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APOSENTO 22.3.2017
One of Spain's oldest Death Metal bands in active, APOSENTO, have just revealed the cover arftwork for their 2nd album to be entitled "Bleed to Death" scheduled for next 12th of June through Xtreem Music.

Like on their previous album, "Bleed to Death" was recorded again in Haro (Spain) at Rocklab Studios by Dan Díez, but this time, the mix, not only the mastering were done in Germany at Soundlodge Studios by Jörg Uken who previously worked with bands like SINISTER, GOD DETHRONED, DEW-SCENTED, SUICIDAL ANGELS... getting an awesome production!

With a new line-up since their self-titled 1st album released three years ago, where vocalist & drummer changed, APOSENTO has improved leaps in their sound, making it faster, technical and more brutal and will for sure surprise every listener. Soon we'll be able to show you an advance song and tracklist.

Cover artwork for "Bleed to Death" has been done once again by Abigor Artaburu, who already did the magnific cover of the previous APOSENTO album and also worked for others such as OUIJA, CENTINEX, FAMISHGOD, NUMEN, SPELLCRAFT, SÖNAMBULA, DORMANTH and many more.

Stay tuned for more news about APOSENTO very soon!! In the meantime you can visit their official Facebook site here:
Greek epic & gloomy Death Metal band SOULSKINNER, is back with their 4th album entitled "Descent to Abaddon" which is set for release next month of May through Xtreem Music.

SOULSKINNER was born in year 2000 as a side band of two members of the mythic THOU ART LORD: Bill Zobolas "EL" (guitar) and Gothmog (vocals), and released two albums in '03 & '07, but after a 7-year hiatus, the band returned with a very well received 3rd album entitled "Crypts of Ancient Widsom", released on Xtreem Music, where they changed their style into less brutal but heavier, darker and more melodic Death Metal.

At that time, SOULSKINNER were a duo and quickly became a quintet, playing their very first shows ever and spent the whole year 2016 recording their new album with the new lineup, digging on their own style that will for sure appeal to fans of bands like BOLT THROWER, very early SEPTIC FLESH, early GOREFEST, early ASPHYX... Cover artwork for "Descent to Abaddon" has been painted once again by Mark Riddick.

Tracklist for "Descent to Abaddon" is as follows:

01. Fracticide
02. Soul of Death
03. Nemesis
04. Chorus of the Initiated
05. The Dead Have Ravished
06. True Bliss
07. The Fall
08. A Spectral Vision
09. Murder
10. Descent to Abaddon

Release date for "Descent to Abaddon" will be May 22nd through Xtreem Music on CD format. You can visit SOULSKINNER's official Facebook here: and listen to the 1st advance single on the following links:
AVULSED 13.3.2017
As announced one year ago during the AVULSED crowdfunding campaign for their 25th anniversary double album "Deathgeneration", the band recorded the entire special show in Madrid last 19th of November with 6 cameras for its release on a triple-disc release consisting on audio 2-CD and DVD under the title of "Night of the Living Deathgenerations".

This release contains the 2-hour show with all songs from "Deathgeneration" plus one more that wasn't played for at least 20 years. This live recording perfectly captures the unparalleled intensity of AVULSED on stage in front of a packed club with totally crazy crowd, making of this show, the most perfect celebration of the band's 25th years of pure devotion to Death Metal.

"Night of the Living Deathgenerations" will be released on a wonderful 8-pannel digipack containing the 3 discs plus a 16 pages booklet with over 150 professional photos taken by Unai Endemaño & Raquel García. Cover artwork was made by Juanjo Castellano, displaying all main characters of every AVULSED album covers in just one, with the genius style of Juanjo.

Although release date for this is set for 17th of April, it'll be already available on all AVULSED show during the band's upcoming European tour between 7-15th of April along with MERCYLESS & SAVAGE ANNIHILATION through the following dates:

07.04 FRA / Volmerange
            (No Man's Land)
08.04 GER / Frankfurt Deathfest
09.04 HOL / Tilburg (Little Devil)
10.04 HOL / Utrecht (dB’s)
11.04 GER / Koln (Sonic Ballroom)
12.04 CZE / Prague (Modra Vopice)
13.04 GER / Erfurt (From Hell)
14.04 FRA / Colmar (Le Grillen)
15.04 ITA / Milano (Blue Rose)

Tracklist for "Night of the Living Deathgenerations" is as follows:

