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ERUPTION - Lifeless Paradise
Título: Lifeless Paradise
CAT. #: XM 138 CD
Formato: CD [57:09]
Estilo: Thrash Metal
Edición: 12.2013
01 - Prayers Betrayers
02 - Monumental Mind
03 - The Auditors
04 - Democracy
05 - Electrifried
06 - Playing with Matches
07 - Twisted Reality
08 - Inner Wastelands
09 - Sands of Time
10 - Monumental Mind (live)
11 - Democracy (live)
Re-edición con 2 bonus, nueva portada y sonido remasterizado del 1er álbum del '09 de ésta impresionante banda de Eslovenia, un Thrash Metal agresivo con influencias de grupos como VIO-LENCE, ATROPHY, FORBIDDEN, ACROPHET, TESTAMENT, EXODUS... excelente producción, excelente vocalista... un gran album!! Te sorprenderán!!
Metal Bleeding Corp Webzine (indo) 31.01.2014
First, you need to know that the album titled ' Lifeless Paradise ' was first released in 2009, and then in 2013 yesterday precisely dated December 15, label 'Xtreem Music Records ' re-release of this album with a better sound quality. Second, this Re-Release Album was included two live bonus track titled ' Monumental Mind and Democracy '. And with a different cover art display, this time designed by ' Kisaw '. The third is the most important thing to reviewed is their musicality was very mature and very classic with dominated by the very memorable Oldschool with thrash and Speed Rhtyms very impressive and aggressive.

Not only that, all the songs have nuances, easy to remember and very characteristic once we hear it whole and repeatedly. 'Eruption' managed to amaze his audience with the tempo of music that is fast but not monotonous, always put a few catchy rhytyms but very dense and fast. The Vocal Character of 'Klemen Kalin' capable of carrying an impression how to enjoy a touch of thrash style of their own. So Very entertaining and we are very satisfied.

The First aggressive touch comes when we hear the first song entitled 'Prayers Betrayers'. The song opens with a touch of typical speed metal guitar then greeted with beats pure oldschool thrash of the drum which is refreshing. In addition to making us headbang, this song also has a catchy melodic touches and quick. Brings the same concept with the first song, the next song impressed more dynamic and intense.

A little change of the composition and rhythm of the music happens on the second track titled 'The Auditors', this song became our favorite song on the album. The concentration of Speed and Thrash riffs is very balanced in this song. The concept of rhythm in this song is also very easy to remember, makes us curious back on the next song, entitled 'Democracy', this song begins with the first tone contains a touch of harmonic and melodic are mismatched. In This tone, they show you in just a minute more or less. Then we proffered with catchy thrash riffs that wonderful balance with a very consistent vocal Character.

Have an aggressive thrash music and balanced from the first song until the end of the song is a musical vision that is better from this Slovenian Thrasher. They also managed to put the structure of the tones well with the turn of the tempo is not the same in every their song. This they prove in the fifth track entitled ' Electrifried ', by applying a mid tempo at the start of the tone and put the fast melodic guitar touches in some part at the end of the beat in this song. The beat of an aggressive thrash began the initial tone in a song titled ' Playing with Matches '. This song has a rhythms which is very intense and balanced.

Get a slow tempo with a touch of acoustic and classical melodic and very harmonious, we heard on the initial tone of the song entitled 'Twisted Reality', In addition to having a touch of music a very profound and memorable, 'Eruption' also compensate with a touch of thrash the more mid tempo. The touches they apply again on the next an instrumental titled ' Inner Wastelands'. Hear a very nuanced touch to this classic at the same time, we very much enjoyed the tempo change happens in every song. Getting to the end of the songs in this album, we are increasingly finding their musical character and a touch of thrash music elements are very catchy and fresh. We were very impressed.

Back gets aggressive with a touch of rhythms that always make you sway continued to the last we heard on the song titled 'Sands Of Time'. The song was once again showed their true quality with a successful play aggressive rhythms with a touch of pure classics oldschool thrash very Oldschool with a brilliant melodic and very fast.

Two songs titled ' Monumental Mind and Democracy ' which is bonus on this album gives the sound a more luxurious and very fresh so we hear all the sound instrument with clear and very characteristic, although there are some compositions are a bit removed but has no effect at all on their musicality in two this songs. We are satisfied with these two tracks.

Our conclusion, that 'Eruption' gives a atmosphere of enjoying the thrash music with domination that has a solid and occasionally apply the speedmetal rhythms typical though not thoroughly. Melodic structures they offer is also very intense and very neat brings its own rhythms on their music, very nuances and we love it. 'Lifeless Paradise is the album has a distinctive character and very have aggressive thrash influences with a tempo tone which is very fresh and catchy. very memorable.
Metal Bleeding Corp
HardRockInfo.com (swe) 04.01.2014
These guys reminds a lot of how METALLICA sounded in their early days. But there's also some influences from bands like VIO-LENCE, ATROPHY, FORBIDDEN, ACROPHET, TESTAMENT and EXODUS for example. In other words a nice brew of '80s thrash metal with the exact right ingredients.
This is a reissue of their first album from 2009, but with 2 bonus tracks added (live tracks of 2 songs from the album, nothing unique).
Really good stuff that I think you should check out.
Jimmy Blom
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