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The 3rd KATAPLEXIA album is ready!! "Supreme Authority" was recorded during the months of March/ April featuring a special session drummer which is no other than Timo Häkkinen from SOTAJUMALA, who's a really talented musician and lend his killer technical skills and speed-of-light drumming for this great album!!

Cover art for this release was done by the amazing greek artist George "Grin", and it's definitely an awesome piece of art which is at the same level of renowned names like Dan Seagrave and similars.

Both album cover and one song from the new album, can be checked at the band's website

KATAPLEXIA will also attend to the most brutal festival in Europe this summer that will take place in germany on 12th-14th June 2008 ( where they're going to celebrate their release party as well.
AVULSED 15.4.2008
Yesterday night, our drummer Ricky suffered a loss of coscience and once in the hospital he remained in the Intensive Care Unit. It seems like he suffered a small brain stroke or something like that. this is, one of the veins was broken and some blood was spilled, so he need some surgery to take that blood out.

At this point we don't know much about it, since he liked 200 km away, and this is the information provided to us by his girlfriend, but what it's sure is that we'll have to cancel the AVULSED performance at the DELIRIUM FESTIVAL that's taking place near Paris 8France) next Saturday 19th of April. Also, right now we're not sure if we'll be able to perform at the UNDERGROUND METAL FEST in Lyon (France) next saturday 26th of April as well. We still have to see how Ricky develops from this and then we'll see, although this really doesn't depend on us.
We're very sorry for not being able to perform at the DELIRIUM FESTIVAL on which AVULSED was the headliner sharing the bill with quite some cool bands like HACRIDE + NO RETURN + DEGRADEAD + EMBRYONIC CELLS + HYSTHERESY + E-VICE. We hope our fans and the organizers will understand us in this critical situation and we really hope to play at next year's edition of the festival.
Irish death/grind act ABADDON INCARNATE has posted two new tracks on its Myspace page. The songs 'Stillborn Hatred' and 'Harlequin' will be included on the band's fourth album, which will be recorded sometime this summer for a late 2008 release.

ABADDON INCARNATE's third album, "Dark Crusade", was released in March 2004 through Xtreem Music. The follow-up to 2001's "Nadir" (Sentinel) was recorded and mixed over a two-and-half-a-week period at Soundlab Studios in Sweden and includes 16 tracks.
Russian "Avantgarde Dissocial Grind Core Scum Band" ANAL NOSOROG have inked a deal for the release of their debut album "Condom of Hate" through XTREEM MUSIC. This 20-song album was previously released in a very limited edition by the band themselves just for their shows & some russian maniacs, but now it'll be available worldwide!!

"Comdom of Hate" is perhaps one of the most innovative, cool and original Grindcore releases in the last years!! Blending several styles like Gore/ Grind, Death, Punk and even Thrash, this album features some of the most heavy, crushing and groovy Grindcore tunes that will make any listener to be addicted to this band in just one listening!! Lovers of bands like BLOOD DUSTER, C.B.T., AHUMADO GRANUJO, BRUJERIA, PUNGENT STENCH... will praise this new masterpiece that is going to become an imitated style in the coming years. Just wait and see!!

The album is scheduled for imminent release in May 1st and you can already listen to some songs at or at the band's site where you'll also find some cool videos!!
PSYCHOBOLIA 26.12.2007
French ultra-brutal Death Metal newcomers PSYCHOBOLIA have just inked a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the release of their debut album "Fisting You All".

Hailing from Paris, PSYCHOBOLIA is definitely the most brutal and extreme female-fronted band ever to be heard!! Caroline's vocals surpasses most of men's ultra-brutal wannabees!! Forget about any female Death Metal vocalist you've ever heard before!! PSYCHOBOLIA's music is designed to be both brutal and enjoyable to listen to, gathering influences form bands like ANGEL CORPSE, KRISIUN, MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE, SUFFOCATION, VADER... and their sheer intensity will immediately make them to gain lots of new fans worldwide and is sure to become one of France's leading brutal Death Metal acts like XTREEM MUSIC already did with their countrymates KRONOS!!

