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DETERIOROT - In Ancient Beliefs
Title: In Ancient Beliefs
CAT. #: XM 224 CD
Format: CD [47:18]
Genre: Old School Death Metal
Released: 11.2016
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01. In Ancient Beliefs
02. Unholy Return
03. The Afterlife
04. Fallen Misery
05. Spiritual Evocation
06. Endless Hauntings of Demons and Despair
07. Eternal Darkness
08. Manifested Apparitions of Unholy Spirits
09. Ritual Ceremonies of Blasphemous Horror
10. Vile
15th anniversary re-issue of the debut album from '01 by this legendary band from New Jersey that plays a dark, gloomy and fucking heavy Death Metal for lovers of INCANTATION, FUNEBRARUM, ABHORRENCE, DISMA, AUTOPSY... Comes with new cover artwotk by Juanjo Castellano and remastered sound.
Voices From the Darkside Wbz (ger) 26.09.2017
I honestly got to admit that it’s been a while since I had the chance to review a real good record. Due to a few reasons (mainly because I am always way too slow when the work is getting distributed), leaving me ending up getting the ones which aren’t picked by anyone yet. It sometimes makes me feel a bit like I have to choose the last, sad and unathletic kids into my soccer team. Seems like an honorable and respected job to take care of. But it’s not. Because there are reasons why no one picks them. Sounds harsh and Darwinistic but review world is cold and brutal. This time, in time, I have picked myself a winner! And an old one, but who cares. “In Ancient Beliefs” is another work from Xtreem Music, remastered from the 2001 masterpiece of DETERIOROT. A record which broadens the horizon of Death Metal. More darkness more doom. Blurring the borders between Black, Death and Doom Metal. They have played that style of Death Metal already from the beginning on, since parts of them formed a band called MORTUARY in 1988. But they broke up and formed DETERIOROT in 1990. Since then their music is way darker to what was common back then. Through creating a waltzing, doomish sound by using transcendental repeated riffing and playing with feedbacks, they became pioneers for bands like BLOOD INCANTATION, PHRENELITH, CRUCIAMENTUM and DEAD CONGREGATION. Blast and midtempo groove sections merge into a wave of destructive chaos, involving disharmonic shredding as well as harmonic riffing and solo parts. A tight lead guitar and heavy bass work building a diverse and entertaining frame for this journey. What’s new on this version? Of course the sound is way clearer and the cover art changed. Not for the better though (well, tastes are different - Frank). Both covers are blunt and somehow aggressively irritating. Pretty sad for a re-release. And why they won’t release it on vinyl is also Xtreem Music's secret. I mean if you put so much effort in reproducing the past do it with more love and dedication I think. This album would be worth to be handled that way.
Cross Fire Wbz (ger) 17.05.2017
Die US Death Metaller Deteriorot bestehen schon seit 1990, haben aber erst zwei Alben draußen. Ihr erstes, „In Ancient Beliefs“, welches im Original 2001 erschien, liegt nun als Neuauflage vor. Gitarrist Steve Horvath, den ich von seiner anderen Band Kalopsia her kenne, war hier noch nicht dabei. Mit diesen haben sie aber auch nicht allzu viel gemein, da sie schon eher in die Brutal Death-/Grindcore-Ecke gehen. Deteriorot hingegen spielen an sich typischen, blasphemischen Ami Death. Im Stil ihrer Landsleute von Incantation und Immolation holzen sie alle nieder, sind aber vor allem rifforientiert. Di Klampfen sind tief gestimmt und sorgen für eine düstere Grundstimmung. Der tiefe Growlgesang wird eher geknurrt als gebrüllt und ist an Bosheit kaum zu überbieten. Stellenweise können auch Blasphemy als passender Vergleich herangezogen werden, obwohl Deteriorot handwerklich solider vorgehen. Die Produktion ist undergroundig finster und ruiniert die Aufnahme nicht durch unnötigen Schönschliff oder Sterilität. Hier herrscht angeschwärzter Death Metal von seiner finstersten Sorte. Sehr geil!
Daniel Müller [8.5/10]
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