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DESECRESY 30.11.2012
XTREEM MUSIC is more than proud to announce a new agreement with finnish Deathsters DESECRESY which have re-inked a new deal to see their next albums released on what has been their home label since their inception.

DESECRESY, whose debut album "Arches of Entropy" was released in November 2010, has been building a reputation on their own as one of the heaviest and most interesting Death Metal bands to come out from Finland in the recent years. Even though their debut album was well received, that was nothing compared to their sophomore release "The Doom Skeptron" in June 2012, which got nothing but superb reactions everywhere, being hailed as one of the best Death Metal releases of the year.

The band is currently working on their 3rd full length album, although there's no exact plans for its recording, but could be expected by the end of 2013.

Follow DESECRESY through their official Facebook here:
CHRIST DENIED 26.11.2012
The resurrection of CHRIST... DENIED is here!! It took more than just 3 days to be honest, more likely 11 years, haha, but one of the most respected and legendary bands in the Brutal Death Metal camp from the 90's, has a new reincarnation!!

Since in October 2001 David Nigger moved to Germany, CHRIST DENIED entered in a lethargic state of which numerous times tried to resurrect, but in the end it never happened, so by mutual agreement, David Nigger gave his consent to Dave Rotten to try keeping the band alive with another member, so in November 2011, Roger from INFECTED FLESH was asked, and gladly accepted, to join in order to spread more blasphemies in the name of CHRIST... DENIED!!

However, due to Roger's commitment on the recordings of his own band's third album, the new compositions couldn't get started until late summer 2012 and it's now, after having 4 songs already written and with both members fully committed, when we can proudly announce what many lovers of Brutal Death have been claiming for years... CHRIST DENIED is back!!

Roger Infected is a reputed musician that has been spreading his Brutal Death sickness with INFECTED FLESH since 1997 and is a truly well connoisseur of the style, so it wasn't difficult for him to adapt himself to CHRIST DENIED's brand of old fashioned Brutal Death in the vein of bands like PYREXIA, IMPRECATION, SUFFOCATION, CRYPTOPSY... and in general anything that was created before year 2000.

CHRIST DENIED is now working on the composition of their 2nd full length album to be expected sometime in 2013, and everything under the blessing of David Nigger, who despite of not playing in the band anymore, we still consider him as an honorific member.

Right after the new album is written and recorded, some old songs will be recovered in order to create a set list that will be performed on the very first live shows ever to be played by CHRIST DENIED!! Yes, something that seemed it would never happen, so expect some of the sickest and definitely most unexpected live performances for a Brutal Death band. Where will be the very first show for the band?? Nobody knows, but one thing is sure: the band will only perform at very few and selected festivals. Always with only two members, which was, is and will always be the trademark of CHRIST DENIED!!

The band has now an official FaceBook site which can be reachable here:
La banda española de Death Metal técnico UNREAL OVERFLOWS recientemente terminaron los trabajos de preparación de su segundo álbum titulado "False Welfare". Completamente grabado, producido, mezclado y masterizado en sus propios Zoilo Unreal Studios, éste álbum muestra un impresionante trabajo que fácilmente podría clasificarse entre una de las mejores ediciones de Death Metal técnico de los últimos tiempos si hubiera sido lanzado a través de uno de ésos grandes sellos todopoderosos.

Retomando desde donde su album debut "Architecture of Incomprehension" lo dejó y a pesar de dos significativos cambios de formación, "False Welfare" nos ofrece un excelente estilo de progresivo y técnico Death Metal tomando como base los últimos trabajos de DEATH y algunas de las innovativas ideas de GOJIRA para crear un magistral álbum lleno de grandes melodías y memorables riffs.

"False Welfare" está previsto para una inmediata edición a mediados de Noviembre y ya puedes ver la portada del álbum en alta calidad así como escuchar un tema de adelanto y un video oficial de muestra en los siguientes links:

ALTAR OF SIN 20.9.2012
Infernal deathrashers ALTAR OF SIN have recruited a permanent 2nd guitarist named "Neura" who already played in old Metal bands BRAMS & XUQUER and is now contributing to build that massive wall of sound for ALTAR OF SIN on their already famous devastating live performances.

