlment
14. Rape Hate
15. Z. Day

CD - 2
- Presage to the Eternity (Demo '92)
01. Presage to the Eternity
02. Spontaneous Diarrhoea
03. Gals of the Eternal Solstice
04. Pulsating Blood
05. Disembowelment Part I - Inst. Outro
- Growls of Death (Demo '91)
06. Growls of Death
07. Exterion Tumours
08. Disembowlment
09. Rape Hate
10. Z. Day
- Fragments (Demo '97)
11. Green Moon
12. Potentiate
13. Hunting Instinct
14. Fragments
Re-issue on 2-CD that celebrates 20 years of the cult album from '93 by this legendary dutch band, a fucking heavy, filthy and rotting Death Metal for lovers of very early GOREFEST, GRAVE, ROTTREVORE, FUNEBRE... Includes their 4 demos as bonus and tons of photos, flyers, covers... cult!!
Necroweb Magazin (ger) 25.03.2013
Die holländische Death Metal Szene barg rückblickend Anfang der 90er einige gute Perlen, wobei ich spontan an Bands wie Acrostichon oder Disembowel (sick!) denken muss.
Dissect waren mir bislang jedoch unbekannt, ein Umstand der nun mit Xtreem geändert wird.
Dabei birgt die Scheibe, das Re-Release “Swallow Swouming Mass”, Death Metal mit einer gewissen Untergrund-Attitüde, ob allerdings wirklich eine entsprechende Nachfrage für dieses Album bestand, vermag ich nicht zu beurteilen.

“Swallow Swouming Mass” ist ein gutes, aber kein überragendes Werk, dafür spiegelt es allerdings hervorragend den damaligen Zeitgeist in Form von einer erdigen Produktion, dezentem Abgrunzen sowie keinerlei Schnörkel wider.

Dissect ziehen hier ihr Ding zwar durch, präsentieren sich dabei aber zugleich in einem recht eng gesteckten Gewand. Dieses hätte ruhig mehr aufgelockert werden können.
Das zwischenzeitliche Intro beim Titelstück wirkt irgendwie verlassen und einsam – mehr davon wäre garantiert ein guter Schachzug gewesen.
Untergrund Freaks werden sich aber mit ziemlicher Sicherheit kaum daran stören, es sei denn, man sucht beständig nach Abwechslung.

Obwohl das Album definitiv einen völlig eigenen Charme besitzt, ist jenes am Ende trotzdem ziemlich unauffällig.
Vielleicht dachte man sich dies beim Label auch, denn als Bonus wurden da doch satte vier Demos beigelegt.
Diese bergen teils Schmackes, zeigen aber im letzten Fall ebenso den musikalischen Wandel auf, wo Dissect vom einstigen Todesblei weit entfernt sind.
Das 97er Demo birgt nämlich vielmehr eine Thrash Metal Schlagseite, welche allerdings gar nicht zu der Band passt. Man kann sich jetzt natürlich ebenfalls die Frage stellen, inwieweit man diese komplette Demo-Sammlung überhaupt braucht, denn wirklich anzuheben vermag man das Endbild damit nicht.

Death Metal Puristen der alten Tage dürfen natürlich trotzdem zuschlagen, denn zum gelegentlichen Schmalz durchblasen eignet sich dieses Album ohne Frage.
Blizzard [7/10] ((hol)) 25.03.2013
Dissect are one of those bands that on the surface should have made their past glories more prominent, there is a genuine approach and love for this band, but you have to remember, this retrospective of their entire career contains recordings going back to 1991 to 1993, so the sound quality is not that perfect. Their full length album ‘Swallow Swouming Mass’ brings comparisons with fellow countrymen Gorefest especially their early material and that includes the first 9 tracks of this 2CD set.

‘Z Day’ has a great mid paced chugging theme, a genuine level of respect is earned here because it must have been hard at the time of this original materials release period to gain recognition, i.e. pre-the internet…there is nothing actually that different to this and some of the bands of the time that gained more press coverage. So humble is their premise is shown on their Facebook site, They even have photos of a local gigging haunt in Camden, London; “a dream to play here”… this is really not that hard to do to be fair, UK promoters take note! Thick meaty and heavy death metal otherwise will keep you entertained such as ‘Presage to the Eternity’ that has a real Death (‘Spiritual Healing’) feel to it, maybe even some further EU death metal bands of the time.

