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New Arrivals (23.07.2015)
SACCAGE [Black/Thrash]  [Punk]  
Vorace MMXV    (2015) [CD]  
Re-issue of the EP from '14 with 5 bonus (total 9 songs) by this canadian band that plays a blend of Black/ Death/ Crust, Thrash/ Punk with a dirty and nasty sound with touches a la TOXIC HOLOCAUST, DARKTHRONE, DISHAMMER, INEPSY...
-20% Price:   8.95 €
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SÅGVERK - Sahataan ne Kaikki
SÅGVERK [Crust]  [Black/Thrash]  
Sahataan ne Kaikki    (2015) [CD]  
1st album by this finnish band that plays a dirty, harsh and corrosive Black'n'Roll/ Crust/ Punk with touches from early IMPALED NAZARENE, but more towards DISCHARGE.
-20% Price:   8.95 €
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SPEW - World of Shit
SPEW [Thrashcore/Crossover]  
World of Shit    (2013) [MCD]  
Mini CD from '13 with 7 songs (22 min.) by this canadian band of Crossover/ Thrashcore with influences in the vein of S.O.D., M.O.D., D.R.I., S.S.S....
-20% Price:   5.95 €
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THE PROPHECY²³ - the Pit
THE PROPHECY²³ [Thrash Metal]  [Thrashcore/Crossover] the Pit    (2010) [CD]  
2nd album from '11 by this german band that plays a Crossover/ Thrash with influences in the vein of TESTAMENT, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, MUNICIPAL WASTE...
-20% Price:   9.95 €
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VULCANO - Wholly Wicked
VULCANO [Thrash Metal]  
Wholly Wicked    (2014) [CD]  
9th album from '14 of this legendary brazilian band of aggressive & brutal Thrash Metal in a similar vein to SODOM, SARCOFAGO, MUTILATOR, HOLOCAUSTO...
-20% Price:   9.95 €
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WARHAWK - Down in Hell
WARHAWK [Thrash Metal]  
Down in Hell    (2014) [CD]  
1st album by this italian band that plays a Speed/ Thrash Metal with influences form bands like HIRAX, IRON ANGEL, EXODUS, OVERKILL...
-20% Price:   8.95 €
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WHIPSTRIKER - Troopers of Mayhem
WHIPSTRIKER [Thrash Metal]  [Black/Thrash]  [Punk]  
Troopers of Mayhem    (2013) [CD]  
2nd album from '13 by this brazilian band of nasty Thrash/ Punk/ Heavy with influences in the vein of TOXIC HOLOCAUST, VENOM, MOTÖRHEAD, DISCHARGE, BULLDOZER, INEPSY...
-20% Price:   8.95 €
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WITCHBURNER [Thrash Metal]  
Demons    (2010) [CD]  
6th album from '10 of this already recognized german band totally influenced by old german Thrash bands like KREATOR, SODOM, DESTRUCTION, VIOLENT FORCE...
-20% Price:   9.95 €
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New Arrivals (21.07.2015)
DESTRUCTION - Metal Discharge
DESTRUCTION [Thrash Metal]  
Metal Discharge    (2003) [CD]  
9th album from '03, the 3rd one of the new era of this mythic german Thrash band!! More aggressive than ever before!! Limited edition with 7 bonus tracks!!
-20% Price:   11.95 €
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EPIDEMIC - Artificial Peace
EPIDEMIC [Thrash Metal]  
Artificial Peace    (1991) [MCD]  
Re-issue on digipack of the 1st mini CD with 5 songs from '91 by this greek band of intense Thrash Metal in the vein of bands like KREATOR, SODOM, CORONER... [Digipack]
-20% Price:   6.95 €
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TANKARD/POSTMORTEM - A Girl Called Cerveza
A Girl Called Cerveza    (2012) [CD]  
15th album from '12 by this legendary german band of Beer Thrash Metal, following their unique and unmistakeable style.
-20% Price:   11.95 €
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VX - Sense pietat
VX [Thrash Metal]  
Sense pietat    (2013) [MCD]  
3rd mini CD from '13 by this spanish Speed Metal band with influences in the vein of S.D.I., primeros RUNNING WILD, LIVING DEATH, IRON ANGEL... Includes a cover song of RAZOR.
-20% Price:   5.95 €
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New Arrivals (17.07.2015)
BLIZZARD - The Roaring Tanks of Armageddon
BLIZZARD [Thrash Metal]  
The Roaring Tanks of Armageddon    (2009) [CD]  
2nd album from '09 by this german band commanded by the drummer of WITCHBURNER that plays a nasty Thrash & Roll influenced by VENOM, MOTÖRHEAD, CELTIC FROST, WARFARE, BULLDOZER, TANK...
-20% Price:   8.95 €
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CARRION - Evil Is There!
CARRION [Thrash Metal]  
Evil Is There!    (1986) [2-CD]  
Re-issue in 2-CD of the only álbum from '86 plus the demo '85 with 10 songs and 9 live tracks from '86 by this swiss Speed/ Thrash Metal band in the vein of bands like DARKNESS, S.D.I., VECTOM, ASSASSIN...
Price:   12.95 €
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DARK ANGEL - Live Scars
DARK ANGEL [Thrash Metal]  
Live Scars    (1990) [12" LP]  
Vinyl re-issue on 180gr. wax with gatefold cover and 3 bonus of the mythic live album from '90 by this legendary US band of intense Thrash Metal.
Price:   9.95 €
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EXCRUCIATION - Last Judgement / First Assault
EXCRUCIATION [Thrash Metal]  
Last Judgement / First Assault    (1987) [2x12”LP]  
Re-issue in double LP with thick gatefold cover full of photos, covers and liner notes, that contains the 1st mini LP from '87 plus demos '85, '86 & '87, with a total of 25 songs by this legendary swiss band of Thrash Metal in the vein of acts like MESSIAH, PROTECTOR, ASSASSIN, NECRONOMICON...
Price:   17.95 €
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EXUMER - Possessed by Fire
EXUMER [Thrash Metal]  
Possessed by Fire    (1986) [12" LP]  
Deluxe mexican vinyl re-issue with triple gatefold cover of the 1st album from '86 by this legendary german band that leaded the german Thrash movement in the 80's alongside with KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, SODOM... although their style goes more towards sounds in the vein of SLAYER.
Price:   14.95 €
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HELSTAR - The James Rivera Legacy
HELSTAR [Thrash Metal]  
The James Rivera Legacy    (2001) [CD]  
CD that includes the last demo from '90 (4 songs) by HELSTAR with James Rivera on vocals and the first demo from '91 (6 songs) by VIGILANTE, the band he formed after he left. For lovers of AGENT STEEL, VICIOUS RUMOURS, JUDAS PRIEST, STEEL PROPHET...
-20% Price:   9.95 €
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INQUISIDOR - Lágrimas Nocturnas
INQUISIDOR [Thrash Metal]  
Lágrimas Nocturnas    (2014) [CD]  
5th album from '14 by this veteran mexican band formed back in '86 that plays an Speed/ Thrash Metal sung in spanish with influences from early SLAYER.
-20% Price:   8.95 €
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MIDNIGHT - Complete and Total Hell
MIDNIGHT [Black/Thrash]  
Complete and Total Hell    (2012) [CD]  
Official CD of this US band that inlcudes 21 songs, all the stuff recorded before their 1st album "Satanic Royalty". A primitive Black/ Heavy/ Speed'n'Rock with influences in the vein of VENOM, HELLHAMMER, DEVIL LEE ROT, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, MOTÖRHEAD...
-20% Price:   9.95 €
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