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general informationfrequently asked questions (f.a.q.)
Do you ship orthers worldwide?? If so, how long does it take to arrive??
      Yes, we do ship orders anywhere in the world!! We usually take between 3-5 working days (normally we don't work on weekends) to write down the order, select articles from our warehouse and packing the stuff. It depends on the amount of orders we have in that moment or if we're on tour, but sometimes it might take less time or others might take a couple of days longer.
      After we have shipped your order, you'll get an email notification with a tracking number and then it depends on the postal service. Normally it takes like a week or less within Europe and between 7-14 days for the rest of the world. We can't control that, you know how unpredictable the postal service is, haha!!
Is it safe to order CD's without cases?? I've never seen any mailorder doing this...
      Yes, it's totally safe to order CD's without cases, in fact, 90% of the trades we do with other labels around the world, are being done this way, also also 90% of the orders placed by our customers during so many years, are being done this way and we have never received any complain about it.
      This is definitely a great way to save in postage. Of course, digipacks and special releases can't be mailed without case.
      You don't have to worry. Both booklets, traycard & discs are being packed carefully in optiman conditions.
      In any case, since it's an option, you always decide wether if you want your CD's with or without cases. Postage for both options is displayed at the bottom of your order in the shopping cart.
Why most of the CD's somes without shrink-wrapping and sometimes, some CD's have very light scratches on the bottom side?? Are they second hand CD's or what??
      No, the fact that some of the CD's don't have shrink-wrapping doesn't mean they're used. In fact, the very own XTREEM MUSIC releases are ordered this way to the pressing plant. Let's say that 70% of our own productions comes like this.
      XTREEM MUSIC is an underroung label & mailorder, and as such, 90% of the CD's we get, comes through trades with other labels around the world and they're being mailed without plastic cases to save loads of money in postageand this way we can offer competitive prices (just imagine that in 1 kilo fits 9 CD's with cases and 30 without cases).
      Some labels send their CD's with slight scratches, even with finger prints... we give them instructions to avoid this, but even with this, not al labels are very professional about this, so we try to make the most strict quality control as possible. We even reject some of the CD's back to their original labels. We've been quite picky about this since early 2008. It's possible that sometimes we accept CD's with very small & light scratches that in no way affect the sound of the CD, cos they're on the plastic side of the disc, not in the upper side, which is where the music is stored.
Why on the new webshop, when choosing PAYPAL payment, I get charged an extra fee that before it wasn't applied??
      PAYPAL is, in every effect, a financial entity (like a bank) and we all know that banks aren't eactly charity organizations. They take profit from everything that moves and of course, every PAYPAL transaction has a fee applied on it.
      During some years, due to the fact that the volume of orders paid with PAYPAL wasn't considerable, we were taking care of that fee, but due to the fact that today a big percentage of the orders we receive is being paid with PAYPAL and also adding the fucking world-crisis and the ever-decreasing music sales, we finally had to take the hard decision to make this PAYPAL feee to be charged on at the customer's expense, because this one, being distributed in so many orders, isn't such a big amount, while to us, during one year, it was meaning a loss between 1.000 & 2.000 euros. Quite a lot for an underground label like us.
      We hope you'll understand that this fee, in no way is going to our pockets, but to PAYPAL. In any case, you always have the Bank transfer option in case you don't wish to get charged any extra fee, at least from our side.
I see that postage rates aren't the cheapest around...
      Well, we're afraid to say that the fucking spanish postal rates are a bit over the standard prices. However, you must keep in mind that ALL orders are shipped REGISTERED. Some label offer unregistered shipping, but that's not an option for us.
      Our shippings are ALWAYS registered and our customers always receive a confirmation email with a tracking code which can be used to know the state of the package in every moment.
Do you accept exchanges in case I don't like a CD??
      Whaaat?? NO, we do NOT accept exchanges! We will not accept returns because you didn't like what you ordered, that’s why we try to provide detailed & accurate descriptions of the items on our catalogue. We hope you understand it would be crazy otherwise.
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