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WASTEFORM 7.11.2003
The latest addition to XTREEM MUSIC's rooster are New York's WASTEFORM!! After a split CD and a full length entitled "Crushing The Reviled" [2002], the band has just finished the recording of their 2nd opus "Innocence Through Sovereignity".

For those who aren't familiar with WASTEFORM, we can say it's a really brutal, heavy and catchy yet technical Death Metal pretty much in the vein of early 90's NY Death Metal a la SUFFOCATION, PYREXIA, INTERNAL BLEEDING... with a hint of DYING FETUS too.

The album will include the following songs:

01. Prelude To Apocalypse
02. Ignorance Through Sovereignity
03. Of Blind Consequence...
04. Built For The Kill
05. Faith Is Dead
06. Cycles Of Tyranny
07. Victims Bleeding
08. In The Shadows Of Resurgence
09. The Wrath
10. Indulge Divergent Senses

The album "Innocence Through Sovereignity" is planned for an early/ mid December release. For more info about the band and mp3 samples, please check
AVULSED 17.10.2003
AVULSED leaves AvantGarde Music!! According to an statement on the band's official website

"Yes, only 7 months after the release of our third album "Yearning For The Grotesque", we have decided not to continue our relationship with Avantgarde Music even when we had a two album-deal signed with them. This was something we already agreeded just few weeks after the albums release, but we didn't want to make it official until now. However, a mutual and friendly agreement has been reached and the band is now free and looking for a new deal. We're actually negotiating with four labels for a possible deal towards the release of the band's 4th album due to be recorded in Summer 2004. However, other offers might be considered as well.

The main reasons for the band's departure from the label were the lack of support both in promotion and touring facilities, as well as a deficient distribution policy that didn't reach the band's minimal expectations. Even though the album has sold pretty well, we consider our label could have done better for us, but the fact is that they never put any interest on it, and this has caused a serious step back in the band's career, which is a shame, because this album is by far the best AVULSED effort.

Soon the will be news about the label who will sign AVULSED. We hope not to commit the same mistake twice...".

KRONOS 13.6.2003
French brutal Death Metallers KRONOS have inked a deal with Xtreem Music.

Their second album "Colossal Titan Strife" will be recorded in August at the CCR Studios in Belgium (same as used by ABORTED, NO RETURN...). Studios sessions for this opus will finish in September 6th and the band is now finishing the writing proccess for the album that promises to be much more brutal than their debut "Titan's Awakening" from 2001.

The band has recently lost their 2nd guitarist Nicolas Temmar and is now looking for a replacement. "Colossal Titan Strife" will hit the shelves in December 2003, so watch out for one of France's most brutal acts!!

Germany's most promising Death Metal act MISANTHROPIC have just finished the recording sessions for their debut album "Soulreaver" to be released through Xtreem Music in June 1st.

As guitarist Thorsten said: "At last!! It's done, our first album is ready!! It wasn't easy to give form the sound in order to impress our deepest imaginations, but now the music sounds like we always wanted! Cold like a dead body and brutal like a punch in your face. We are proud to present our first album through Xtreem Music".

Track list for "Soulreaver" is as follows:

01. Intro
02. Restless Life
03. Fly
04. Admission Free
05. The Play
06. Zwischenstück
07. The Lie
08. Into The Night
09. Living You
10. Nervous Breakdown
11. Outro

An exclusive advance MP3 of the song "Into The Night" has been posted at this location ···>>>

Lovers of true Death Metal influenced both by the old school and modern Death Metal in the vein of DEMIGOD, CENTINEX, MORGOTH, GOD DETHRONED, AMON AMARTH, etc, shouldn't miss the debut album of MISANTHROPIC!! Check out the band's official website at

After a successful tour of 8 dates through Australia last February, Ireland's most legendary and brutal Grind/ Death act ABADDON INCARNATE have decided to accept the loss of their insane bassist and good friend Cory Sloan. As a result, the band is seeking a replacement to fill his rather large shoes. If you are interested in what they are... please e-mail your info to

The band is still working hard on new songs for their long awaited 3rd album tentatively called "Sountrack For Rape" to be recorded in october again in Sweden at Soundlab Studios with Mieszko Talarczyk (NASUM). Most probably, the album will have Rogga from their labelmates PAGANIZER doing some backing vocals!!

For more info about ABADDON INCARNATE and listen some mp3's from their "Nadir" album, visit
VERMINOUS 28.3.2003
After some months of negotiations, Xtreem Music is proud to announce the signing of the most promising swedish newcomer: VERMINOUS. A killer threesome whose only purpose is to bring back the evil times of the darkest old school swedish Death Metal. If you consider yourself a true worshipper of GROTESQUE (pre-AT THE GATES), look no further, these are the best inheritors, although their music is quite faster and even more aggressive!!

VERMINOUS was formed by Linus Björklund (guitars/ vocals), Pelle Melander (Guitars) and Andreas Johansson (drums) in August 2002 from the ashes of their former band DELVE, who have a MCD entitled "The Dead Amongst" through Greek label Nuclear Winter Rec. In December 2002, VERMINOUS recorded their first official proof of existence in the form of a 7"EP also for the same label.

The band is now working on the last pieces for their debut album "Impious Sacrilege" that's going to be recorded in April at the JFK Studios and leter mastered at the infamous Necromorbus Studios for a release scheduled in June 2003.

You can download a song from their latest 7"EP by either entering or their own official website
AVULSED 27.3.2003
AVULSED's vocalist Dave Rotten was diagnosed a small fracture on a rib after their latest presentation of their brand new album "Yearning For The Grotesque" in their hometown Madrid last March 15th.

As Dave Rotten stated: "During the show, and after one of my usual and multiple stage divings I noticed a terrible pain on my chest. However, the heat over the stage and adrenaline did a good job, because I could finish the show (we played like 105 minutes!!) without real problems. Days passed and I still had that pain on my chest, but I though that was the typical one after a beat, you know... so after a week I decided to visit the medics and they practised me an x-ray, so we saw one of the ribs was slightly broken. No big deal, it's just that I can't sing for at least a month. The good thing is that casually, this show was the last one after a series of 10 shows we did through Spain and we didn't have any more booked until May, because we were supposed to do an European tour in April (with CANNIBAL CORPSE, but it didn't happen in the end), so it's a perfect time for me to recover".

In other news, AVULSED will take part in the very biggest Rock Festival in Spain next May 3rd. The Viña Rock 2003 is expected to surpass 55.000 people, after seeing the last years' success (45.000 maniacs). This festival, with 5 stages and all kinds of Rock music, gathers the best and more renowned Rock & Metal acts mainly from Spain, and it's the very first time a Death Metal band plays there!!
The most recent addition to Xtreem Music's roosters are german Death Metallers MISANTHROPIC, a rather new band in the scene that has caused so much impression in their own country with just only one demo released in the year 2002. This 5 songs recording got them to sign a deal with Xtreem Music and the band is finishing the songs for their debut album "Soulreaver" due to be recorded during March.

MISANTHROPIC can be described as a high class Death Metal with a heavy and catchy sound, mixing both melody and brutality and also elements from the old school Death Metal in the vein of DEMIGOD, as well as modern styled influences a la CENTINEX, GOD DETHRONED, etc.

Featuring AGATHODAIMON's drummer in their ranks, this is nothing but another point to enhance their high quality compositions which will undoubtely please any Death Metal fan out there!! Keep an eye open for their debut album due to come out in June and don't forget to download a killer song from their "Demo 2002" by entering the LABEL section of section or their own official website
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