- CD 1 -
01. Prelude
02. Amidst the Macabre (instr.)
03. Stabwound Orgasm
04. Breaking Hymens
05. Carnivoracity
06. Powdered Flesh
07. Sick Sick Sex
08. Horrified by Repulsion
09. Gorespattered Suicide
10. Addicted to Carrion
11. Devourer of the Dead
- CD 2 -
01. Elegy for the Rotting (interlude)
02. Dawn of the Apocalypse (instr.)
03. Dead Flesh Awakened
04. Sweet Lobotomy
05. Daddy Stew
06. Red Viscera Serology
07. Blessed by Gore
08. Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-mutilation)
09. Hidden Perversions
10. Burnt But Not Carbonized
11. Exorcismo Vaginal

*DVD contains the entire show + interview + photo gallery + extras

Release date for "Night of the Living Deathgenerations" will be April 17th through Xtreem Music on a limited edition of 1.000 copies on 2-CD+DVD digipack. You can watch an advance trailer with songs from the DVD on the following link::
FLESHGORE 12.3.2017
Ukrainian Brutal Death Metallers FLESHGORE have launched a killer official video-clip of the song "Talk to Me About God" taken from their 5th labum "Denial of the Scriptures", which can be seen here:

"Denial of the Scriptures" was released in February 2016 through Xtreem Music in. You can visit FLESHGORE's Facebook profile here:
NEUNTOTER 10.3.2017
One of the most obscure Death/Grind bands from early 90's scene in Spain is NEUNTOTER; a band with a true underground cult following that will finally see released their only two demos from '90 & '91 plus quite some unreleased bonus tracks on the famous Xtreem Cult Series under the title of "Stench to Stench" through Xtreem Music.

Formed in 1988, NEUNTOTER forged their unique blend of Death, Grind & Thrash with gore and satanic subjects, until they finally gave it form on their debut demo "Slaughter" in 1990 and later on their 15-song demo "Consummed in Gore" in 1991. They later changed their name into DEMENTED FOETICIDE, but lasted only one more year without recording anything. However, the legacy of NEUNTOTER will live forever on this release containing demo covers, flyers, photos, show posters and a complete interview. Lovers of the most primitive, nasty and vomitive Death/ Grind influenced by some very early PUNGENT STENCH, EXULCERATION, NAPALM DEATH, CARCASS, AGATHOCLES... will worship NEUNTOTER, which is the real unadultered essence of the sonic putrefaction!

Tracklist for "Stench to Stench" is as follows:

"Consummed in Gore" (Demo '91)
01. Born Deformed & Leprous
02. Vein Effect
03. Scumfixion
04. M.T.F. (Pt. 1)
05. Satan's Prayer
06. Consummed in Gore
07. Rot Alive
08. Anxiety
09. Emetic Foulness
10. M.T.F. (Pt. 2)
11. Don't Pour the Gore
12. State of Putrefaction
13. Seeder of Indolence
14. Blasphemed the Beast
15. Septic
"Slaughter" (Demo '90)
13. Intro
14. Slave (Under the Pentagram)
15. The Day of the Deads
"Live ‘91 & ’92"
19. Scum (Napalm Death cover) ^
20. Exulceration (Bleed to Dead) *
21. Gastroesophaegal Foetor *
22. Noise of the Putrid Offal *
23. Vomit Diarhoea *
24. Dense Intestine Grinded *
25. Slowly We Rot (Obituary cover/molineitor on vocals) *
26. Zartako (some songs with friends) - Rehearsal
27. Outro
(^) Zizur-Navarra 1991
(*) Barcelona 1992

Release date for "Stench to Stench" will be April 3rd through Xtreem Music on a limited edition of 500 copies on CD format. You can listen to a song from their 2nd demo '91 on the following links:
ERUPTION 28.2.2017
Slovenian Thrashers ERUPTION have just finished the recordings of their 3rd full length album entitled "Cloaks of Oblivion" due to be released next 2nd of May through Xtreem Music.

While some Thrash Metal bands tend to sharpen their sound, making it more aggressive, ERUPTION decide to step out from their traditional Bay Area-influenced sound to a more US Power/ Heavy Metal sound in the vein of bands like SANCTUARY, HELSTAR, VICIOUS RUMORS... while still retaining their usual FORBIDDEN, VIO-LENCE, DEATH ANGEL touches, recording one hell of a great album with a killer production and fantastic cover artwort by Alex Boca.

