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LORDES WERRE - Canticles of Armageddon
LORDES WERRE [Thrash Metal]  
Canticles of Armageddon    (1996) [10" MLP]  
Vinyl version on 10" format of the mini CD released in '96 by this american band of aggressive Thrash Metal in the vein of bands like early KREATOR, SODOM, SARCOFAGO, MERCILESS...
Price:   6.95 €
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LUCA TURILLI'S RHAPSODY - Ascending to Infinity
Ascending to Infinity    (2012) [CD+DVD]  
Limited edition on Digibook with CD+DVD and 1 bonus of the 1st album of this band leaded by Luca Turilli after the split up of RHAPSODY OF FIRE and where he goes beyond their epic, symphonic and baroque Power Metal with great orchestral and choral arrangements. [Digibook]
Price:   16.95 €
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LUCIFER (ger) - Lucifer I
LUCIFER (ger) [Doom Metal]  [Stoner/Sludge]  
Lucifer I    (2015) [CD]  
1st album by this German band with female vocalist coming from THE OATH that plays an Occult Rock/Doom in the vein fo bands like BLOOD CEREMONY, MERCYFUL FATE, PURSON, BLACK SABBATH... [Slipcase]
Price:   12.95 €
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LUCIFER (swe) - The Dark Christ
LUCIFER (swe) [Death Metal]  
The Dark Christ    (2015) [CD]  
CD that includes the demo "The Ritual" ('91), the 7"EP "The Dark Christ" ('92) and the Promo '93 by this swedish band that played a dark and Heavy Death Metal.
Price:   11.95 €
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LUCIFER'S FALL - Lucifer's Fall
LUCIFER'S FALL [Doom Metal]  
Lucifer's Fall    (2014) [CD]  
1st album from '14 by this australian band that plays a Doom Metal with influences in the vein of BLACK SABBATH, PENTAGRAM, COUNT RAVEN, SOLITUDE AETURNUS, PAGAN ALTAR... [Digipack]
Price:   9.95 €
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LUDI OSENI - Vosstanie
LUDI OSENI [Doom Metal]  
Vosstanie    (2012) [CD]  
1st album from '12 by this russian band that plays a depressive and melancholic classic Doom Metal with violins pretty much in the vein of the early works of MY DYING BRIDE, CELESTIAL SEASON, ANATHEMA...
Price:   8.95 €
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LUGUBRIOUS - In Nomine Domini Nostri, Jesus Christi
LUGUBRIOUS [Death Metal]  
In Nomine Domini Nostri, Jesus Christi    (2012) [MCD]  
CD re-issue of the only demo from '93 by this band featuring Fernando, vocalist in HAEMORRHAGE. 5 songs of pure old school Death Metal with varied influences in the vein of NECROPHILIAC, BENEDICTION, MORPHEUS, SUFFOCATION, UTUMNO...
Price:   5.95 €
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LUTAVIERJE - Songs of Poured Clouds
LUTAVIERJE [Pagan/Folk/Viking]  
Songs of Poured Clouds    (2012) [CD]  
1st album by this band from Belarus that plays a Medieval Pagan Metal with female vocalist for lover of bands like KALEVALA, NATURAL SPIRIT, ARKONA...
Price:   8.95 €
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LUX FERRE - Atrae Materiae Monumentum
LUX FERRE [Black Metal]  
Atrae Materiae Monumentum    (2009) [CD]  
2nd album from '09 of this portuguese band that plays a super-fast Black Metal in the purest DARK FUNERAL/ MARDUK tradition. Even faster!!
Price:   8.95 €
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LVCIFYRE - Svn Eater
LVCIFYRE [Death Metal]  
Svn Eater    (2014) [CD]  
2nd album by this british band of infernal Death Metal with influences in the vein of ANGEL CORPSE, SARCOFAGO, GRAVE MIASMA, MORBID ANGEL, GROTESQUE...
Price:   9.95 €
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