"Fisting You All" includes 13 songs and is scheduled for a February 2008 release. You can actually hear one somg from this upcoming album through and get more info about the band through
AVULSED 1.12.2007
AVULSED have just seen released their very first official DVD "Reanimating Russia 2007" that includes one of their two shows in Russia from the last month of May, the one in Moscow, where there's 19 songs recorded in a totally professional way with various cameras, pro-sound and many extras. This DVD means the first official DVD ever released by an spanish Death Metal band!! It's available through the band's website

After a successful series of 7 festivals throughout Europe between April & September which included countries like Germany, England, France, Portugal, Austria, Italy & Switzerland besides two shows in Italy and the aforementioned ones in Russia, as well as various in the Spanish territory, AVULSED is now ready for what will be their first live appearances in Finland, a 3-shows mini tour in early December together with DEMIGOD & KALMAH.

In the meantime, the band is still working in the new songs that will be included in their 5th studio album that is going to be recorded during the first half of 2008 and that will be the most brutal and aggressive stuff the band has ever written, always keeping the own identity signs of AVULSED's style.
Los Angeles Old School Thrashcore fuckers OBSCENE GESTURE have just inked a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the release of their debut full length "Living In Profanity" whose release date has been set up in August 1st. The band features some recognized names in the scene such as Chuck Profus (original ex-AGENT STEEL drummer), George Robb (original ex-AGENT STEEL bass) and no other than Juan García (original & current AGENT STEEL guitarist as well as ex-ABATTOIR & EVILDEAD).

"Living In Profanity" includes 21 tracks at a blistering 37 minutes and was produced by L.A. producer Rob Hill (Cypress Hill, Powerman5000, Agent Steel, Tourettes, ect...). The band is currently setting up a West Coast tour, sharing some dates with L.A. bands AGENT STEEL and INSECTICIDE.

For those who are still not familiar with OBSCENE GESTURE, their music is a relentless mixture of old school 80's Thrash, Hardcore & Punk in the vein of bands like D.R.I., CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, SLAYER, LETHAL AGGRESSION, CRUMBSUCKERS, THE ACCÜSED...

For more info about the band and listening to some of their songs, please check their official websites at and
DEMIGOD 11.4.2007
Old school Finnish Death Metal masters DEMIGOD have signed a deal with XTREEM MUSIC to finally release their long awaited third album!!

According to the official band's statement: "After careful consideration, DEMIGOD has finally decided to release their third album "Let Chaos Prevail" self-financed in Scandinavia. The band's strong belief in the material took them to Fantom Studios already last summer and now finally after almost a year of pondering their options, the band will finally release the album. As their criteria for the release this time was proper promotion in Finland and Scandinavia combined with wide spread distribution over the world, the band came to the conclusion of releasing the album self financed in Finland and getting a foreign partner to handle the distribution & promotion all over the world. The right label for co-operation was found in XTREEM MUSIC. With XTREEM MUSIC handling the distribution & promotion worldwide and the band themselves taking care of the Scandinavian market, the album will surely reach everyone who is interested in getting it".

The initial release date has been decided to be the 30th of May in Scandinavia and June 15th for the rest of the world. The first taste of the album can be heard at either the band or label's myspace-sites with the song "Not Dead Enough".  -  or also  -  

For additional band information contact: Jani Rämö (+358-45-6701366)  

and for information on the album's world wide distribution: XTREEM MUSIC (Dave Rotten)   
KRONOS 9.4.2007
French Brutal Death Metal band KRONOS will team up with fellow French metallers BENIGHTED and FATAL for a tour of France between October 27 and November 4, 2007. KRONOS is currently searching for gigs to book the tour. Interested parties can contact Gab at this address:

KRONOS' third album, "The Hellenic Terror", has just been released via Xtreem Music. The follow-up to 2004's "Colossal Titan Strife" was recorded at Hertz Studio in Bialystok, Poland and is said to be "a mythological concept album talking about the creatures of the ancient Greece".
AUTUMNAL 9.4.2007
Spanish Doom metallers AUTUMNAL will support KATATONIA on their three days spanish tour. The band will perform songs from their latest album "Grey Universe", released through XTREEM MUSIC last December, and from the previous demo "The Age Of The Sin". This tour will make possible AUTUMNAL's return to Irún and Barcelona five years after their last gigs.

The next AUTUMNAL shows are as follows:

Apr. 13 - Madrid, Spain - Sala Caracol + KATATONIA
Apr. 14 - Barcelona, Spain -Sala Bikini + KATATONIA
Apr. 15 - Irun, Spain - Sala Tunk + KATATONIA + BORT
May. 12 -Vigo, Spain -La Iguana + FALLEN SENTINEL

Meanwhile "Grey Universe" its obtaining a great response from the medias. The band is working on its conitinuation for a 2008 release.
You will find AUTUMNAL's music and more info in
HELLWITCH 5.4.2007
XTREEM MUSIC is more proud than ever of announcing the signing of one of the oldest & most legendary extreme Metal bands ever!! They're no others than Folrida's Death/ Thrashers HELLWITCH!! Yes, that band formed back in '84 who released several demos & 7"EP's during the 2nd half of the 80's until they released their highly acclaimed debut album "Syzygyal Miscreancy" in '90 recorded at the infamous Morrisound Studios and a mini CD "Terraasymmetry" in '92. 

They did some other demos through the 90's until they finally did their '05 demo "The Epitome Of Disgrace" with whom they reached an agreement with XTREEM MUSIC under which they signed a deal for the release of their long awaited 2nd album in '07, just 17 years after their debut!!

Due for a summer recording, their sophomore album will be a display of pure old school technical, violent & aggressive Death/ Thrash in the unique HELLWITCH style!! You can hear two songs from their latest demo on which is available either from the band through their official website or through XTREEM MUSIC's mailorder
Irish Grindcore act ABADDON INCARNATE has parted ways with bassist Bren "due to personal reasons". Filling Bren's shoes is Steve from the Dublin Gore-Grind band SARCOSIS, according to a posting on the group's web site.


Mar. 30 – Deathfest, Fibbers, Dublin
Jul. 07 - Day Of Darkness Festival 6, Ballylinan, Co. Laois

ABADDON INCARNATE's third album, "Dark Crusade", was released in March 2004 through Xtreem Music. The follow-up to 2001's "Nadir" (Sentinel) was recorded and mixed over a two-and-and-a-week period at Soundlab Studios in Sweden and includes 16 tracks.
ATUMNAL 19.1.2007
AUTUMNAL, the spanish Doom Metal band based in Madrid has posted a statement on their MySpace site ( about their upcoming TV appereance:

"On January 23rd, 1 am, Spanish TV channel CUATRO will air a report on AUTUMNAL in their late show CUATROSFERA. Within said program it will show fragments of AUTUMNAL's Madrid concert of November 25th 2006, as well as the interview that the program team held with Javi (singer) and Maria (cellist).
This will probably be the first time (hope not the last one) that a spanish television show, dedicates some minutes to a band of this genre".

Right now the band is on tour across Spain promoting their debut album "Grey Universe" released through XTREEM MUSIC on last December.
HOUR OF PENANCE 29.11.2006
Italian brutal death metal band HOUR OF PENANCE will enter 16th Cellar Studios in Rome on December 18 to record a new three-song promotional CD. The group previously used 16th Cellar Studios to record its two albums, "Disturbance" and "Pageantry for Martyrs" (both available on Xtreem Music). The tentative track listing for the new promotional CD is as follows:

01. Misconception
02. Slavery in a Deaf Decay
03. Hierarchy of the Fools

Currently unsigned, HOUR OF PENANCE will use the new recording to procure a new record deal.

