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DEATH STRIKE - Fuckin' Death
DEATH STRIKE [Death Metal]  
Fuckin' Death    (1991) [12" MLP]  
Vinyl re-issue on of the 1st and only album from '91 by this US band that emerged in '84 alongside with MASTER with Paul Speckman as mainman. Pure old school Death Metal in the vein of MASTER and where DEATH took good inspiration!! A true classic!!
Price:   12.95 €
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DEATH VOMIT - Gutted by Horrors
DEATH VOMIT [Death Metal]  
Gutted by Horrors    (2014) [CD]  
1st album by this chilean band that plays an horrific, grotesque and putrid Death Metal in the old school style with influences from bands like TREBLINKA, MEGASLAUGHTER, NECROVORE, CARBONIZED, GROTESQUE, PURTENANCE, MERCILESS...
-25% Price:   8.95 €
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DECAYING PURITY - Malignant Resurrection of the Fallen Souls
DECAYING PURITY [Brutal Death]  
Malignant Resurrection of the Fallen Souls    (2014) [CD]  
3rd album of this turkish band of pure brutal Death in the vein of the 1st DECREPIT BIRTH DISGORGE (usa), DISAVOWED, SUFFOCATION...
-25% Price:   8.95 €
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DEFACED CREATION - Serenity in Chaos
DEFACED CREATION [Death Metal]  [Brutal Death]  
Serenity in Chaos    (1999) [CD]  
Re-issue of the only album from '99 by this swedish band that plays a brutal Death Metal very much in the vein of LUCIFERION, DEICIDE, INFESTDEAD and a lot of CANNIBAL CORPSE.
-25% Price:   8.95 €
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DEMONA - Speaking with the Devil
DEMONA [Thrash Metal]  
Speaking with the Devil    (2014) [CD]  
2nd album by this chilean band with female vocalist that plays an old school Speed/ Thrash Metal pretty much in the vein of ACID, early ZNÖWHITE, S.D.I., WARRANT...
-25% Price:   8.95 €
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DEVANGELIC - Resurrection Denied
DEVANGELIC [Brutal Death]  
Resurrection Denied    (2014) [CD]  
1st album by this italian band featuring ex-members of CORPSEFUCKING ART that plays a Brutal Death in the purest tradition of bands like DISGORGE (usa), PUTRIDITY, GORGASM, DEFEATED SANITY...
-25% Price:   8.95 €
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DIABOLIC - Excisions of Exorcisms
DIABOLIC [Death Metal]  
Excisions of Exorcisms    (2010) [CD]  
5th album, 7 years after theirprevious, more intense, brutal and fast than ever!! A Great work of brutal and diabolic Death Metal with influences in the vein of ANGEL CORPSE, IMMOLATION, HATE ETERNAL, MORBID ANGEL, BEHEMOTH...
-25% Price:   9.95 €
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DIFENACUM - Generando Basura
DIFENACUM [Grind/Death]  
Generando Basura    (2013) [CD]  
6th album from '13 of this legendary spanish band of pure Grindcore in the vein of NASUM/ NAPALM DEATH. 27 relentless songs, more intense than ever!!
-25% Price:   8.95 €
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EP's Collection    (2012) [CD]  
Re-issue on CD of ths seven 7"EP's released by mexican label Distorted Harmony Rec. between 90-92:
CARCASS "Live Bradford 15-11-89" ('90)
CENOTAPH "Tenebrous Apparitions" ('90)
CARNAGE "Live Stockholm 4-11-89" ('90)
TRAUMATIC "The Morbid Act..." ('91)
THOU SHALT SUFFER "Open..." ('91)
ETERNAL DARKNESS "Eternal Darkness" ('92)
SHUB NIGGURATH "Blasphemies..." ('92)
-25% Price:   9.95 €
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DYING OUT FLAME - Shiva Rudrastakam
DYING OUT FLAME [Death Metal]  
Shiva Rudrastakam    (2014) [CD]  
Astonishing debut album by this unique band from Nepal that plays a ferocious and brutal Death Metal influenced by NILE, KRISIUN, DEICIDE, HATE ETERNAL... but mixed with vedic chants and ancient period of hinduism.
-25% Price:   8.95 €
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