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The 3rd member of the Belgian Death Metal triarchy together with ABORTED & EMETH are no other than FRACTURED INSANITY, and the band is back and ready to unleash their 3rd album "Man Made Hell" for early 2016.

After the release of their 2010 album "Mass Awakeless" through Xtreem Music, FRACTURED INSANITY played intensively including an UK tour with AVULSED, but later on, the band saw the departure of two members (bass player & vocalist) getting Stefan Van Baal (ex-Upperhand, ex-Ordeal, ex-Blood Redemption) to take care of both duties thus FRACTURED INSANITY passed from 5 to a 4-piece band without loosing the slightest sight of their trademarked brutality.

2015 has seen FRACTURED INSANITY recording a 2-song promo demo (that you can listen on the links below) and in summer, the band started to record their 3rd album "Man Made Hell" that was just mixed and mastered again at famous polish Hertz Studios.

There's no release date for "Man Made Hell", but it should happen around February/ March 2016. As soon as we get the finished recording and cover artwork, we'll reveal it along with tracklist and a definite release date. In the meantime you can wisit the band's official Facebook here: and also listen to their 2-song Promo 2015 and check out a cool video footage of the drum recording at studio here:
- PROMO 2015 -
CENDRA 4.12.2015
Exactly one year after the release of their debut album, Satanic Punk Metal alcoholics CENDRA are going to release their sophomore album to be aptly entitled "Metal Punk" next 15th of January 2016.

Having gained a good reputation amongst the most nasty and despicable Punk Metal circles with their "Bastards 666" album, CENDRA is returning with 11 new songs still in the same tradition of evil, dirty & addictive blend of Thrash, Black and Punk, again recorded at Moontower Studios. Every lover of very early SODOM, SARCOFAGO, very early ONSLAUGHT, DISCHARGE and most recently bands like TOXIC HOLOCAUST or MIDNIGHT, will find in CENDRA one of Europe's best contenders to play in the 1st division of this genre.

Tracklist for for "Metal Punk" is as follows:

01. Maniac Homicida
02. Boig Perdut
03. Sadic
04. Resurreccio
05. Tu-Pa-Tu-Pa!!!
06. Antisocial
07. Metal Punk
08. Lliures
09. Rates
10. Anirem a L'infern
11. Sense Objectius

Release date for "Metal Punk" is set for 15th of December through Xtreem Music. You can wisit the band's official Facebook here: and also listen to an exclusive advance track from the album on the following links:
BIZARRE 25.11.2015
Spanish Death Metal newcomers BIZARRE, have signed to Xtreem Music for the release of their upcoming debut mini CD as well as their later albums.

Formed in summer 2015, BIZARRE is formed by members from other bands: Evilead (ELDERDAWN), Funedëim (FAMISHGOD, SVIPDAGR, MORKULV, ITNUVETH, DIS GOB), Uretra (ONIROPHAGUS) y Obszen (KUROI ONI) and have recently recorded a demo-track of the song "Moldy and Decomposed" that will be included on their 5-song debut EP “Inner Necropolis” to be recorded in January 2016 at famous Moontower Studios in Barcelona and artwork is being done by Raúl González.

The style of BIZARRE is a totally old school driven Death Metal that blends brutality and melody in equal parts and firmly rooted in the early 90's finnish scene with influences from bands like ADRAMELECH, DEMIGOD, DEMILICH, CARTILAGE... but adding some extra touches from bands like ANASARCA, INTESTINE BAALISM, GRAVE...

Release for "Inner Necropolis" should happen during spring 2016 and as soon as we have cover artwork and advance track, we'll reveal it along with a definite release date for this EP. In the meantime you can visit BIZARRES's official Facebook here: and also listen to their demo track "Moldy and Decomposed" (2015) on the following link:
FLESHGORE 18.11.2015
Ukrainian Brutal Deathmetallers FLESHGORE have inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their upcoming 5th studio album that will be released in early 2016 under the title of "Denial of the Scriptures".