At the same time, the band has recorded an official video-clip of the song "Voodoo Hell (Blessed by the Devil)" from their acclaimed 2nd album "Tales of Carnage First Class" and can be watched on the band's official Youtube channel here:
ERUPTION 14.9.2012
Slovenian Thrashers ERUPTION have inked a deal with XTREEM MUSIC and the band is currently working on their sophomore album ''Tenses Collide''. This album is being recorded, mixed and produced at Negligence Studios under the watchful eye of Jan Švigelj and Žiga Zmazek. The album will offer 8 completely new tracks as well as the song ''Selfcaged'', previously released as a web-single but re-recorded for the purposes of the album.

Picking up where they left off with their debut ''Lifeless Paradise'', the first order of the day on the band's second release ''Tenses Collide'' is still lethal, unadulterated Thrash as executed by well- known stalwarts of the genre such as Testament, Forbidden, Vio-lence…

Instead of compromising their sound, ERUPTION builds on it. The edge of deadly old school Thrash got sharpened by an even deadlier coating of various influences, adding aggression to their music without sacrificing any of the melodies.

The cover artwork for ''Tenses Collide'' was painted by the renowned artist Andrei Bouzikov, known for his work with bands such as Municipal Waste, Deathraiser, Cannabis Corpse, Skeletonwitch and Vektor amongst many others.

Release date for "Tenses Collide" is still not set, although it's expected sometime before the end of 2012 and will be defined as soon as recording and mixing work is finished. In the meantime, you can listen to the demo version of the aforementioned track "Selfcaged" here:
AVULSED 12.9.2012
It's now 100% confirmed that we'll play two shows in Turkey:

Dec.07 - Ankara (2012 Performans Club)
Dec.08 - Istanbul (Pulp Live Club)

We know we have a strong fanbase in Turkey, so we've done all what's in our hand to make these shows happen. Thanx to the essential help of Arda from [] who's organizing everything and soon will confirm all bands that will be sharing the stage with us.

So we invite all turkish AVULSED fans not to miss any of these shows, as they'll be most probably the only AVULSED shows ever to be played over there. Unforgettable shows are guaranteed!!

See you there!!
THE DESCENT 1.9.2012
The debut album of spanish melodic Death Metallers THE DESCENT is ready and will be released in October 1st through XTREEM MUSIC. With an excellent artwork design by Auryn Digital and a great production by Carlos Creator at RockStudios being later mastered at swedish Fredman Studios by Fredrik Nördstrom, "Dimensional Matters" is a magnific album which will sure please any fan of melodic yet aggressive Death Metal the swedish way a la AT THE GATES, DIMENSION ZERO, early SOILWORK, EUCHARIST...

The album cover has been revealed, as you can see on this statement, as well as the track listing:

01. The Web of Lies
02. Sacred War
03. Winter Hell
04. Rejected by the Sun
05. The Day After
06. Drug
07. Wraith (Tied to Reality)
08. No One Cares
09. Confined
10. Guilty Conscience

THE DESCENT recorded an official video-clip with a song from the album entitled "The Day After" which perfectly shows their ability to blend melody, catchy riffs and killer grooves with heavier and more aggressive passages combined a varied vocal department, which makes of this album a very dynamic and enjoyable work.

Watch the band's video-clip here:

You can also visit the THE DESCENT's official MySpace and listen to three more advance songs here:
SORCERY 25.8.2012
Swedish Death Metal legends SORCERY have inked a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the release of their second full length album. Formed back in 1985 and thus being one of the very first Swedish Death Metal bands, they released three demos in '87, '88 & '89, a 7EP in '90 and an already classic album in 1991. The band split up in '97 and reformed in '09, recording two more demos before signing to XTREEM MUSIC.

SORCERY is currently working on their new album, over 20 years after their debut. Still untitled, it's being partly recorded with Tomas Skogsberg at Sunlight Studios, the same studio used in 1991 with "Bloodchilling Tales". Seven out of the nine songs on the album are brand new, written with the latest line-up consisting of original members Ola Malmström (vocals), Paul Johansson (guitar) and the two new members, John Falk (drums) and Mikael Carlsson (bass). The other two songs, "Master of the Chains" and "Maculated Life" were written during the bands earlier days and will perfectly link the old material with the new.

