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New Arrivals (10.11.2010)
HYPOCRISY - Live & Clips
HYPOCRISY [Death Metal]  
Live & Clips    (2001) [DVD]  
1st and only official DVD to date released in '01 that includes a 11-song show recorded at Wacken '98 plus 6 video-clips form '92 to '97.
Price:   17.95 €
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New Arrivals (24.06.2010)
ENEMY SOIL - Smashes the State Live
ENEMY SOIL [Grindcore]  
Smashes the State Live    (2008) [DVD]  
Official DVD by this legendary US Grindcore band that includes 24 songs from '96/'98 as well as 12 from their reunion show in '01 and 10 songs recorded live in studio. Mythic grind band whose members have later passed thru PIG DESTROYER, AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, DRUGS OF FAITH...
Price:   17.95 €
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New Arrivals (24.01.2010)
NUCLEAR ASSAULT - Louder Harder Faster
NUCLEAR ASSAULT [Thrash Metal]  
Louder Harder Faster    (2006) [DVD]  
Official DVD featuring the band's show (10 songs) at the Louder Harder Faster Fest. '05 plus lots of extra stuff like early live stuff, video-clips, photos, interviews, unreleased songs...
Price:   17.95 €
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New Arrivals (28.10.2009)
ZYKLON - Storm Detonation Live
ZYKLON [Death Metal]  
Storm Detonation Live    (2006) [DVD]  
Official DVD which includes a show recorded at the Party San Fest. 2004 plus two video-clips and many extras like unofficial live recordings, rehearsals, backstage, photos, discography and a DEATH cover on audio.
Price:   17.95 €
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New Arrivals (02.03.2008)
CRADLE OF FILTH - Heavy Left Handed & Candid
CRADLE OF FILTH [Symphonic Black Metal]  
Heavy Left Handed & Candid    (2001) [DVD]  
Includes a show of 11 songs recorded in April '01 plus a documentary, various video-clips and a trailer of the movie "Cradle of Fear". [160 min.]
Price:   17.95 €
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CRADLE OF FILTH - Peace Through Superior Firepower
CRADLE OF FILTH [Symphonic Black Metal]  
Peace Through Superior Firepower    (2005) [DVD]  
Includes a show of 13 songs recorded in Paris in April '05 as well as a documentary and 6 video-clips plus photos.
Price:   17.95 €
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New Arrivals (01.02.2008)
THY DISEASE - Extreme Obsession Live
THY DISEASE [Death/Black]  [Symphonic Black Metal]  
Extreme Obsession Live    (2004) [DVD]  
Official DVD by this polish band of symphonic Black/ Death. INcludes 14 live songs, 1 video-clip and 6 audio tracks plus a very complete menu with photos, biography, interview, etc... [95 min.]
Price:   17.00 €
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New Arrivals (19.06.2007)
HAGGARD - A Midnight Gathering
HAGGARD [Doom Metal]  
A Midnight Gathering    (1998) [DVD]  
Official video in VHS format (PAL) recorded live in '98 with the song "In A Pale Moon's Shadow" where one can see all their tremendous huge orchestra band format.
Price:   5.95 €
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