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New Arrivals (20.06.2017)
ASHCLOUD - Kingdom of the Damned
ASHCLOUD [Death Metal]  
Kingdom of the Damned    (2017) [CD]  
3rd album by this swedish band featuring Jonny Pettersson, vocalist in the legendary WOMBBATH. 10 songs of a heavy crusty Death Metal influenced by CARNAGE, VOMITORY, ENTOMBED, GOD MACABRE, BOMBS OF HADES, DISMEMBER...
-25% Price:   8.95 €
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New Arrivals (15.06.2017)
COFFEINNE - Circle of Time
COFFEINNE [Melodic Death]  [Heavy Metal]  
Circle of Time    (2017) [CD]  
1st album by this stunning spanish melodic Metal band influenced by many and different melodic Metal bands, mostly European, but with different styles such as classic Power Metal to modern Scandinavian melodic Death Metal. Lovers of bands like MERCENARY, MASTERPLAN, IN FLAMES, SYMPHONY X, ANUBIS GATE, DARK TRANQUILLITY... This will be your album of the year, no doubt!!
-25% Price:   8.95 €
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New Arrivals (12.06.2017)
APOSENTO - Bleed to Death
APOSENTO [Death Metal]  
Bleed to Death    (2017) [CD]  
2nd album by one of Spain's most legendary Death Metal bands. Way better than their debut in every aspect! Pure Death Metal wqith great production for lovers of CANNIBAL CORPSE, SINISTER, DEICIDE, MALEVOLENT CREATION, MASSACRE... [Digipack]
-25% Price:   9.95 €
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New Arrivals (08.06.2017)
BROKEN GRAVESTONES - Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie    (2011) [MCD]  
1st mini CD with 6 songs by this band featuring Kam Lee from MASSACRE on vocals together with one member from GRUESOME STUFF RELISH where they play a Horror Gore Death of pure early 90's swedish sound blending influences in the vein of NECRONY, BOLT THROWER, CARCASS, GENERAL SURGERY, IMPETIGO, HELLHAMMER...
-25% Price:   5.95 €
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CRUZ - Culto Abismal
CRUZ [Grind/Death]  [Crust]  
Culto Abismal    (2016) [CD]  
1st album by this spanish band that plays a mixture between Death, Grind, Crust & Punk with influences in the vein of WOLFPACK, WOLFBRIGADE, BOLT THROWER, GRAVE, DISCHARGE, ENTOMBED...
-25% Price:   8.95 €
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PURGATORY - Necromantaeon
PURGATORY [Death Metal]  [Death/Black]  
Necromantaeon    (2011) [CD]  
6th album from '11 by this german band, a fast and intense Death Metal in the vein of bands like BEHEMOTH, ANGEL CORPSE, BELPHEGOR, VADER, MORBID ANGEL... [Digipack]
-25% Price:   9.95 €
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PYREXIA - Sermon of Mockery
PYREXIA [Death Metal]  [Brutal Death]  
Sermon of Mockery    (1993) [CD]  
Official re-issue with the demo '92 "Liturgy of Impurity" & the EP from '95 "Hatredangeranddisgust" as bonus!! Undoubtedly one of the milestones within early 90's Brutal Death alongside with bands like SUFFOCATION, INTERNAL BLEEDING, DYING FETUS...
-25% Price:   11.95 €
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ROGASH - Malevolence
ROGASH [Death Metal]  
Malevolence    (2016) [CD]  
2nd album from '16 by this German band of heavy Death Metal with influences in the vein of early ILLDISPOSED, GOREFEST, GRAVE... [Digipack]
-25% Price:   9.95 €
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WACO JESUS - Mayhem Doctrine
WACO JESUS [Brutal Death]  [Grind/Death]  
Mayhem Doctrine    (2013) [CD]  
5th album from '13 by this killer US band of brutal Death with Grind touches. Somekind of DYING FETUS with touches a la NAPALM DEATH, MISERY INDEX, SKINLESS... a killer work!!
-25% Price:   8.95 €
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New Arrivals (01.06.2017)
DRÅP - Roten Tll Allt Ont
DRÅP [Grind/Death]  [Crust]  
Roten Tll Allt Ont    (2017) [CD]  
2nd album by this swedish band that plays a personal Crust/ Death/ Grind with even Black elements where they blend influences from bands like ROTTEN SOUND, SKITSYSTEM, ENTOMBED, DOOM, PORTAL, DISFEAR and even DEATHSPELL OMEGA...
-25% Price:   8.95 €
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New Arrivals (22.05.2017)
SOULSKINNER - Descent to Abaddon
SOULSKINNER [Death Metal]  
Descent to Abaddon    (2017) [CD]  
4th album by this greek band that plays a heavy and gloomy Death Metal with an ancient sound in the vein of bands like BOLT THROWER, very early SEPTIC FLESH, GOREFEST, ASPHYX...
-25% Price:   8.95 €
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New Arrivals (16.05.2017)
WIZARDS, THE - Full Moon in Scorpio
WIZARDS, THE [Heavy Metal]  
Full Moon in Scorpio    (2017) [CD]  
2nd album by this 70's Hard & Heavy Rock band from Spain influenced by acts like BLACK SABBATH, DANZIG, THE CULT, BLUE OYSTER CULT, PENTAGRAM, DEEP PURPLE, DIO, HORISONT, ELECTRIC WIZARD...
-25% Price:   8.95 €
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New Arrivals (10.05.2017)
ANIALATOR - Mission of Death
ANIALATOR [Thrash Metal]  
Mission of Death    (2017) [CD]  
Official re-issue of all demos & EP's from '87 to '90 by this legendary Thrash Metal band from Texas for any lover of 80's stuff in the vein of SLAYER, DARK ANGEL, early DEVASTATION (tx) and the likes.
-25% Price:   8.95 €
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New Arrivals (04.05.2017)
VHÄLDEMAR - Old King's Visions
VHÄLDEMAR [Heavy Metal]  
Old King's Visions    (2017) [MCD]  
Brand new 5-track Digipack EP which is a limited collector’s release as an appetizer for their upcoming 5th full length album "Against All Kings" to be released next month of October.
Price:   5.95 €
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New Arrivals (03.05.2017)
EXCALIBUR - Humo Negro
EXCALIBUR [Heavy Metal]  
Humo Negro    (2017) [CD]  
3rd album by this legendary spanish Heavy/Rock band formed in 1984, a fresh dose of purity and honesty that perfectly captures the true essence of 80's spanish bands.
-25% Price:   8.95 €
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New Arrivals (02.05.2017)
ERUPTION - Cloaks of Oblivion
ERUPTION [Thrash Metal]  
Cloaks of Oblivion    (2017) [CD]  
3rd album by this great band from Slovenia, that plays a killer blend of US Power & Heavy Metal in the vein of SANCTUARY, HELSTAR & VICIOUS RUMORS, with their usual Bay Area Thrash Metal a la FORBIDDEN, VIO-LENCE, DEATH ANGEL... killer production, excellent vocalist, awesome cover art... a killer album!!
-25% Price:   8.95 €
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