Cover artwork for the new album is being drawn by renowned artist Daniel Devilish while the recording will be finished around November for an expected release in January 2013 on CD with vinyl version later on. In the meantime you can listen two new songs featured on the band's "Warbringer" pre-production demo 2012 which are being re-recorded for the album with better sound, production and arrangements, will serve to hear what's coming!! Check the two following links:
FUCK OFF 17.8.2012
The band FUCK OFF, pioneers par excellence of Thrash Metal in Spain, have reached an agreement with XTREEM MUSIC for the imminent release of a CD entitled "A Different Sacrifice 1987-1988", that consists of the songs of their first album "Another Sacrifice" ('88) as well as the ones from their previous self-titled debut 7"EP from '87, although with the characteristic that these songs are offered in different versions coming from different takes done in the same recording sessions.

Due to legal problems in matters of releasing rights on the first album of the band that seems to never find a solution, which in fact made of this album and 7"EP never to be released on CD ever since, FUCK OFF have decided to commemorate the 25 years of such recordings rescueing from their old recording masters, the same songs, but with arrangements slightly different to the ones on the album, sometimes unnoticeable if you don't carefully listen to both, but with a mixing and sound with which the band feels more identified (louder and heavier, more Thrash, less Heavy Metal), due to the fact that for questions beyond the band's control, they weren't very satisfied with the final sound on the album back then.

"A Different Sacrifice 1987-1988" could be considered the most near thing to a possible re-issue of the mentioned recordings, but with a far superior sound and production. The booklet includes also a great amount of photos, magazine clippings, interviews, promotional flyers, show posters, liner notes by Pep Casas, etc., which completes an essential release to understand the origin of Thrash Metal in Spain, Cult stuff!!

The release of "A Different Sacrifice 1987-1988" is scheduled for September 1st and you can actually hear an advance track on the following link:

You can also listen to the version from the original album to appreciate the differences of arrangements, sound and production, here:
AVULSED 27.7.2012
AVULSED has been chosen by the readers of ROCK ESTATAL magazine as one of the 100 most outstanding bands in the Spanish Rock & Metal scene. This has a special relevance when noticing that it's the only Death Metal band in such selection, basically being the only extreme Metal band and thus of uncommercial kind.

Each band is featured in such publication (of 200 pages!!) with a brief interview & photo. We have scanned for you the front cover and page where AVULSED is featured for all of you who are interested in reading it (if you can understand spanish, haha!!). We'd like to give special thanx to all readers that voted for AVULSED as one of the most relevant Spanish Metal bands in the past decade. We hope to still remain it for the next one!!

You can read the interview cliking on this link.

Upcoming shows by AVULSED:

29.09.2012 Sevilla REPULSION Fest (Sala Fanatic)

17.11.2012 Fuenlabrada (Madrid) SUMMON THE DEAD MadridFest I (Sala El Grito)
THE DESCENT 20.7.2012
THE DESCENT is a new melodic Death Metal band from Spain that has inked a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the release of their debut album "Dimensional Matters" that includes 10 songs and will be released in October. Production has been made by Carlos Creator at RockStudios and the work has been finished at prestigious Fredman Studios under the supervision of Fredrik Nördstrom (At The Gates, Opeth, In Flames).

THE DESCENT got the collaboration of Dalay Tarda (Rise To Fall) on the song "Rejected by the Sun" and an advance song can actually be heard through the official video-clip that the band has issued on YouTube which can be seen here:
AVULSED 21.6.2012
Just a few days ago, AVULSED played at what's probably the best Metal festival in Europe: HELLFEST!! We had a fucking great time over there and we're so happy of having the chance of playing there in front of thousands of maniacs!! The show was fantastic and both the audience and us enjoyed every minute of our performance. We are very grateful to the HF organization for treating us so well and having us at their awesome festival and of course specially thankful to all these AVULSED fans, friends and in general to all Death Metal lovers that watched our show. We hope to meet you again at some other european festival in the future!!

Here you have a few of the first videos on YouTube from the AVULSED performance:
AVULSED 19.5.2012
After long consideration, AVULSED has finally decided to officially present new drummer Osckar Bravo at Hellfest, being this the best possible opportunity to show all our fans the capabilities of our new band mate.

      There was an initial chance that Riky (ex-drummer) would play at Hellfest in case that we didn't have a drummer ready for it, for which we're very grateful, but since the adaptation of Osckar has been nothing but excellent, the band feels ready to face the challenge of having his official debut at such big event.

In the meantime, AVULSED has been confirmed to perform as headliners on the next edition of the REPULSION Fest. which will take place in Sevilla (Spain) on 29th of September along with bands like EXTIRPATING THE INFECTED, NO FATE, PURULENT NECROPSYS and DIGGING YOUR TOMB.