For more information, visit
KRONOS 2.11.2006
French brutal Deathmetallers KRONOS have finished recordings on their third album due to come out in early 2007 through XTREEM MUSIC under the title of "The Helenic Terror".

The track list is confirmed as follows:

01. The Road of Salvation
02. Bringers of Disorder
03. ...Until the End of Time
04. Suffocate the Ignorant
05. A Huge Cataclysm
06. Tricephalic Hellkeeper
07. Petrifying Beauty, part.1 Divine Vengeance
08. Petrifying Beauty, part.2 The Murderous Reflection
09. Ouranian Cyclops
10. Maze of Oblivion

You can actually listen to one song on their MySpace site:

Up the titan!!
HORRID 4.10.2006
According to an official statement from the band, italian Death Metal veterans HORRID wants to inform that:

"Robert, our former vocalist, has been removed from the band due to personal problems. HORRID is proud to announce a new replacement found in Satras, former singer of NIGHTWARD, which is now the official lead vocalist and he will be with us on stage since the very first show ever in Germany for HORRID".

The band's official website is currently unavailable due to a complete revamp, so for any info, please visit

Upcoming shows for HORRID:

28.10.06 Bitterfeld (GER) + Nocturnal Breed + Old + Demonizer
10.11.06 Strasbourg (FRA) + Poppy Seed Grinder + Apoplexy + Agon
11.11.06 Bietingheim (GER) - Depths of Winter Festival
07.12.06 Milatno (ITA) + Avulsed + Undeformed
08.12.06 Bassano del Grappa (ITA) + Avulsed + Mindsnare + Grimness 69
09.12.06 Rimini (ITA) + Avulsed
HALLOWS EVE 4.4.2006
XTREEM MUSIC feels prouder than ever to announce what's undoubtely the most relevant signing in the label's 5-year history!! This is no other than the mighty super-cult US Thrash/ Heavy Metal band HALLOWS EVE!! Having released three classic albums on Metal Blade from '85 to '88, the band returned in 2005 with a self-financed 4th album entitled "Evil Never Dies" which has passed quite unnoticed due to the lack of real promotion and distribution, so the band finally signed a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for a worldwide release that will secure a proper exposure for this long awaited return.

The new HALLOWS EVE line-up features two original members form the 1st album: Tommy Stewart (bass/ vocals) & Skullator (guitar/ vocals) and their style, although still retaining their original doses of that powerful blend of Thrash & Heavy Metal, has incorporated more current influences from styles such as Death Metal with even some blast beats!! The current band's style is for sure pretty different to what it used to be 20 years ago, being a lot heavier and more aggresssive but standing out the great variety throughout the entire album which makes it a really varied and interesting work.

You can actually read a few interviews and reviews in the following links:

The release date of "Evil Never Dies" through XTREEM MUSIC is scheduled for May 15th. You can hear three of the songs at For more info about HALLOWS EVE, please visit:
AVULSED 14.3.2006
"The new CD of AVULSED "Reanimations" is totally finished and being pressed already!! The recording & mixing process took place at the VRS Studios in Madrid (same place as the previous album) from 10th to 20th of february and it was later mastered by Peter Neuber from Mega Wimp Sound in Berlin (Germany) the week after. You can actually hear the two new songs plus the WA.S.P. cover on so we can't wait for your comments on our new stuff!!