As a compilation release, this is a band that sits above many of the big named bands of the time, given their time over again and the internet I am sure Dissect would have made more of an impact. Their material is classic nowadays but this is material from 91-93, hence you get what you expect. Perhaps it is more fitting for this material to gain a greater audience some 20 years after its original incarnation. For that you can hear the complete demo collection also included on this 2CD set. Dissect and all their spelling mistakes can definitely hold their gory head up high and feel proud of their material, it’s a cool old death metal experience.
Paul Maddison [4/5]
Voices From the Darkside Webzine (ger) 21.03.2013
Dutch Death Metal nowadays seems to be the next "target" of labels eager to reissue whatever is old or overlooked enough to be thrown on an overcrowded market which still appreciates yet another sonic journey back in time. Got no problem with that but DISSECT‘s only album “Swallow Swouming Mass” (originally released on Cyber Music in 1993) for me personally is one of these somewhat questionable cases as it pales quickly in direct comparison to the classic GOREFEST, ASPHYX, SINISTER albums yet certainly marks one of the most brutal efforts back from the 90s Dutch scene. With its dark growls, violent riffing, occasional doomy melodies DISSECT could have emerged from Finnland, too, and fortunately “Presage To The Eternity” (Demo '92) and “Growls Of Death” (Demo '91) cover many of the album tracks as well and profit from a rawer, more crushing sound making me enjoy them way more than the actual album and for this reason picking up this 2 CD reissue which comes along with a great new cover art, an extensive 16-pages booklet full of band pictures, liner notes, lyrics, demo covers, flyers plus remastered sound might not be a wrong decision for Death Metal die-hards. Further bonuses on this comprehensive platter are the very rough Live Demo ‘91 and the band’s final life sign – so far, they are active again since 2012 – the horrible “Fragments” demo from ’97 which saw DISSECT venture into technical Death / Thrash territory and while being solid musically and sound-wise, the half-sung, half-bellowed vocals suck major ass, to be quite frank. The album and demos will be released on separate vinyls, too, so if you already own the original album, going for the demo LP might be a smart move. Overall, this opus still feels less mandatory as Xtreem Music’s FUNEBRE, DEMIGOD, DISGRACE, MORPHEUS DESCENDS or ROTTREVORE reissues, but that’s a decision you have to make for yourself, so ignore my lack of excitement and judge from listening to one of the remastered tracks off “Swallow Swouming Mass” here. It certainly will NOT cause “Spontaneous Diarhoea”!
Stefan Franke
Necromance Webmagazine (spa) 12.03.2013
La gente que lleve ya un tiempo razonable siguiendo la escena underground, conocerá a e estos holandeses formados en el año 1990 y que editaron un único CD en el año 1993 bajo el título de “Swallow swouming mass” además de unas cuantas demos para luego desaparecer en el año 1997; pues bien, la gran noticia es que el sello Xtreem Music ha querido complacer a todos los fans de DISSECT y aprovechar para presentársela a los más nuevos a través de la re-edición en un doble CD de todo su material grabado hasta su separación; así pues, nos encontramos ante una edición que incluye un total de 29 temas repartidos de la siguiente manera: “Swallow swouming mass” CD 1993 (9 temas), “Demo live 91″ (6 temas), “pressage to the erternity” Demo 1992 (5 temas), “Growls of death” Demo 91 (5 temas) y “Fragments” Demo 1997 (4 temas); todo un lujazo que hará las delicias de los fans del death metal más oscuro y terrorífico, con un toque 100% old school y con un sonido bastante influenciado por los riffs distorsionados de la escena sueca de bandas como Grave o Nihilist, la oscuridad y atmósfera terroríficas de bandas como Asphyx, Funebre o Autopsy y el sonido agresivo y demoledor de la escena americana de Tampa (Florida) con esos solos incisivos y directos sin contemplaciones; una sucesión de fases a medio tiempo pesadas con partes donde la velocidad se torna más despiadada. “Swallow Swouming mass” es la edición perfecta para recopilar todo el material disponible de esta legendaria banda 20 años después de su creación!!!.
David Déniz [8/10]
Eternal Terror Webzine (nor) 11.03.2013
Dave and his brilliant label Xtreem Records is rereleasing the lost gem "Swallow Swouming Mass" by death metal act Dissect from the Netherlands.

Original album release was way back in 1993 and its Dissect only release apart from a couple of demos. This dutch fearsome foursome delivers by todays standard a pretty common form of death metal, but 20 years ago this was for sure labeled as both extrem and brutal. Dissect did not get too much notice in a then way overcrowded market and "Swallow Swouming Mass" ended up being their only effort bofore they folded in 97. I see now that the are reunited as many other old acts are doing these days and it will be exciting to hear what Dissect will sound like 20 years later.

They did operate under influences by both the Stockholm and the Tampa scene at the time with semi melodic songs that does not drag but keep the pace from start to finish. The vocal is very good, mid level growls but not to deep and annoying. The lyrical contect is for you to guess.

The riffing and arrangments are not to spectacular and this keeps the album easy to digest.

Personally I dig this form of (now) old school death without the fancy sound and triggering of today. The album does not deliver anything new to the table but I am sure this will be a pleasant listen for those who dig their death metal old , primitive and dirty.
Jørgen Garmann [4/6]
Lords of Metal Webzine (hol) 25.02.2013
Twenty years after the initial release of 'Swallow Swouming Mass' on Cyber Music the album has been re-released through Spain's Xtreem Music. It's not just a re-release as this turned out as a double CD on which you will find all demos next to the original nine songs of the album. So on the first disc you'll find the 1991 live demo. The second disc contains the 'Presage To Eternity' demo from 1992 and the 1991 debut demo as well as 'Fragments' from 1997. Style wise the latter sticks out as Dissect had turned into a more technical death metal band. In general it's not a bad recording but it's too far removed from the older material that impressed in the early 90s. At that time the band played a form of heavy, down tuned death metal that resembles bands like Grave and Rottrevore and to some extent Gorefest too. Now all of this is compiled on this double CD. The vinyl edition will be two separate LP's by the way. Personally I love this type of death metal and this way you get everything the band ever did. The band has reformed with a new line-up by the way.
Pim B.
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