If you still haven't seen Osckar in action, you can still watch this video of his first practice with the band:
PURTENANCE 27.4.2012
After the highly acclaimed re-issue in 2011 through XTREEM MUSIC of the legendary debut album from 1992 "Member of Immortal Damnation", finnish Death Metal masters PURTENANCE decided to reform anf bring back to life the legend!! The band is more motivated than ever and have already inked a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the release of a new mini CD as well as their upcoming albums, first of them expected for 2013.

The new mini CD is already recorded and entitled "Sacrifice the King", featuring 6 songs in the already traditional Finnish Death Metal for which PURTENANCE is well known for. The current line-up cosists of original members Juha Ranniko (guitars) and Harri Salo (drums) plus new member Ville (bass/vox). Cover artwork had been again done by cult artist Chris Moyen.

Release date for "Sacrifice the King" is expected during the month of Juna 2012 (vinyl version will come later) and the band is already working on 12 new songs for their sophomore album expected during the 1st half of 2013. You can actually listen to an exclusive advance song as well as watching the cover art, both on HD quality on the following link:
AVULSED 23.4.2012
Just one month after the departure of ex-drummer Riky, AVULSED is proud to announce the joining of a new drummer to their ranks.

After testing three excellent drummers, the decision was taken in favour of Osckar (Oscar Bravo) which proved to be not only the best drummer, but also, and very important as well, to have great qualities as a person as well as the necessary dedication for the band, which will undoubtely inject fresh and renewed hopes.

Osckar is one of the best drummers on the Spanish Metal scene which also plays in the legendary Heavy Metal band SOBREDOSIS and also on NIGHTFEAR, as well as recently departed from melodic Death Metallers ATMOSPHERE GREY. Osckar is also endorsed by various prestigious brands like MAPEX drums, ZILDJIAN cymbals, EVANS drumheads, ZILDJIAN sticks and AXIS pedals.

All members in AVULSED feel so happy & proud of having found Osckar to fill the drum spot and he just came to stay as another full-time member, making the band stronger than ever before, and we can't wait to present him live as well as recording the new album towards the end of the year.

You can actually see a short video taken during our first official rehearsal with Osckar where he already played the first 5 songs he learned for the test. You can see he's perfect for the band!! Watch here. (We’re waiting for your comments!!)
XTREEM MUSIC is proud to announce the signing of one of Spain's most outstanding newcomer acts called ONIROPHAGUS.

Formed back in September 2011 with members that also plays in other bands like DECAPITATED CHRIST & ENTROPIA, the band recorded and self-released an EP entitled "Defiler of Hope" recorded at Moontower Studios (owned by Javi Félez from GRAVEYARD), includes 6 songs with a total length of 34 min. showcasing a dark, solemn & heavy brand of Death/ Doom with influences that ranges from bands like MY DYING BRIDE, ASPHYX, PARADISE LOST, INCANTATION, EVOKEN, AUTOPSY, OPHIS, IMMOLATION...

The band is currently completing their line-up for upcoming live performances at the same time that are working in the promotion of their EP and writing new songs for their debut full length album due for 2013.

In the meantime you can acquire their EP "Defiler of Hope" either through the band or Xtreem Music. You can actually listen to a couple of songa at the band's official Reverbnation:
PUTREVORE 5.4.2012
Swedish/spanish band PUTREVORE, formed by Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER) and Dave Rotten (AVULSED) is currently immersed in the mixing process of their sophomore opus that will be entitled "Macabre Kingdom".

      Music was recorded during January/ February in Sweden, this time with the help of Brynjar Helgetun on drums, who already played for bands like CRYPTICUS, RIBSPREADER, THE GROTESQUERY... Vocals were recorded during the last days of March in Spain, so now everything will be mixed in Sweden and should be ready during the month of April.

      Nine songs were recorded this time, eight of them will go on the album and one will be kept for some possible split EP with some rotting band if there's a chance for that. Song titles of the album songe are:

1. The Mysteries of the Worm Part I
2. The Mysteries of the Worm Part II
3. Beyond Human Comprehension
4. Universal Devourer
5. Awaiting Awakening Again
6. The Morbid Mass of Swarming Entities
7. The Tentacles Through Time
8. Tattooed Skin Map

      Cover art for "Macabre Kingdom" has been again done by spanish master Juanjo Castellano who did what's perhaps one of his most brilliant cover arts ever!! Just judge by yourself!! You can see it with more detail by

      This new PUTREVORE slab of sonic putrefaction will be release through XTREEM MUSIC, although there's not a definite release date for this album yet, but most probably it'll be first released on 12"LP vinyl format around June and some months later, on CD format, so all vinyl freaks will get priority before any new generation ipod-consumer boy, who will have to wait before getting their cystal-clear digital bootlegged ethereal mp3.