ReanimationsThe "Reanimations" CD includes the following tracks:

AVULSED tracks:
01. River Runs Red
02. Foetal Consolation
03. Unconscious Pleasure (2006 re-dissection)
04. Piranha (Exodus)
05. I Wanna Be Somebody (WASP)
06. Mental Misery (Gorefest)

07. Powdered Flesh (Terroristars)
08. Devourer Of The Dead (In Element)
09. Stabwound Orgasm (Carnavage)
10. Blessed By Gore (Witches' Sabbath)
11. Gorespattered Suicide (Flesh Embraced)
12. Sweet Lobotomy (Kaothic)
13. Protervia (Byleth)
14. Sick Sick Sex (Abyfs)
15. Stabwound Orgasm (Zardonic Remix)
16. Let Me Taste Your Flesh (Video-Clip)

The release date is scheduled exactly for 18th of March, the same day as the band is presenting "Reanimations" live supporting SINISTER at the Sala Staff in Madrid. There will be a cool limited edition of 300 units including a syringe filled with green reanimating liquid exclusively available through the band either at their shows or through their own website where you can even pay with Paypal. Order now to make sure you get this cool edition!!!

Regarding live performances, it seems like 2006 will be another busy year for AVULSED!! Next to come after the show with SINISTER are two shows in... Russia!! Yeah!! In St. Petersburgh & Moscow on the 7th & 8th of April. Playing in Russia is even more difficult than playing in Japan, we can tell you!! Later that month, one show in the south of France (Bidache) and on 28, 29 & 30th of April, the band will be playing three dates in the UK, yes again!! This time in Liverpool, London & Birmingham. In May we'll have the Neurotic Deathfest in Eindhoven (formerly Rotterdam Deathfest) as well as two festivals in Spain: 2nd Brutologos Fest (Palencia) and 4th Metal Circus Fest (Barcelona). Of course the Mexican tour in August is still in the works and soon we'll confirm all dates!! Check below for more info.
The 2nd album of spanish Dark Death mongers VIDRES A LA SANG is just finished!! After their acclaimed self-titled debut album that stablished them as the best newcomer spanish band in 2004/2005, the group strikes again with a heavier and more mature album that will for sure make of VIDRES A LA SANG a band to be recognized not only in their native country, but abroad!!

Occording to the band's own words: "This new work is the logical evolution of the band but with the intention of surprising the audience again with a work that's more fresh, intense, brutal and epic than ever. We wanted to empower the styles that defines the band's identity: Death, Black & Heavy to end up in a proposal of extreme apocalyptic Metal that you won't easlily forget".

"Endins" includes the following 6 songs:

1. Amb Tota Rancúnia (With All The Bitterness)
2. Els Límits De La Creació (The Limits Of Creation)
3. Identitat (Identity)
4. Negre Destí, Roja Venjança (Black Fate, Red Vengeance)
5. Torna Al Teu Clos (Return To Your Inside)
6. Tots Els Paisatges Són Iguals (All Landscapes Are The Same)

The release date is not certain yet, but sometime between May & July. The band is currently working on the cover artwork with artist Phlegeton who already did their debut's cover.

For more info about VIDRES A LA SANG, please visit:
HORRID 7.2.2006
Italian Death Metal legends HORRID who formed back in '92 and released various demos, EP's a mini CD and one album during their career, have inked a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the release of their second album "Rising From The Hidden Spheres".

Recorded in Denmark at Starstruck Studios with Anders Lundemark (KONKHRA) as producer, the album includes 8 songs in the usual tradition of the band since their inception, this is: total swedish Death Metal worship!! With a 100% swedish sound, any lover of bands like early DISMEMBER, CARNAGE, ENTOMBED, GOD MACABRE and the likes, will find on this album a perfect way to go back to the golden days of the original swedish Death Metal scene.

"Rising From The Hidden Spheres" includes the following songs:

1. Nothing Lives Forever
2. Rising From The Hidden Spheres
3. From Here To Eternity
4. Come To Me
5. Feeling Hate
6. Redemption And Lies
7. Harmonic Devastation
8. Outro

The release date is scheduled for March 15th and you can hear an advance mp3 song of the album on the label section of XTREEM MUSIC.

For more info about HORRID, please visit:
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