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DESECRESY - The Doom Skeptron
Título: The Doom Skeptron
CAT. #: XM 111 CD/LP
Formato: CD/LP [39:09]
Estilo: Old School Finnish Death Metal
Edición: 06.2012
1. Forged From Chaos
2. The Sleep of Titans
3. The Sceptre of Damnation
4. Burial Adorations
5. Declined Resplendence
6. Vortex Unwinding
7. Sons of the Burning God
8. The Solemn End
Buenísimo 2ş álbum con una excelente producción de ésta banda finlandesa que practica un aplastante estilo de pesado Death Metal con toques Doom y una oscura, crítpica y enigmática atmósfera inspirada en bandas como ABHORRENCE (fin), BOLT THROWER, ASPHYX, DERKETA, RIPPIKOULU, GRAVE, INCANTATION, ROTTREVORE... y en general tomando influencia del Death Metal de los '90.
The Sentinel Webzine (spa) 26.10.2012
Segundo álbum de este grupo finlandés compuesto por sólo dos componentes y que beben de las fuentes del oscuro Death Metal de los 90, y de bandas como sus compatriotas Abhorrence, Demigod, Demilich… y otras como Asphyx, Bolt Thrower, Grave, Incantation, Immolation, Rottrevore, etc.

Cuando Slugathor empezaban a dar sus últimos estertores de vida, tras la edición de su tercer disco, “Echoes From Beneath” (2009), Tommi Grönqvist (guitarra) y Jarno Nurmi (bajista en directo) crean Desecresy en 2009. Encargándose Tommi de guitarras, bajo y batería; y Jarno (también en Nowen y Serpent Ascending, ex-Nerlich, Night Must Fall) de la gutural y cavernosa voz.

Su primer disco fue “Arches Of Entropy” (2010), editado por Xtreem Music. Y el mismo Sello pone en circulación la segunda obra de los fineses, “The Doom Skeptron”, con mezclas y masterización del músico Jani Loikas (quien masterizara anteriormente el debut de Desecresy, habiendo trabajado también en grabaciones de Azaghal, Slugathor, Deepred, Kataplexia, Wyrd…). Publicándose, además de en CD, en una edición muy limitada (100 copias) de vinilo negro salpicado con manchas azules.

El dúo con sus composiciones (ocho en menos de cuarenta minutos) nos envuelven en un gran manto negro de ambientes y atmósferas lúgubres y oscuras de un cargado, denso y pesado Death Metal, con sus mortuorias melodías, y con tintes de Doom, como podemos apreciar especialmente en las monolíticas y graníticas “The Sceptre Of Damnation”, “Vortex Unwinding”, y la final, y extensa, “The Solemn End”.

Surgiendo también dentro de sus temas momentos devastadores de veloces arremetidas death metaleras, como nos encontramos en la inicial “Forged From Chaos”, un poco en “The Sleep Of Titans”, “Burial Adorations”, “Declined Resplendence” y “Sons Of The Burning God”.

“The Doom Skeptron” es un muy recomendable disco, con una producción acorde a su oscuro y arrastrado Death Metal, que nos evoca la mejor época del Death Metal finés de los primeros años de la década de los 90.
Metal Temple Webzine (ger) 25.10.2012
The big buzz in the Metal world recently, at least from what I see, is the long awaited (for 8 years) release of WINTERSUN’s new album. How is this related to what I’m trying to say about "The Doom Skeptron" of DESECRESY though? The fact that it sounds enough like a band that also hasn’t released anything for even a longer period (BOLT THROWER). Now that I’ve drawn you attention towards this, any of you BOLT THROWER fans are wondering what’s happened to them. Here, have something to listen to hold you over if you are sitting in the corner curled up at the realization that BOLT THROWER haven’t released something since 2005.

The guitars here sound a lot like BOLT THROWER's as you would expect, about the same amount of distortion, same pitch, maybe same tuning and everything, and they really go for that majestic BOLT THROWER vibe with these riffs, with plenty of slow Doom riffs and grinding breakneck alternate picked parts laid over with a whole lot of blast beats, just like BOLT THROWER did before them. The drum rhythms also are a lot like that British Death Metal sound with plenty of slower hi hat-snare parts.