      No advance tracks can be heard yet, but hopefully we'll be able to post something during the coming weeks at the band's official MySpace at:
AVULSED 31.3.2012
To all followers and fans of AVULSED:

We're sorry to communicate you that since last 20th of March, Ricardo Mena (Riky) is no longer the band's drummer. Due to differences on how to deal with different internal issues within the band, we've decided, after a reunion, that the best thing for both parts is not to continue together. No hard feelings, beyond the sadness that all this means for us all.

Due to this, we must announce the cancellation of the performance on the two upcoming festivals in April where AVULSED was going to participate: Thrashway Fest (Oviedo) and Barroselas SWR Fest (Portugal). However, there's a possibility that the last show with the current line-up with Riky might happen at Hellfest in France.

We just want to thank Riky for his eight years of total devotion and profesionalism as a musician and his friendship, that we'll keep, of course. And to wish him the best both on personal and professional on musical matters.
DESECRESY 17.2.2012
Finnish Death Doomsters DESECRESY started the recordings of their sophomore album in late 2011 and are currently in the final stages to complete this magnificent opus which will be entitled "The Doom Skeptron". Mixing is being mixed by Jani Loikas who already worked for bands like SLUGATHOR and DEEPRED amongst others.

In "The Doom Skeptron" you shall witness the approaching mass of Death Metal forged by the weight of kick drums crushingly rotating onwards alongside with palm muted tremolo riffing and guitar leads dwelling from chambers of distant monoliths. All this accompanied by deep voices from the realms underneath ours... Thematically stroking lyrical landscape portraits of surroundings from darkest predictions, and relating tales of creatures beyond our mortal existence.

As we all heard on the band's debut album "Arches of Entropy", DESECRESY values the Finnish Death Metal tradition as a source of inspiration, having also influence from bands like BOLT THROWER, IMMOLATION, INCANTATION and ASPHYX.

The album will contain 8 songs with the following titles:
1.Forged from Chaos / 2.The Sleep of Titans / 3.The Sceptre of Damnation / 4.Declined Resplendence / 5.Burial Adorations / 6.Vortex Unwinding / 7.Sons of the Burning God / 8.The Solemn End

Release schedule for "The Doom Skeptron" is planned sometime in Summer 2012 and you can actually listen to a rough-mix advance track at the band's official MySpace:
Portugal's most brutal, depraved and infamous band known as HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL, have inked a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the worldwide release of their 3rd full length album "Gorefilia" for an imminent release in April 2012.

"Gorefilia" is a 18-song tornado recordes at 213 Studios in their comeland for a later mix & mastering at world-famous Hertz Studio in Poland where bands like BEHEMOTH, VADER, KRONOS, DECAPITATED, ABORTED... have already worked on previous albums.

In times of Repulse Records, we were reponsible of discovering to the world, bands like DERANGED, DEEDS OF FLESH or DISGORGE (mex) amongst others... then in Xtreem Music we did the same for bands like KRONOS, HOUR OF PENANCE & FRACTURED INSANITY. Tima is now for these portuguese masters of the sickest blend of Brutal Death, Gore and some Grind spices. This new opus means a quality step on the band's sound, showing a much more mature, yet even more brutal & intense, song-writing with songs varying from 1 to 3 minutes without fillers, just fucking heavy, fast and relentless songs gathering influences from bands like ABORTED, CANNIBAL CORPSE, early DERANGED, NAPALM DEATH, SUFFOCATION, CARCASS...

This new album "Gorefilia" will definitely put HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL on a new level and will for sure catch the attention from the worldwide Death Metal audience for their top-quality stuff and sheer blasting brutality. Album comes with a truly bizarre cover art as well as a killer inner design. After the album release, the band will present the "Gorefilia" in various festivals around europe, so just be sure not to miss their intense live performance!!

You can now listen to an advance song on HD quality here:

Get more info about HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL at the band's official website:

HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL will be the next Death Metal sensation, time will give us right!!
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