Being one of Ukraine's most veteran Brutal Death Metal acts, FLESHGORE have unleahsed four full length albums, three EP's and two demos since their inception in the year 2000, perfectioning their relentless brand of Brutal Death pretty reminiscent of bands like SUFFOCATION, DYING FETUS, SEVERE TORTURE, PYREXIA...

"Denial of the Scriptures" is already recorded and will contain 9 new songs and perhaps some cover song as bonus. Cover artwork is being made by Seeming Watcher.

FLESHGORE are currently on tour through Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia together with KATASTROF from Israel, with the following dates:

FLESHGORE (ukr), KATASTROF (isr) + Support

12.11 - POL, Rzeszow, Klub Vinyl
13.11 - CZE, Trinec, Barrocko Club
14.11 - POL, Chorzow, Lesniczowska Rock’N’Roll Cafe
15.11 - CZE, Ostrava, Barrak Music Club
16.11 - POL, Bielsko-Biala, Club Rude Boy
17.11 - CZE, Praha, Exit-Us Club
18.11 - CZE, Ceske Budejovice, MC Fabrika
19.11 - SVK, Trnava, City Club Trnava
20.11 - CZE, Hodonin, Hudebni Club Nautilus
21.11 - SVK, Bratislava, Hudobny Klub u Ocka
22.11 - CZE, Brno, Melodka Club

Release for "Denial of the Scriptures" should happen during the first months of 2016 and as soon as we have cover artwork and advance track, we'll reveal it along with a definite release date for this album. In the meantime you can visit FLESHGORE's official Facebook here: and also listen to their latest EP "Domain of Death" (2014) on the following link:
THRASHFIRE 12.11.2015
Turkish Thrash Metal motherfuckers THRASHFIRE have inked a deal with Xtreem Music that includes the imminent release of their brand new mini CD and their upcoming albums.

Having released a demo in 2007 an EP in 2010 and their debut album "Thrash Burned the Hell" in 2011, THRASHFIRE, whose constant line-up changes were their main problem, are ready to crush our ears with their fucking intense brand of Speed/ Thrash Metal with their upcoming mini CD "Vengeance of Fire" featuring 4 new songs and two bonus from their demo '07. Lovers of the most relentless and intense Thrash Metal with influences like SLAYER, KREATOR, DARK ANGEL... will have a great time listening to THRASHFIRE, that's for sure!!

Tracklist for "Vengeance of Fire" is as follows:

1. Intro (Back to Ritual)
2. Vengeance of Fire
3. Thrash Assassinations of Rotten Streets
4. Chainsaw Metal
5. Silent Torture (Bonus - Demo 2007)
6. Kill the Fake God (Bonus - Demo 2007)

Release date for "Vengeance of Fire" is set for 20th of December through Xtreem Music. You can visit THRASHFIRE's official Facebook here: and you can listen to an exclusive advance track from the MCD on the following links:
Just when you thought that 2015 was slipping away leaving only one good Brutal Death album from one of the big names (only SKINLESS, but nothing from SUFFOCATION, PYREXIA, DYING FETUS, DEVOURMENT...), the long awaited comeback album from one of Europe's most veteran and Brutal Death Metal acts REINCARNATION is here to destroy you all!!

"The Beginning of the End" comes 18 years after their acclaimed debut "Void" from 1997 on Xtreem Music's former label Repulse Rec., and shows a much more mature band, still sounding in the good old tradition of 90's Brutal Death Metal bands, keeping all that spirit intact and not needing to turn into the Deathcore trend, proving what's the real deal!! All lovers of true 90's Brutal Death in the vein of SUFFOCATION, PYREXIA, SKELETON OF GOD, INTERNAL BLEEDING... will for sure worship this new REINCARNATION album as one of 2015's Brutal Death highlight!!

Album cover for "The Beginning of the End" was painted by genius Jeff Kahn, vocalist & guitarist in SKELETON OF GOD, who rarely does artwork for anybody and whilst the production of the album was handled by the band, mastering was made by Dave Rotten at his own Sanctuary Studios. REINCARNATION are finishing a video-clip for the opening track "The Streets Never Sleep" to be premiered in a couple of weeks!!