The album isn’t just total BOLT THROWER worship though. If I was listening to this blindfolded and not told the name of the band I could still tell the band is their own, with some vibes of another band thrown in-ASPHYX. It particularly reminds me of "The Rack", and "Last One On Earth", however only in the more ethereal and more or less cleaner high register parts of the guitar harmonies, an element of this band that sets them apart from BOLT THROWER, and also in the solos. The music is very old school simple and catchy Death Metal with a very raw and gritty production. The vocals are mostly Karl Willets like, but tighter, lower, and dirtier. As Death Metal goes on the vocals get more extreme naturally, but other than that this album is a blast from the past and I heard others saying they thought it sounded like a band from the 90s that never took off.

One last positive aspect of this band that I’d like to point out that makes them different from BOLT THROWER is that I actually find the bass to be audible, but then again that could just be me, I only recall hearing BOLT THROWER’s bass on one album. Another way they do audible bass well is sometimes using as much distortion as the guitars, which a lot of bands do and you can tell, if the bass is isolated that is, but on DESECRESY’s "The Doom Skeptron" the bass is audible clean or dirty, and doesn’t sound too much like just a down tuned guitar.
Herve "5D" Heussaff [8/10]
Brutalism.com (hol) 26.09.2012
Dave Rotten (frontman of the premier Spanish death metal band Avulsed and owner of Xtreem Music Records) has always been a man with a good ear for qualitative extreme metal. This time he offers us Desecresy - a two-men band (Tommy Gronqvist on guitars/ bass/ drums and Jarno Nurmi on the mike) from Helsinki,Finland. The guys have released their second full-length album "The Doom Skeptron" (their debut "Arches of Entropy" was unleashed upon the world in 2010 also via Xtreem Music) and if oldschool dark doom/ death metal happens to be your cup if tea then you definitely should listen to this CD.

What you will find here is plenty of heavy death metal guitar riffs,rumbling bass lines (most evident on the tracks "The Sceptre of Damnation" and "Vortex Unwinding") and drumming that is sometimes hypnotizingly slow,sometimes furiously blasting. Jarno Nurmi's vocals are nothing but deep,rotund growls and his way of roaring makes me think of Incantation. The dense wall of sound created by Desecresy is varied by eerie guitar melodies that strongly contribute to the overall grim and ritualistic atmosphere of "The Doom Skeptron". There is a fine balance between predominantly fast tracks like "Burial Adorations" and "Decline Resplendence" on one hand and slow,crushing pieces like the above-mentioned "Vortex Unwinding" (which is also remarkable for its awesome melodic passages) and "The Sleep of Titans". The closing and longest track of the album titled "The Solemn End" reminds me of the Australian metal machines Desembowelment with its simple,industrialized drumming which supports the evil grunts of Jarno. And in terms of production "The Doom Skeptron" has oldschool raw sound which in my opinion is the best choice for Desecresy's style.

Of course the band doesn't offer anything new on the extreme music field but in case you have hunger for some high-quality death/doom metal carrying the spirit of the early 90's then go out and buy this album. Desecresy wave proud the flag of Finnish death metal and deserve your attention.
Tsvetan [4/5]
FobiaZine.net (cze) 29.08.2012
Vstaňte a choďte! Volejte hallelujah! Finští věrozvěsti DESECRESY jsou tu opět po dvou letech s novými písněmi velebícími smrt. Již podruhé rozprostřeli své deprese a nahráli je na novou desku. Obestřeni tajemstvím a hnilobou přišli hlásat slova ze záhrobí. Zahalte se do smutku a přemýšlejte. Odvrácená strana světa vyslala své posly. Jako hlásnou troubu si vybrali starý dobrý death metal. A vzali ho za jeho doomový konec. Jestli vám dělá dobře poslech kapel jako je Asphyx a Bolt Thrower, budete velice spokojeni.

Modrého obalu si všimnete ihned ve výkladu každé dobré prodejny metalu. V jednoduchém motivu na obalu je síla. Zvuk je hlasitý, správně zastřený a obzvlášť hlas pana Nurmiho zní, jakoby byl zavřen v té největší hřbitovní kobce. Vše se odehrává v pomalejším tempu. Nad valivými rytmy se vznáší kytara. Sedíte ve Finsku u jezera, pijete tu jejich slavnou vodku a žaludek vám svírá předtucha něčeho hrozivého.

