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It all began in January 1990 when four guys from Alphen a/d Rijn in the Netherlands started the band Dissect with the intention to assimilate different influences in Death Metal and also hoping to create their own style.

Ruud Dop (drums) was the first to leave the band and a long period of searching for a new drummer started. In that time Dissect lay almost completely idle. October 1990 the time was finally there, an enthusiastic rang their bell and since then Edwin de Waard from Rotterdam was the regular drummer.

Dissect has really existed since October 1990, because that is when the real practicing started with the necessary refreshments, dope and an overdose of fun. In January 1991 Dissect went into the studio where they made a demo tape with an intro and 5 numbers of their own, with a total length of 26 minutes.

On January the 26th, 1991 Dissect made their debut on stage with a successful live performance with Gorefest.

Then it was known that Dissect sounds a lot better, heavier and much more aggressive live than on their demo which was already good and well selling.

After that it was Corné's choice to leave the band. Because of this they choose to do several performances with only one guitarist. Soon after that Dissect realized that because of their music and technical they had to have a second guitar player to fill in their needs. The search for a good and enthusiastic person was not so hard. Philip van Nugteren had already shown his sympathy towards the band and that is how he became a new Dissect member.

They had just done three performances and were already booked in Belgium. They perform regularly in Belgium due to a good friend who arranges performances on a regular bases and he does the management for Dissect. It became very busy at the mailing address of Dissect and six letters a day was not unusual at that time.

Dissect was booked more and more and in June of 1990 Dissect made an eight hour journey to prove themselves in the Germany and more follows. That was also the reason for bass player Jan van Velde to quit because it was getting too busy and too serious for him. Several moments later Dissect stood in front of a fresh and good bass player who responds at the name of Edwin Roor. His debut was a very good and successful performance in Belgium where Dissect would be booked very soon after that.

Dissect has grown to be a real Death Metal band with influences from other bands and themselves. The vocals are of a ultra low and heavy caliber and very straight guitar solos. The lyrics contain subjects like war, religion, capital punishment, anecdotes of true stories, mysterious stories and anatomic anecdotes.

In November 1991, Dissect was invited by a German management and production company, where they were offered a deal for a pre-production and a possible record deal. After studying this deal it occurred that there were many obscure defects to the deal and Dissect decided not to sign the contract.

The year 1991 was closed with a smashing concert in Belgium in a hall filled with stage divers and thrashing people together with Sinister and the Swedish band Edge of Sanity. There are also plans made for concerts with big bands in Belgium, France and Germany. In December the preparations for bringing out the second demo, which was expected to be released in January 1992. They already wanted to do this before the end of 1991, but the new band members had to get used to Dissect’s material first and they had to play concerts for a time nearly every week, so this was delayed until February of 1992.

In March 1992 the time was there, after a few days of recording and mixing Dissect released their second demo, called "Presage to the Eternity" a C25 chrome tape with 5 compositions of GRAVEing and CARCASSing Death Metal from the heaviest and lowest tuned quality. Filled with great fitting solo parts and a big technical and clear movement without any using of voice effects. The vocals are recorded on two tracks and two parts.

Right after the recordings of the demo it was bass player Erwin Roor's turn to leave Dissect. After a big choice of new interested people. Dissect thought Ricardo Etman, was the perfect person to play the bass in Dissect. The new demo was immediately a big success, in the first 10 weeks after the release Dissect sold more than 400 tapes. One of these demos ended up at Cyber Music, which offered the band a CD deal. After some negotiations both parties were fairly satisfied and preparations for recordings started. In January the formation Dissect went into the Beaufort Studio where they recorded a 50 minutes lasting CD within several weeks.

The cover is as professionally arranged as the music itself is. According to critics and lovers a new Dutch top product. The title is ''Swallow Swouming Mass'' and holds 9 compositions, accompanied by two intros. Dissect's intention and goal was not to reach the absolute top of the scene, bud they came a long way. Their biggest goal was to party and deaththrashing around and play as many gigs as possible at any places and countries with a lot of beer and cannabis.

Philip choose to left the band and the technical amazing Cees Casteleijn stepped into his place and soon after that Ciro Palma was replaced for Ed de Waard and many amazing gigs followed up with numerous new songs.

A few years after ''Swallow Swouming Mass" it all went a bit too serious and due to some style changes and freaking stuff of some real amazing musicians. Dissect went into the studio for a new demo called “Fragments”. The skills where absolutely cool and amazing! Bud the Death Metal spirit in it was gone. Vince had to stop the madness and decide Dissect had to stay like it used to be. Rip 1997.

2013…. 20 years after the release of “Swallow Swoumig Mass” DISSECT is Back!!
Ediciones Xtreem:
DISSECT - Swallow Swouming Mass
Banda:   DISSECT
Título: Swallow Swouming Mass
CAT. #: XM 121 CD/LP
Formato: 2CD/LP [147:29]
Estilo: Death Metal
Edición: 02.2013
más información
Si tienes una revista, webzine o simplemente necesitas material gráfico de alta calidad sobre la banda, aquí te puedes descargar un archivo .ZIP con: Fotos, Logos y Portada del álbum.
Contacto Banda:
e-mail: vincentscheerman@msn.com
Web oficial: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dissect/101381543251
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