Tracklist for for "The Beginning of the End" is as follows:

1. Intro
2. The Streets Never Sleep
3. Hell Over Hell
4. The Beginning of the End
5. Reincarnation
6. Tattooing Soul
7. The Reflection of Hate
8. Fuck the System
9. Memories of a Lifetime

Release date for "The Beginning of the End" is set for 1sth of December through Xtreem Music. You can wisit the band's official Facebook clicking here ···>>> and also listen to an exclusive advance track from the album on the following links:
Greek technical Thrashers BENEFACTOR DECEASE will finally see their debut album "Anatomy of an Angel" released!! This work was supposed to see the light in summer 2013, but due to endless line-up problems that led to put the band on hold, this record was being constantly delayed.

Now this fucking masterpiece that "Anatomy of an Angel" is, will take the Thrash Metal scene by storm with this incredibly raging, furious yet technical and complex style that will for sure appeal to any lover of bands like CORONER, RIGOR MORTIS, DARK ANGEL, SLAYER, SADUS... Cover artwork for this incredible album was done by Andrei Bouzikov who created another killer visual concept.

Tracklist for for "Anatomy of an Angel" is as follows:

01. Intro - Intermental Excitation
02. Electrical Death
03. Chronicles of a Paraphiliak
04. Anatomy of an Angel
05. The Finest Form For Body Modification
06. Feeling the Razor's Touch
07. Abandonement to the Hanger
08. Subsistence For Regeneretic Impulse
09. Lyssa
10. A Blade in the Dark

Release date for "Anatomy of an Angel" is set for 20th of November through Xtreem Music. You can listen to an exclusive advance track from the album on the following links:
Here it comes!! Perhaps one of the best swedish Death Metal releases of the year!! Sweden's CORROSIVE CARCASS have recorded hell of an awesome 2nd album entitled "Forsaken Lands". Much better than their debut, this new effort shows the band in full maturity perpetuating the true essence of good old Death Metal made in Sweden!!

"Forsaken Lands" includes 10 songs with a fucking heavy production that blends brutal and crushing parts with excellent melodies and killer dual guitar work that will for sure please every fan of bands like GOD MACABRE, CARNAGE, MORPHEUS, NIHILIST, UTUMNO... Cover artwork has been made by top notch artist Juanjo Castellano who once again proves he's one of the best in its genre, if not the best!!

Tracklist for for "Forsaken Lands" is as follows:

01. Blood Ritual
02. The Ghoul
03. Prosecuted at Birth
04. ...and So She Dies (In Sacrifice)
05. Of the Flesh
06. The Seven Princes
07. Residual
08. Memories
09. The Prophet
10. Forsaken Lands

Release date for "Forsaken Lands" is set for 10th of November through Xtreem Music. You can visit CORROSIVE CARCASS' official Facebook here:
and you can listen to an exclusive advance track from the album on the following links:
HOLYCIDE 13.10.2015
Spanish Thrashers HOLYCIDE, leaded by Dave Rotten from AVULSED on vocals, have just launched their brand new video-clip from the song "No Escape" which is the opening track of their debut EP "Toxic Mutilation" released in February 2015 through Xtreem Music. The video was directed by Mikel Larequi who already worked on a video-clip for Dani Fernández (HOLYCIDE bass player) previous band CLOCKWORK.

The video can be seen here:

HOLYCIDE will be offering their 2nd live performance this saturday 17th of October in Madrid (We Rock Club) as guest band alongside with british band THE HERETIC ORDER, on the release party of KAOTHIC's brand new 2nd album "Lights and Shadows". You can also see a couple of HOLYCIDE live videos on the following links:

You can visit HOLYCIDE's official website here: and also check the band's previous video-lyric of the song "Apocalypse Riders" on the following link:
DESECRESY 7.10.2015
The 5th and last finnish Death Metal release on Xtreem Music for 2015 is none other than DESECRESY's 4th album entitled "Stoic Death". Having achieved a very personal and unique style within the heaviest realms of Death Metal with slight Doomy hints, DESECRESY offers a new dose in form of an 8-song album what digs deeper into their own eerie world blending these cryptic melodies with their lo-fi rotting sound that always pleased fans of bands like ABHORRENCE, BOLT THROWER, DERKETA, INCANTATION, ROTTREVORE...

