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ABSU - Absu
ABSU [Black/Thrash]  
Absu    (2009) [CD+DVD]  
Re-isue on CD+DVD of the 5th album from '09, after 8 years of silence, by this mythic and genius US Black/ Thrash band that follows its usual style and won't dissapoint any of their followers. The DVD includes a full show from '09 in Canada. [Slipcase]
Price:   12.95 €
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ACCEPT - Stalingrad
ACCEPT [Heavy Metal]  
Stalingrad    (2012) [CD+DVD]  
Limited edition on CD+DVD with slipcase and 1 bonus of the magnific 13th album by this german legend of pure Heavy Metal. IN better shape than ever!! The DVD features 5 live tracks from two shows in '10/'11 and two video-clips. [Slipcase]
Price:   14.95 €
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AGATHOCLES [Grindcore]  
Kanpai!!    (2012) [CD+DVD]  
11th studio album with 36 songs by this mythic Grindcore band from Belgium. Includes a bonus DVD of their performance at Asakusa Extreme Festival in Japan also with 36 songs. This is Grindcore!!
Price:   11.95 €
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Live at CBGB    (2006) [CD+DVD]  
Release on Dual-Disc (one side is CD and the other is DVD) of the great show that the band offered in '04 at the legendary CGBG club in New York. The audio side insludes 21 songs while the DVD includes 19. A great release in special box with some of the best songs by this mythic Hardcore/ Metal band from N.Y. [Superjewel Box]
Price:   11.95 €
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ALL SHALL PERISH - Awaken the Dreamers
ALL SHALL PERISH [Technical Death]  [Brutal Death]  [Deathcore]  
Awaken the Dreamers    (2008) [CD+DVD]  
Limited edition on CD+DVD Digipack of the 3rd album from '08 of this band that mixes a technical brutal Death with touches in the vein of DYING FETUS/ NECROPHAGIST with modern bands in the vein of CHIMAIRA, DEVILDRIVER, AS I LAY DYING... [Digipack]
Price:   12.95 €
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ANNATHEMA - Don't Go Down
ANNATHEMA [Thrash Metal]  [Heavy Metal]  
Don't Go Down    (1997) [CD+DVD]  
Re-issue of the 3rd album from '97 by this band from Serbia that plays a Speed/ Heavy/ Thrash Metal with influences from old bands like MOTORHEAD, VENOM, SEPULTURA, BLACK SABBATH... Includes a DVD recorded live in '06.
Price:   11.95 €
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ARCH ENEMY - Anthems Of Rebellion
ARCH ENEMY [Melodic Death]  
Anthems Of Rebellion    (2003) [CD+DVD]  
Release on CD+DVD of the 5th álbum from '03 of this incredible swedish band of aggressive and melodic Death Metal with a brutal female vocalist.
Price:   12.95 €
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AUTOPSY - Born Undead
AUTOPSY [Death Metal]  
Born Undead    (2012) [DVD]  
Official DVD of 5 hours featuring the documentary "A History of Horror" about the band's complete history, as well as their reunion show from Maryland Deathfest 2010 with 18 songs, three video-clips, footage, rehearsals, songs from other shows... Everything in a deluxe digibook with 24 pages booklet.
Price:   17.95 €
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AUTOPSY - Mental Funeral
AUTOPSY [Death Metal]  
Mental Funeral    (1991) [CD+DVD]  
Special 20th anniverary release on CD+DVD with slipcase of the 2nd album from '91 of this mythic Death Metal band, a true classic!! The DVD includes an 8-song show from Rotterdam '90 and a 13-song show from California '91. [Slipcase]
Price:   14.95 €
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AVULSED - Reanimating Russia 2007
AVULSED [Death Metal]  
Reanimating Russia 2007    (2007) [DVD]  
1st official DVD of the band recorded totally professional with 5 cameras and pro-sound!! 19 songs recorded live in Moscow on 26.05.2007. Includes songs from other bands that also played that day, photo galleries, footage, discography, etc... very complete!! 100 min.
