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IMMORTAL - Sons of Northern Darkness
IMMORTAL [Black Metal]  
Sons of Northern Darkness    (2002) [Used]   [2-CD]  
Deluxe edition in CD+DVD of the 7th album from '02 of this mythic norwegian Black Metal band. The DVD includes a show from New York in 2003.
Price:   14.95 €
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IMPALED NAZARENE - Live in the Name of Satan
Live in the Name of Satan    (2015) [CD]  
Unofficial live CD that contains two complete shows recorded during their European tour in January '94.
-20% Price:   11.95 €
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IMPALED NAZARENE/BEHERIT - Day of Darkness Festifall (23.08.91)
Day of Darkness Festifall (23.08.91)    (1991) [CD]  
CD edition of the rare split live bootleg with the two most important bands on the finnish Black scene. Recorded in Oulu on 23.08.91 with very good sound. Includes 8 songs from IMP. NAZ. and 7 from BEHERIT.
Price:   11.95 €
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IMPIETY - Skullfucking Armageddon
IMPIETY [Black Metal]  
Skullfucking Armageddon    (1999) [CD]  
Re-issue of the 2nd album from '99 of this awesome band from Singapore. Infernal and holocaustic Black/ Death without rest!! A fucking masterpiece!!
-20% Price:   11.95 €
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Virus Christ    (2004) [CD]  
1st album of this german band that plays an aggressive Black Metal with good melodies and varied influences such as BETHLEHEM, NAGLFAR, PRIMORDIAL...
-20% Price:   8.95 €
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INFERNO - Uctívání Temné Zuřivosti
INFERNO [Black Metal]  
Uctívání Temné Zuřivosti    (2008) [CD]  
4th album from '08 by this veteran czech band of fast Black Metal with good melodies and some influences in the vein of WATAIN, DISSECTION, GORGOROTH...
-20% Price:   8.95 €
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ITNUVETH - The Way of the Berserker
ITNUVETH [Black Metal]  [Pagan/Folk/Viking]  
The Way of the Berserker    (2014) [CD]  
1st album by this spanish band leaded by Volundr (SVIPDAGR) y Lianne Krossburner (EDENKAISER) where they play a raw and melodic Pagan Black Metal influenced by bands like THYRFING, MOONSORROW, ARKONA, PRIMORDIAL, BATHORY...
-20% Price:   8.95 €
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KATATONIA - Live In Paris / Demos / Rehearsals
KATATONIA [Black Metal]  [Doom Metal]  
Live In Paris / Demos / Rehearsals    (2013) [CD]  
Rare unofficial CD that includes a live recording from Paris '01 with 12 songs, the demo '91 and a rehearsal from '92. [Digipack]
-20% Price:   11.95 €
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KHAZAD DHUM - Human Breeds Evil
KHAZAD DHUM [Black Metal]  
Human Breeds Evil    (2008) [CD]  
2nd álbum from '02, but finally released in '08 by this German band of true Black Metal with raw and grim sound, in the vein of bands like MANIAC BUTCHER, GORGOROTH, AZHAGAL...
-20% Price:   8.95 €
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KHOLD - Morke Gravers Kammer
KHOLD [Black Metal]  
Morke Gravers Kammer    (2004) [CD]  
3rd album from '04 of this norwegian band that plays a raw and rotting Black Metal with certain influences from the latest works of SATYRICON.
-20% Price:   11.95 €
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KOZELJNIK - Deeper the Fall
KOZELJNIK [Black Metal]  
Deeper the Fall    (2010) [CD]  
2nd album by this band from Serbia that plays a fast Black Metal with a classic style from the scandinavian school in the vein of MAYHEM, IMMORTAL, early SATYRICON...
-20% Price:   8.95 €
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KRALLICE - Hyperion
KRALLICE [Black Metal]  [Avantgarde]  
Hyperion    (2016) [MCD]  
EP from '16 with 3 songs (24 min.) by this US band that plays a progressive, technical and avantgarde Black Metal. [Digipack]
-20% Price:   5.95 €
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MANATARK - Chaos Engine
MANATARK [Black Metal]  
Chaos Engine    (2003) [CD]  
2nd album from '03 of this excellent band from Estonia that plays a fast and extreme Black Metal with slight keyboards and influences in the vein of EMPEROR, MAYHEM and even IMPALED NAZARENE. Killer production, they'll surprise you!!
-20% Price:   8.95 €
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MARDUK - La Grande Danse Macabre
MARDUK [Black Metal]  
La Grande Danse Macabre    (2001) [CD]  
7th album from '01 of what's perhaps today's most legendary Black Metal band From Sweden. 10 songs with a killer production, and following their traditional style, that is, a merciless Black Metal at the speed of light!!
-20% Price:   11.95 €
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MARDUK - Plague Angel
MARDUK [Black Metal]  
Plague Angel    (2004) [CD]  
9th album from '04 of one of ths biggest nordic Black Metal bands. The fastest together with DARK FUNERAL. Undoubtedly one of their most aggressive and infernal works!!
-20% Price:   11.95 €
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MARDUK - Warschau
MARDUK [Black Metal]  
Warschau    (2005) [CD]  
3rd live album released in '05 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the band. 17 songs recorded in Poland during their "Deathmarch Tour".
-20% Price:   11.95 €
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MARDUK - World Funeral
MARDUK [Black Metal]  
World Funeral    (2003) [CD]  
8th studio album from '03 of this mythic swedish band of fast Black Metal, in the vein of their latest albums.
-20% Price:   11.95 €
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MASTIPHAL [Black Metal]  
Parvzya    (2011) [CD]  
release in deluxe digibook of the 2nd full length album, excellent return by this legendary polish Black Metal band A great album of fast and intense Black Metal IMMORTAL, EMPEROR, CHRIST AGONY, WATAIN, MARDUK... [Digibook].
Price:   12.95 €
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MAYHEM - Chimera
MAYHEM [Black Metal]  
Chimera    (2004) [T-Shirt]  
Short Sleeve, 2 Sides, 3 Colours.
Front: MAYHEM logo + cover of the CD "Chimera".
Back: MAYHEM logo + phot of Maniac with knives.
-20% Price:   11.95 €
   + Info    
Talla XXL
MAYHEM - Deathcrush
MAYHEM [Black Metal]  
Deathcrush    (1987) [12" LP]  
Vinyl re-issue with gatefold cover of the 1st mini LP (7 songs) from '87, a true jewel, essential piece on Black Metal history.
Price:   15.95 €
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