Tracklist for for "Stoic Death" is as follows:

1. Remedies of Wolf's Bane
2. The Work of Anakites
3. Passage to Terminus
4. Abolition of Mind
5. Sanguine Visions
6. Funeral Odyssey
7. Cantillate in Ages Agone
8. Unantropomorph

Release date for "Stoic Death" is set for 1st of November through Xtreem Music. You can visit DESECRESY's official Facebook here: and you can listen to an exclusive advance track from the album on the following links:
TIBOSITY 5.10.2015
La banda española de Gore/Grind obsesionada con las grasas de la comida rápida TIBOSITY, ha firmado un acuerdo con Xtreem Music para regurgitar su 2º ataque de deglución colesterólica titulada "Bimbocracia" cuya amenaza sobre nuestra salud es inminente!!

TIBOSITY se formó en 2005 por Roger P. y Roger S., ambos de PESTA PORCINA y más tarde completados con Roger B. de INFECTED FLESH/ CHRIST DENIED. Su primer opus "Sweet Home Carbonara" fue editado en 2011 a través del sello checo Bizarre Leprous Prod. liberando una ingente cantidad de saturadas grasas auditivas en forma de un pesado, rítmico y aplastante Gore/ Grind que harían las delicias de fans de grupos como C.B.T., ROMPEPROP, GUTALAX, HYMEN HOLOCAUST, GUT y similares.

El menú de comida basura de "Bimbocracia" es el siguiente:

01. Associació de Tibosos Antivegans
02. En Karl Va al Gimnàs
03. Arre So Boche
04. Accidents Tibosos al Parc
05. Bimbocracia
06. Addictes al Pàdel i a l'Isostar
07. Cercle Viciós de Bulímia i Coprofàgia
08. Runner
09. Ofegat amb Donetes Nevats
10. Infortunis Tibosos al Parc Aquàtic
11. Keep on Dancing in a Fat World
12. Lapidat al Buffet Lliure de l'Àrea de
13. Mc Donald's Apocalypse
14. Surfin' Llobregat
15. Menú de Tres Plats, Postre i Cafè amb
16. La Maratón del Gordo

La fecha de excreción para "Bimbocracia" está prevista para el 20 de Octubre a través de Xtreem Music. Puedes visitar el Fecalbook oficial de TIBOSITY aquí: y también puedes escuchar 2 exclusivos temas de adelanto del álbum en los siguientes links:
PUTREVORE 14.9.2015
The new collection of rotting anthems by PUTREVORE, is ready to be unleashed upon mankind!! "Tentacles of Horror" is the title of this 3rd opus which shows the band heavier and more putrid than ever before (if that's possible!).

This time, "Tentacles of Horror" was completely mixed & mastered by Dave Rotten at his own Sanctuary Studios. achieving a truly heavy, thick and putrefact sound. Cover artwork was done once again by the awesome artist Juanjo Castellano creating a fucking masterpiece.

Track listing for "Tentacles of Horror" is as follows:

1. These Caverns Breed Filth
2. Unspeakable Madness Beckons
3. Gable Window Portal Pt. I
4. Gable Window Portal Pt. II
5. Through the Vortex to Aeons Past
6. The Rotten Crawls On
7. Hyperborean Dreams
8. A Maw Surrounded By Tentacles

Release date for "Tentacles of Horror" is set for 10th of October through Xtreem Music. You can visit PUTREVORE's official website here: and you can listen to an exclusive advance track from the album on the following links:
RAVENS CREED 28.8.2015
British crusty Death Metal soldiers RAVENS CREED have revealed full tracklist and cover art for their upcoming 3rd album "Ravens Krieg", as well as two advance tracks and definite release date.

RAVENS CREED's 3rd opus "Ravens Krieg", whose cover artwork was made by awesome greek artist Gerasimos Kolokas, is a merciless massacre containing 13 short (last song being 13 min. though!) shots of direct, fresh, intense and infectious Death Metal the old fashioned way with a Crust edge and a nasty sound inspired by bands like DEATH STRIKE, MASTER, VENOM, HELLHAMMER...