Tracklist for "Cloaks of Oblivion" is as follows:

1. Pharos
2. Sanity Ascend
3. Cloaks of Oblivion
4. Drones
5. Reborn Into Demise
6. The Yearning
7. This Barren Existence
8. Seven Archons
9. The Prophet

Release date for "Cloaks of Oblivion" will be May 2nd through Xtreem Music on CD format. You can visit ERUPTION's official Facebook here: and listen to the 1st advance single on the following links:
Today, spanish melodic Deathmetallers IN THOUSAND LAKES, premieres their video-clip of the song "I Rise" taken from their inminent 2nd album "Age of Decay" whose official release is due on 20th of February through Xtreem Music. The premiere is being made through two relevant webzines like (Spain) and (USA). You can also watch it directly here:

Any lover of good 90's Gothemburg styled melodic Death Metal, will for sure appreciate this new IN THOUSAND LAKES effort that brings you back to these unadultered sounds yet with an own touch by adding elements of Heavy and even Thrash.

Release date for "Age of Decay" will be February 20th through Xtreem Music on CD format. You can visit IN THOUSAND LAKES' official Facebook here: and listen to the two previous advance songs on the following links:
HOLYCIDE 25.1.2017
Spanish thrashers HOLYCIDE & Xtreem Music, in collaboration with Spanish Thrash Metal site THRASH EN TODA LA BOCA (, have exclusively launched the entire "Annihilate... Then Ask!" album for listening one week before its official release date which you can hear on the following link:

"Annihilate... Then Ask!" is the first full length album, after their acclaimed debut mini CD "Toxic Mutation" (2015) of this Thrash Metal act leaded by Dave Rotten from AVULSED that aims to preserve the purity of the style in its more aggressive form without sacrificing catchy riffs and musical skills. HOLYCIDE are fully confident on this album which called to become one of the Thrash Metal highlights in 2017not only in their native country, but also abroad!!

Tracklist for "Annihilate... Then Ask!" is as follows:

01. Afterworld Remnants
02. Annihilate... Then Ask!
03. Human's Last Dawn
04. Eager to Take Control
05. Motörhead
06. Bonebreaker
07. Deserve to be Erased
08. Losers (Détente cover)
09. Leather Spikes Chains & Blood
10. Back and Forth

Release date for "Annihilate... Then Ask!" will be February 1st through Xtreem Music on CD, 12"LP & Cassette format as well as full color T-Shirt. You can visit HOLYCIDE's official Facebook here: and also listen listen to their 1st advance song in form of a killer lyric video on the following link:
Germany's most putrid Death Metal act CRYPTIC BROOD, have just revealed cover artwork form their debut full length album "Brain Eater" as well as an advance song, the opener "A Box Full of Bones", to be released next 1st of March through Xtreem Music.

Born in 2013, CRYPTIC BROOD quickly gained a solid reputation through their debut demo, two split EP's and previous mini CD, also on Xtreem Music, as the most serious european inheritors of AUTOPSY with their rancid kind of organic-sounding Death Metal absolutely away from today's sound technical facilities. Only lovers of AUTOPSY as well as morbid heavy doomier acts like WINTER, DERKETA, UNDERGANG, early AUTOPSY and even HELLHAMMER, will be able to appreciate the honest unadultered Death Metal sound of CRYPTIC BROOD!!

Tracklist for "Brain Eater" is as follows:

01. A Box Full of Bones
02. Slurping Reeking Slime
03. Urban Coffin
04. Corroded Remains
05. Maggot-Infested Flesh
06. Ridden With Dementia
07. Gorging Severed Pieces
08. Brain Eater
09. Until it Starts to Rot

Release date for "Brain Eater" will be March 1st through Xtreem Music on CD format. You can visit CRYPTIC BROOD's official Facebook here: and listen to this new advance song on the following links:
INFESTUS 20.1.2017
     One of the latest demo cassette releases of early 90's Spanish Death Metal underground released by Drowned Productions (pre-xtreem Music), was the debut demo of INFESTUS "Unnatural Legacy" in 1993. Now Xtreem Music announces the re-issue of this demo along with their other two unreleased demos from 1994 and 2015 when they reformed.

     Haling from Sevilla, with a healthy scene back then, INFESTUS impressed everyone with this debut demo, which was followed by a 2nd unreleased one in '94 entitled "Atmósfera de Asfixia" where they started to sing in spanish and then the band did split up until 2015, when three original members reactivated the band and recorded a 3rd demo entitled "Origen" and also remained unreleased.

     Now the three recordings comes released in one CD under the title of "Origen" with covers, photos and lyrics, to commemorate the legacy of INFESTUS, a band that undoubtedly belongs to the spanish Death Metal scene history with their fast, heavy, dark and brutal Death Metal with hints of early MORBID ANGEL, early GORGUTS, SUFFOCATION...

