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GROND signs with Xtreem Music!!


     Russian Deathmetallers GROND hand inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their upcoming 2nd album during this summer.

     Existing since 2002, GROND have released one demo ('05), two EP's ("Steel Coffins"-'10 & "Cosmic Devonian"-'15) and a full length album "Howling from the Deep" ('13) where they have been developing their brand of heavy yet catchy classic brand of Death Metal totally devoted to the deepest sea.

     GROND is currently finishing the last details for their new album to be aptly entitled "Worship the Kraken" whose astonishing cover artwork was done by Daemorph Evilartdominion. The album will contain 10 songs with Lasse Pyykkö from HOODED MENACE singing in one of them. You can expect some killer Death Metal the old school way that will please the ears of lovers of bands like ASPHYX, BENEDICTION, AUTOPSY, OBITUARY, MONSTROSITY, 1st SIX FEET UNDER...

     Soon we'll reveal the cover art as well as the full album tracklist and an advance song for "Worship the Kraken" that is scheduled for a July 1st release through Xtreem Music. In the meantime you can visit GROND's official Facebook here: www.facebook.com/grondrus and also listen to the entire "Cosmic Devonian" ('15) EP here: https://youtu.be/82giKlTpU9Q as well as their entire discography here: https://grond.bandcamp.com

     Los Deathmetaleros rusos GROND acaban de firmar un contrato con Xtreem Music para la edición de su próximo 2º álbum durante este verano.

     Formados en el 2002, GROND han editado una demo
('05), dos EP's ("Steel Coffins"-'10 y "Cosmic Devonian"-'15) y un álbum completo "Howling from the Deep" ('13) donde han ido desarrollando su estilo de pesado y a la vez pegadizo clásico Death Metal totalmente dedicado a las profundidades del mar.

     GROND se encuentran actualmente acabando los últimos los detalles de su nuevo álbum adecuadamente titulado "Worship the Kraken" cuyo impresionante arte de portada ha sido realizado por Daemorph Evilartdominion. El álbum contendrá 10 temas con Lasse Pyykkö de HOODED MENACE cantando en uno de ellos. Puedes esperarte un excelente Death Metal al estilo de la vieja escuela que agradará los oídos de amantes de grupos como ASPHYX, BENEDICTION, AUTOPSY, OBITUARY, MONSTROSITY, 1er álbum de SIX FEET UNDER...

     Pronto revelaremos el arte de la portada así como el listado completo de temas y una canción de adelanto para "Worship the Kraken" que está previsto para ser editado el 1 de Julio a través de Xtreem Music. Mientras tanto, puedes visitar el Facebook oficial de GROND en www.facebook.com/grondrus y escuchar el EP "Cosmic Devonian" ('15) al completo aquí: https://youtu.be/82giKlTpU9Q así como su entera discografía aquí: https://grond.bandcamp.com

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