Track listing for "Ravens Krieg" is as follows:

01. Rock Cemetery
02. Palmer the Harmer
03. Jungle Justice
04. Riding the Pillock
05. Lecturn of Burning Swords Reversed
06. Victory in Defeat
07. VIP Treatment
08. Go Home
09. Bitten By Witch Fever
10. Brigade '77
11. Dirty Diary
12. While You Were Sleeping
13. Carrion Screaming

Release date for "Ravens Krieg" is set for 1st of October through Xtreem Music. You can visit RAVENS CREED's official website here: and you can listen to two exclusive advance tracks from the album on the following links:
AVULSED 17.8.2015
Spanish Death Metal masters AVULSED have revealed a new song from their upcoming EP in form of an official video-lyric of the track "Red Viscera Serology" that will be included in the "Altar of Disembowelment" 5-song EP.

The CD version will be released through Xtreem Music, while the vinyl version as a gatefold 10", will be done by greek label Screaming Victims Records. AVULSED is going to embark on their 5th European tour right after this release, together with italians NATRON & argentinians PRION.

"Altar of Disembowelment" is ready to be released through Xtreem Music in September 9th, 2015. You can visit AVULSED's Facebook profile here: and you can listen to another EP track on the following links:
It's time to reveal the cover artwork for germany's most rotting Death Metal band that have emerged in the last years. We're talking about CRYPTIC BROOD and their upcoming 4-song EP "Wormhead".

This new mini CD is the continuation of their debut demo in 2013 and their split album with GRAVEYARD GHOUL in 2014. On this new putrid offering, CRYPTIC BROOD delivers an even heavier sound through their three own songs and a very unique interpretation of SUFFOCATION's "Infecting the Crypts". This awesome cover, which clocks for over 6 minutes, has been twisted in a way that looks more like an AUTOPSY song!! In fact, CRYPTIC BROOD style could be definied as a bastard hybrid between Death & Doom heavily inspired by bands like AUTOPSY, WINTER, DERKETA, UNDERGANG, early ASPHYX, HELLHAMMER...

Track listing for "Wormhead" is as follows:

1. Temple of Pestilence
2. Gargling Vicious Mass
3. Infecting the Brood
4. Wormhead

Release date for "Wormhead" is set for 20th of September through Xtreem Music. You can visit CRYPTIC BROOD's official website here:
and you can listen to an exclusive advance track from the new EP on the following links:
From the inexhaustible swedish Death Metal school comes CORROSIVE CARCASS... a combo formed back in 2004 who already recorded a few demos and a debut album in 2012 entitled "Composition of Flesh", receiving good reactions from fans & medias. Now the band has inked a deal with Xtreem Music who will release their upcoming album.

"Forsaken Lands" is the title of this work which is already recorded and contains 10 songs of the most pure, genuine and unadultered swedish Death Metal we all know from late 80's and early 90's. All those who enjoy with the thick guitar sound and godly compositions of bands like GOD MACABRE, CARNAGE, MORPHEUS, NIHILIST, UTUMNO... will find on CORROSIVE CARCASS' sophomore album, an excellent slab of brutality mixed with killer melodies, helped by a killer production and much more mature compositions than on their debut.

Cover artwork is being done by already cult artist Juanjo Castellano that will for sure create another epic masterpiece!!

There's no release date for "Forsaken Lands" yet, but it'll happen sometime around November/ December 2015. As soon as we have cover artwork finished, we'll reveal it with full album tracklist and a full advance song as well as an exact release date. For now, please go visit CORROSIVE CARCASS' official Facebook here: and you also can listen to a teaser containing excerpts from a few album tracks right here:
PURTENANCE 28.7.2015
Already here the 4th album out of the 5 finnish Death Metal releases planned by Xtreem Music during 2015!! One of Finland's most legendary Death Metal bands, of course we're talking about PURTENANCE, have their 3rd album ready to go!!

