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REDIMONI - Standing Before the End of Time
Título: Standing Before the End of Time
CAT. #: XM 115 CD
Formato: CD [36:52]
Estilo: Thrash Metal
Edición: 09.1012
01. The End Times
02. Cast Into the Valley of Hinnom
03. Shrapnel Wounds
04. To the Gallows
05. Towards Destruction
06. Journey to the Netherworld
07. Drifting Into Oblivion
08. The Abyss
09. Pragmatic Sorcery
10. Dragged to the Bottom of the Depths
11. Facing Pazuzu
12. The Ultimate Victory
2º álbum de ésta buenísima banda española de agresivo, cabrón e infernal Thrash Metal de la vieja escuela con un cierto toque Speed Metal. Influencias en plan KREATOR, ABSU, NECRONOMICON, SODOM, EXODUS, DESTRUCTION, DESTRÖYER 666...
Voices From the Darkside Webzine (ger) 21.03.2013
I know this band form their debut recording “The Onset Of Chaos” on the now defunct Witches Brew label. And very little has changed since. They still play maniac Thrash Metal with some of the most wicked / irritating / maniac vocals out there for a Thrash Metal band that sounds like a Black Metal high-shrieking vocalist stranded in a Speed / Thrash Metal band. Music-wise the band has never lost its charisma of doing well-played, aggressive Thrash / Speed Metal recalling ancient glories like VIO-LENCE, KREATOR or DARK ANGEL and very early Death Metal with a technical touch. In fact, the overall sound of this album for some reason reminds me of those obscure Deathrash heroes HELLWITCH in many ways. With performer names like “The Atomic Puppeteer Ruler Of The Everlasting Fate Of Mankind” on guitars, there is an obvious dark humor going on and in fact you can feel it, in a similar way I can sense Japan’s SABBAT does while playing. I also find the production to very adept to the music played, it does sound good, and avoids doing that crappy too-polished-too-perfect values that makes a mediocre band sound like they know their game. No, this recalls the essence of those great demos form the early 90s. And while speed is the name of the game the band is also capable to keep it interesting in many tempos. Add to that a very good bass sound and performance and we almost have a winner. Almost. As told before the vocals are a love-hate thing and that might as well be a weak point for some or a strong one for others. Personally I tolerate the vocals but at a few times they sound a bit out of place. Still, the fact that it recalls old times in such a natural way makes this worthy of listening if you feel attracted to the bands mentioned in these lines. Great cover art by the way. These Barcelona based foursome (yeah, yeah the place of that soccer team) used their native Catalan to name the band as “Demon” with a curse or “Re-Demon”.
Julián “Facing Pazuzu” Núñez
HardRockInfo.com (swe) 27.01.2013
Oh shit, sometimes the vocals are really crazy! Haha! They mix it with normal vocals though, so somehow it works. The music is really good anyway, old-school thrash metal as it is, so it's definetely worth checking out. There's even a touch of speed metal. I like that.

This is the second album from these Spanish maniacs, and I don't know what else to say..
Jimmy Blom
Battle Helm Webzine (swe) 07.11.2012
It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of 80s thrash. I love my Possessed, Kreator, Sodom and Destruction albums still to this day. I can’t get enough of them, so much so that I play them in my car on the way to work. Don’t know if I’ll do that with Redimoni but I somehow have a feeling that this one I will like too. Perhaps more South America circa 1986 than Germany at the same time. This is why I like bands like Sarcrofago, early Sepultura, Sextrash and what not they were called back then. When I hear an album like this I wish that I had explored the South American scene better back in the days. But don’t think this Spanish lot is some sort of poor substitute. They thrash like the beast that they are. This is recommended to all with any sort of interest in old school thrash, not just South American.
Anders Ekdahl
La Chaqueta Metalica Radio & Webzine (spa) 15.10.2012
Segundo álbum de estos catalanes y en la línea de siempre, al igual que en “The Onset of Chaos” e “Into the coiling arms of mayhem” nos dejan una descarga de puro Thrash metal satánico.

Nos encontramos con 12 cortes (11 temas más intro) de una duración corta en general, como siempre ha sido habitual en la banda, en los que tenemos temas totalmente alocados, a velocidades endiabladas y voces desquiciantes (tónica habitual de la banda por otra parte) y otros más pausados y con cierto regustillo épico. La banda como siempre ha recogido sus influencia habituales de Destruction, Sadus, Impaled Nazarene, Whiplash y esta vez le han añadido un poco mas de toque épico a lo Desaster (sobre todo el tema “Journey to the Netherworld”), que ya tenían pero que aqui se han acrecentado en comparación con anteriores trabajos, lo cuál le ha dado un toque bastante curioso al disco.

La única pega que le he encontrado al disco ha sido el tema para abrirlo, “Cast Into the Valley of Hinnom”, que ha sido el único que no me ha terminado de entrar al encontrarlo algo falto de fuerza y energía en comparación con los demás. Por otro lado decir, que el disco tiene un sonido potente conseguido en los “Claws and Agony”, aunque personalmente prefiero como sonaba “Into the coiling arms of mayhem” y hecho algo de menos la voz de Fiendish Warrior 666, que sinceramente quedaba de puta madre alternandose a todas horas con la de Foreteller of doom.

Aun con eso, un buen disco de Thrash metal que a mi me ha hecho cabecear y pasarmelo como un enano, tal y como siempre han conseguido estos catalanes.
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