Tracklist for "Origen" is as follows:

"Unnatural Legacy"
(Demo '93)
01. The End of the Biosphere
02. Unnatural Legacy
03. Lusting the Fruit
04. Ancestral Cataclysm of Life
05. Theatre of Cruelty

"Atmósfera de Asfixia" (Unreleased Demo '94)
06. Atmósfera de Asfixia
07. Ciudad de la Miseria
08. Interludio
09. Madera Muerta
10. Sueños de Erosión

"Origen" (Unreleased Demo ‘15)
11. El Día Después
12. Inmolación
13. La Pérdida de los Cuerdos
14. Otros Seguirán
15. Lágrimas de Odio
16. Fauna Inerte
17. El Ocaso
18. Sombras de Genocidio

     Release date for "Origen" will be February 10th through Xtreem Music on a limited edition of 500 copies on CD format. You can listen to a song from their debut demo '93 on the following links:
PANIKK 18.1.2017
After revealing cover artwork for the 2nd album of one of Slovenia's finest Thrash Metal export PANIKK, now it's the turn for the first advance song alongside with full tracklist for "Discarded Existence". The chosen song is "Eyes Don't Lie" which you can listen here:

Any lover of good 80's Bay Area Thrash Metal in the vein of VIO-LENCE, DEMOLITION HAMMER, FORCED ENTRY, EXODUS, FORBIDDEN... shouldn't miss this!!

Tracklist for "Discarded Existence" is as follows:

1. Instigator of War
2. Sedated in Utopia
3. Under Pretence
4. Individual Right
5. Rotten Cells
6. Discarded Existence
7. Eyes Don't Lie
8. Reconstruction
9. Outro

Release date for "Discarded Existence" will be March 15th through Xtreem Music on CD format. You can visit PANIKK's official Facebook here: and listen to an advance song on the following links:
After the first advance track in form of a lyric-video, spanish melodic Death metallers IN THOUSAND LAKES have revealed a new track from their upcoming long awaited 2nd album "Age of Decay" that comes 19 years after their debut "Lifeless Waters..." ('98).

Opening track "Death Train" is the chosen one as 2nd advance from "Age of Decay" which was recorded at Chromaticity Studios (VHÄLDEMAR, RISE FO FALL...), This new album means a huge step for the band where they reflect all their influences that goes from european styled Death Metal to Heavy Metal, Thrash, Progressive...

Tracklist for "Age of Decay" is as follows:

01. Death Train
02. Fall Into the Void
03. I Rise
04. True North
05. Age of Decay
06. Hunter of Souls
07. Blind Eyes
08. Ethereal
09. Vanished
10. Wolfzeit
11. 4 Walls (Scars)

Release date for "Age of Decay" will be February 20th through Xtreem Music on CD format. You can visit IN THOUSAND LAKES' official Facebook here: and listen to this new advance song on the following links:
XTREEM MUSIC is proud to announce de creation of a division devoted exclusively to Heavy Metal called FIGHTER RECORDS. For some years we've had this idea rounding our heads because we didn't want to distort the essence of XTREEM MUSIC by releasing non-extreme Metal titles.

FIGHTER RECORDS is born with the aim to release underground Heavy Metal bands specially with an old school approach. As long as it's good METAL and we like it, we'll release it! Soon we'll start announcing our first signed bands, so keep an eye open to our newlycreated Facebook site:

Any bands wishing to submit their recordings for considreration, can do it directly to:
Veteran spanish melodic Death Metallers IN THOUSAND LAKES have finished the recording process of their long awaited 2nd album "Age of Decay" and have just launched a lyric-video as advance of the first song which can be seen here:

"Age of Decay" will be released next 20th of February 2017 through Xtreem Music in. You can visit IN THOUSAND LAKE's Facebook profile here:
From the sick minds of members from bands like MISTWEAVER & MASS BURIAL comes a new band called NASTY SURGEONS, a Gore Death/ Grind combo devoted to the heaviest side of bands like old CARCASS, NECRONY, EXHUMED, THE COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS, GENERAL SURGERY... but with a more Death Metal feel.

NASTY SURGEONS have inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the immediate release of their debut album "Exhumation Requiem", a killer opus including 10 songs with catchy, fresh and heavy compositions that will for sure appeal to any lover of the aforementioned bands. Cover artwork for this debut has been done by cult artist Juanjo Castellano.