Price:   14.95 €
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BELPHEGOR - Bondage Goat Zombie
BELPHEGOR [Death/Black]  
Bondage Goat Zombie    (2008) [CD+DVD]  
Limited eidtion on CD+DVD of the 8th album from '08 of this band from Austria that mixes a fast and brutal Death Metal strongly influenced by NILE & BEHEMOTH, with elements of Black a la MARDUK & DARK FUNERAL creating a truly infernal style!!
Price:   12.95 €
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BENIGHTED - Identisick
BENIGHTED [Brutal Death]  
Identisick    (2006) [CD+DVD]  
Release on CD+DVD of the 3rd album from '06 of this french band with a great production that plays a brutal, heavy and crushing Death Metal with a really guttural vocalist. Influences in the vein of BROKEN HOPE, FLESHGRIND, KRONOS, DYING FETUS, INIQUITY...
Price:   12.95 €
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2004 USA Tour    (2005) [DVD]  
Official DVD from the tour 2004 Brutal Domination with INTERNAL SUFFERING, INCINERATE, EMETH & STABWOUND. Includes live tracks from each band as well as Road footage, etc. 126 min.
Price:   17.95 €
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BRUTALITY REIGNS FEST. - 2011 Sevared Fest.
2011 Sevared Fest.    (2011) [DVD]  
DVD released by Sevared Rec. that includes 8 of the bands that played at the Brutality Reigns Fest. 2011 such as THE GURCHICK TREE, SHORT BUS PILE UP, ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE, VISCERAL DISGORGE, ABNORMALITY, SCAPHISM, PIG RECTUM and MALFORMED.
Price:   14.95 €
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CARDIAC ARREST - Haven for the Insane
CARDIAC ARREST [Death Metal]  
Haven for the Insane    (2010) [CD+DVD]  
Release on CD+DVD of the 3rdd album of this US band that plays a heavy old school Death Metal very influenced by swedish bands in the vein of PAGANIZER, CREMATORY, NECROPHOBIC (demos), UNLEASHED... but with blast beats!!
Price:   12.95 €
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CHILDREN OF BODOM [Melodic Death]  
Halo of Blood    (2013) [CD+DVD]  
Deluxe version on silver digipack with CD+DVD of the 8th album from '13 by this finnish band of melodic Death where they return to style of their early works. [Digipack]
Price:   15.95 €
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COYOTE BRUTAL FEST [Brutal Death]  [Gore Grind]  [Crust]  
#2    (2008) [DVD]  
2nd Festival of Coyote Records recorded in Moscow on 22.02.2008 with songs form the following 11 bands of Brutal Death Grind Gore Crust: Malignant Tumour (9), Mental Demise (3), Festerguts (2), Membro Genitali Befurcator (2), Septycopyemia (2), Duodildo Vibrator (3), Acetonizer (2), :Tremor (2), Surgeont (2), Fuck Your Depression (2) y Gadi (2) plus bonus videos!!
Price:   14.95 €
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CRADLE OF FILTH - Heavy Left Handed & Candid
CRADLE OF FILTH [Symphonic Black Metal]  
Heavy Left Handed & Candid    (2001) [DVD]  
Includes a show of 11 songs recorded in April '01 plus a documentary, various video-clips and a trailer of the movie "Cradle of Fear". [160 min.]
Price:   17.95 €
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CRADLE OF FILTH - Peace Through Superior Firepower
CRADLE OF FILTH [Symphonic Black Metal]  
Peace Through Superior Firepower    (2005) [DVD]  
Includes a show of 13 songs recorded in Paris in April '05 as well as a documentary and 6 video-clips plus photos.
Price:   17.95 €
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CRIPPLE BASTARDS - Blackmails and Assholism
Blackmails and Assholism    (2007) [DVD]  
Double official DVD. More than 6 hours that shows the history of this mythic italian Grindcore band!! Tons of live songs recorded in different shows, interviews, footage... Very complete!!
Price:   20.95 €
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