Začínáte pomalou Forged from Chaos. Očekávání. Převalí se přes vás první riff. Chytí vás za uši a vtáhne ihned do hry. The Sleep of Titans. Smutný příběh pokračuje. Opakující se motiv kytar. Chrchlající hlas. Zapomnění je zabaleno do hávu smrti. The Spectre of Damnation. Vyhřezne na vás basa. Přemítáte nad formulací své vlastní závěti. Jak jste prožili ten krátký čas vymezený na život? Při kytarové melodii vám poklesne brada na prsa. Jste totálně odevzdaní. Opakující se rytmus.

Declined Resplendence je o píď rychlejší song. Spěchá ale pomalu. Spíše v dálce pobublává. Rozlučte se. Přišli si pro vás věrozvěsti ze severu. Burial Adorations vytvořena někde na odvrácené straně světa. Rychlá a ničící. Drásavý motiv. Rozvíří prach kolem. Vortex Unwinding. Sepnete ruce k modlitbě. Šeptáte prosbu. Muzika vás osvobodí. Depresivní a smutné. Ozvěny dávných rytmů. Doomová kytara. Sons of the Burning God je další morbidní ukolébavkou. Záhrobní chropot. The Solemn End. Rozjetá kytara. Pomalé bicí. Vše končí. Rakev je spuštěna do právě vykopaného hrobu.

Určitě zde nedochází k vytvoření něčeho nového a převratného. Určitě není deska The Doom Skeptron z těch, které si budete pouštět každý den. Na tohle je nutné mít tu správnou bezvýchodnou náladu. Když si vytvoříte tu správnou atmosféru, zavřete okna i dveře, necháte hrát cdčko a soustředíte se, dostane se vám pod kůži. Takovéto pojetí death metalu můžu mírou vrchovatou. Deska The Doom Skeptron určitě stojí za poslech.
Asphyx [8/10]
Voices from the Darkside Webzine (ger) 25.07.2012
The 2-man unit - Jarno Nurmi on vocals and Tommi Grönqvist on guitar, bass and drums - the guys who have previously well earned their spurs in some Finnish Thrash and Death metal groups, have pretty much found a perfect chemistry together in a new Death Metal outfit called DESECRESY. The guys' debut full-length studio effort, "Arches Of Entropy", which came out 2 years ago - also on the Spanish Xtreem Music, was already quite a beast in itself but I must admit it pales in front of DESECRESY's 2nd album, titled "The Doom Skeptron", which really hits the bull's eye as far as its song material on it is concerned. Jarno and Timo basically bring things back to the very roots of Finnish Death Metal - how it sounded like in its most recognizable and distinct form, sort of separating the famous Finnish Death Metal sound from the rest of the pack for its own advantage. I mean, that all-around frost-cold, haunting, oppressive and rotting smelling Death Metal was something that only the Finns seemed to do the best back in the day - and that's exactly what DESECRESY have also accomplished on their follow-up record, in such in a beautiful yet convincing way. It would be very easy to throw some positive reeking superlatives high in the air, just to express my undivided and pure enthusiasm about this release but then again I doubt it would hardly serve anyone's interest that much and properly enough as it should in the first place. Let me say this however instead. DESECRESY have found a somewhat perfect way to bring us the very best of the ancient Finnish Death Metal sound on "The Doom Skeptron", in which one is able to hear a thing from here and there, nicely shaping their sound around on those eerie, murky and corpse-heavy grounds of the disbanded ABHORRENCE, FUNEBRE, UNHOLY, RIPPIKOULU and the likes; those specific Finnish bands that made you hold your breath in sheer amazement whenever you listened to them. That's what "The Doom Spectron" does for its listeners at best - and I for one know, I am forever sold for DESECRESY's spine-chilling sound of true and ancient Finnish Death Metal. Bril-fuckin'-liant!!! More about these Finnish torch bearers for desolate and ancient sounding Death Metal at: www.myspace.com/desecresy
Luxi Lahtinen
Battle Helm Webzine (swe) 25.07.2012
I’ve been into Finnish death metal ever since Funebre and Xysma entered my life back in ancient times. Add to it early Amorphis and Sentenced and you have a pretty great base to stand on when it comes to Finnish death. This is death metal on the more doomy side. Try imagining if Bolt Thrower and Autopsy met in a dark alley. This is the offspring of that encounter. I like this simply because it is so heavy yet so “catchy”. There is something very appealing about this that gets me going. Perhaps not the stuff you mosh around to in your living room. Instead this is the stuff that you play loud on those nights when you feel a bit down. This is music to cheer you up.
Anders Ekdahl
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