Tracklist for "Exhumation Requiem" is as folllows:

01. The Resurrectionists
02. The Creation of the Monstrosity
03. Human Flesh is Also Food
04. Antemortem Dissection
05. Autopsy's Protocol
06. Nasty Surgeons
07. Ode to Bad Taste
08. Burnt with Sulfuric Acid
09. Devoured Alive
10. Exhumation Requiem

Release date for "Exhumation Requiem" will be January 15th through Xtreem Music on CD format. You can visit NASTY SURGEONS's official Facebook here: and listen to an advance song on the following links:
PURTENANCE 22.12.2016
One of the most legendary Death Metal bands from Finland, PURTENANCE, whose relationship with Xtreem Music label owner Dave Rotten began in 1991 with the release of their debut 7"EP and later their cult album "Member of Immortal Damnation", have inked a new deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their upcoming recordings.

PURTENANCE became a 5-piece band again in late 2015 and have been playing shows & writing new material for a new mini CD to be recorded in early 2017. The band will also see their 1992 debut album "Member of Immortal Damnation" re-issued con CD/ LP/ CASSETTE/ T-SHIRT to commemorate the 25th anniversary of this gem.

The band hasn't been very prolific playing outside of Finland; only one show in Madrid in October 2013 and next one will be at 2017's edition of the most respected and arguably the BEST extreme Metal & Grindcore festival in Europe which is OBSCENE EXTREME!!

To celebrate this new deal and this non-stopping 25-year brotherhood, a new T-Shirt design has been printed in a limited amount of 50 units which can be obtained here:

We'll keep you informed about developments on the future PURTENANCE mini CD and the 1st album's re-issue as they come in. In the meantime you can check the band's official Facebook site here:
HOLYCIDE 21.12.2016
Spanish thrashers HOLYCIDE have revealed a new song from their upcoming album "Annihilate... Then Ask!" after the advance track from October in form of a killer lyric-video ( This new song "Deserve to be Erased" is another slab of intense yet catchy and dynamic Thrash Metal, showing that there's still room for fresh ideas in this genre without sacrificing its true essence and not sounding like mere copycats.

"Annihilate... Then Ask!" will be released on 1st of February 2017 through Xtreem Music on CD, 12"LP, Cassette & T-shirt. You can visit HOLYCIDE's Facebook profile here: and you can listen to the new album advance track on the following links:
PANIKK 19.12.2016
Slovenian thrashers PANIKK have just finished the recordings of their 2nd album to be entitled "Discarded Existence" which will be released next 15th of March 2017 through Xtreem Music.

Cover artwork for "Discarded Existence" has again been made by killer artist Mario E. Lopez M. who also worked for bands like GRAVESITE, SKELETAL REMAINS, EVIL INVADERS, ANCIENT WISDOM, etc. and a teaser video has been released as an advance for this killer Thrash Metal monster album that will be enjoyed by any lover of bands like VIO-LENCE, DEMOLITION HAMMER, FORCED ENTRY, EXODUS, FORBIDDEN... which can be seen here:

You can be updated about the development of PANIKK's new album through the official band's Facebook here: In the meantime you can also listen to the entire band's debut album "Unbearable Existence" from 2013 and re-issued by Xtreem Music in 2014 here:
APOSENTO 16.12.2016
APOSENTO one of Spains most legendary Death Metal bands, are finalising details to enter studio in early 2017for the recording of their 2nd full length album that will be entitled "Bleed to Death" which will be again released through Xtreem Music.

The new album "Bleed to Death", that will feature their new vocalist Mark, who's in the band for a couple of years now, as well as new mambers Gabri (drums) and Sergio (guitar), will be sung in english (1st was in spanish) where they already advanced song titles like "Bleeding Flesh", "Partially Deceased Syndrome", "Cannibalistic Communion", "Maleficarvm" & "The Divine Art of Torture" and will follow the traditional Death Metal rooted in the old Florida scene in the vein of bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE, OBITUARY, DEICIDE, MASSACRE, etc.

APOSENTO released their homonymous debut album in May 2014 and here you can listen to it in its entirety:
For more information about the band, please visit their Facebook site here:
GUTTED 13.12.2016
Hungary's most brutal Death Metal export GUTTED, have released their very first professional video-clip ever in their 20-year career... and what a video!! Directed by Adrián Kollár and his team at Chrome Ball Studio with the leading role performed by the 6 years old child Csilla Hajnali, son of GUTTED's vocalist, the chosen song was "Deeper Than Hell" and it's an exceptional quality video that none of you should miss!!

"Martyr Creation" will be released next 20th of December 2016 through Xtreem Music in. You can visit GUTTED's Facebook profile here: and you can listen to another album track on the following links:
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