We all know their classic 1992 album "Member of Immortal Damnation" and since their reformation in 2012, they have released an EP "Sacrifice the King" in that same year, followed by the fucking heavy, dark and deep 2013's "Awaken From Slumber". Now 2015 sees the band returning to their most classic 90's sound, with a neat and powerful production and fucking memorable songs that will for sure please every PURTENANCE fan!!

" Spread the Flame of Ancients" will be released right before the band's appearance at the Finnish Death Metal Maniacs Festival where they'll do a special show not only presenting this new album, but also playing old classics featuring original vocalist Timo Häyrinen as guest. Alongside with PURTENANCE there will be other label mates like DEMILICH, NECROPSY & AMPUTORY as well as many other killer and legendary finish bands you can see here:

Track listing for " Spread the Flame of Ancients" is as follows:

01. Invocatio
02. Perventio
03. Waiting to be Free
04. I, the Sacrificed
05. On the Far Side of Knowledge
06. Destroyed Human Mind
07. Blood Oath
08. Cornerstone of Insanity
09. Disseminated Death
10. The Unseen
11. Kaaos on Kanssamme (Chaos is with Us)

Release date for " Spread the Flame of Ancients" is set for 1st of September through Xtreem Music. You can visit PURTENANCE's official website here: and you can listen to an exclusive advance track from the new album on the following links:
AMPUTORY 24.7.2015
Finnish Death Metal new sensation AMPUTORY have unleashed an official video-clip of the song "Cleansing By the Blade" taken from their recently released debut album "Ode to Gore".

"Ode to Gore" was released through Xtreem Music in May 10th, 2015. You can visit AMPUTORY's Facebook profile here: and you can listen to an album track on the following links:
It was in 1992 when two promising bands from the swedish & finnish Death Metal scenes, released a split album, that now, 23 years later, it's one of the most cult splits ever released in the early 90's. Unfortunately, CARTILAGE never recorded anything after that and although ALTAR did a few demos later on, they disbanded shortly after.

But the legacy still lives here and this split album originally released through former Xtreem Music label Drowned Productions, gets a re-issue in form of a double CD with 7 bonus tracks by each band taken from their early demos, a total of 14 songs (60 min.) from each one.

All songs have been remastered (not remixed!) for an optimal sound, preserving the essence from the originals and this release comes with a new cover artwork, a remake of the original one made by cult finnish artist Turkka G. Rantanen. Of course, original cover art is included on the release and booklet comes with extra photos, flyers & demo covers to complete this cult re-issue. However, we know that purists won't be satisfied with this release, so they can always go and pay a fortune on eBay to get the original (if they can). No hard feelings! For the rest, here you have a new chance to get this gem in an improved and extended way at a reasonable price. A vinyl version with the original split album tracks, will follow in the future.

Release date for the ALTAR/CARTILAGE "Split Album" 2-CD is set for August 20th and in the meantime, you can listen to one track by each band on the following links:
CEREBRAL FIX 15.7.2015
Legendary british Crossover/ Thrash/ Punk pioneers CEREBRAL FIX will be entering Framework Studios in Birmingham on August 1st 2015 to record the band's fifth studio album to date, the first one in 23 years after their album "Death Erotica" in 1992.

Penned for an October/November 2015 release through Xtreem Music with a working title of "Disaster of Reality", the new album will feature new singer Al Osta (RAVENS CREED - Xtreem Music) and the return of Steve Watson on bass, also from RAVENS CREED, who already played in CEREBRAL FIX from '87-'89 together with Andy Baker (ex-SACRILEGE, VARUKERS, WARWOUND...) on drums along with original members Tony Warburton and Gregg Fellows on guitars. This means the old line-up that recorded their classic debut album "Life Sucks..." ('88) except former vocalist Simon Forrest who left the band in late 2014.

The album release will coincide with the band's appearance at Birmingham's FeatFest show in October 2015. As soon as recordings are finished and artwork is ready, we'll reveal both as well as settle a release date for the album, so stay tuned and check out CEREBRAL FIX's official website here: and you can listen to the two latest songs recorded by the band in 2014 for a split 7"EP featuring Simon Forrest on vocals right here:
- Never Say Never Again -
- Crucified World -
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