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HELLWITCH - Omnipotent Convocation
HELLWITCH [Death Metal]  
Omnipotent Convocation    (2009) [T-Shirt]  
Short Sleeve, 2 Sides, Full Colour.
Front: HELLWITCH logo + cover of the album "Omnipotent Convocation" + title.
Back: HELLWITCH logo + pentagram made with pills (OC 80) + " Got Luminance?".
-20% Price:   8.95 €
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Talla MTalla L
HERETIC, THE - Gospel Songs in E Minor
HERETIC, THE [Melodic Death]  [Technical Death]  [Death/Black]  
Gospel Songs in E Minor    (2005) [CD]  
3rd album of this awesome spanish band of high-class symphonic Black/ Death!! Lovers of bands like ARCTURUS, COVENANT, EMPEROR and even DEATH & DISSECTION will find this a must have!! Top quality design, production and musicianship!!
-20% Price:   8.95 €
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HERETIC, THE - Memorandum (1997-2007)
HERETIC, THE [Melodic Death]  [Technical Death]  [Death/Black]  [Symphonic Black Metal]  
Memorandum (1997-2007)    (2010) [CD]  
CD limited to 500 copies release to commemorate the reunion shows that the band is doing during 2010 in Spain and will only be available on these shows and through the Xtreem Music mailorder catalogue. A CD that includes 16 of the best songs from the 3 albums as well as 2 live by this genius spanish band of melodic, progressive and symphonic Black/ Death in the vein of bands like ARCTURUS, EMPEROR, COVENANT, BORKNAGAR...
-20% Price:   8.95 €
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HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL [Death Metal]  [Brutal Death]  [Grind/Death]  
Gorefilia    (2012) [CD]  
Absolutely astonishing 3rd opus by this portuguese band of the most punishing Brutal Death/ Grind/ Gore. 18 songs with a great production and a repulsive presentation, perfect for lovers of bands like ABORTED, CANNIBAL CORPSE, early DERANGED, NAPALM DEATH, SUFFOCATION, CARCASS...
-20% Price:   8.95 €
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HOLYCIDE - Toxic Mutation
HOLYCIDE [Thrash Metal]  
Toxic Mutation    (2015) [MCD]  
1st mini CD by this band featuring Dave Rotten (AVULSED) on vocals with 6 songs of an intense and aggressive Thrash Metal for lovers of bands like DARK ANGEL, INFERNAL MAJESTY, ATROPHY, CORONER, SACRIFICE, SEPULTURA (beneath)... Includes a cover of DARK ANGEL!!
-20% Price:   5.95 €
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HOLYCIDE - Toxic Mutation
HOLYCIDE [Thrash Metal]  
Toxic Mutation    (2015) [Cassette]  
Pro-printed cassette version limited to 100 copies of the 1er EP de esta banda con Dave Rotten (AVULSED) a la voz con 6 temas de un intenso y agresivo Thrash Metal para amantes de grupos como DARK ANGEL, INFERNAL MAJESTY, ATROPHY, CORONER, SACRIFICE, SEPULTURA (beneath)... Incluye una versión de DARK ANGEL!!
Price:   4.95 €
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HOLYCIDE - Toxic Mutation
HOLYCIDE [Thrash Metal]  
Toxic Mutation    (2015) [T-Shirt]  
Short Sleeve, 2 Sides, 2 Colours.
-20% Price:   11.95 €
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Talla L
HOLYCIDE [Thrash Metal]  
Toxic Mutation [CASSETTE + SHIRT]    (2015) [Combo CD + TS]  
Combo at special price which includes the Cassette "Toxic Mutation" + T-Shirt.
See individual descriptions of each product for more details.
Price:   14.95 €
   + Info    
Talla L
HOUR OF PENANCE - Disturbance
HOUR OF PENANCE [Brutal Death]  
Disturbance    (2003) [CD]  
1st album from '03 by this italian band that plays an ultra-brutal and fast Death Metal influenced by bands like HATE ETERNAL, NILE, GORGASM, MISERY INDEX... 10 songs with a killer production!!
-20% Price:   8.95 €
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HOUR OF PENANCE - Pageantry for Martyrs
HOUR OF PENANCE [Brutal Death]  
Pageantry for Martyrs    (2005) [CD]  
2nd album from '05 of this totally awesome italian band!! Their debut was a must, but this 2nd effort crushes everything on its path!! A perfect mixture of HATE ETERNAL & NILE but performed in a masterly way with a killer production!!
-20% Price:   8.95 €
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HUMAN MINCER - Devoured Flesh
HUMAN MINCER [Brutal Death]  
Devoured Flesh    (2005) [CD]  
After their highly acclaimed debut, this spanish foursome returns with an incredible album of pure brutal Death Metal that has nothing to envy to bands like SUFFOCATION, GORGASM, DISGORGE (usa)... You'll have to hear it to believe it!!
-20% Price:   8.95 €
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HUMAN MINCER - Embryonized [+Demos]
HUMAN MINCER [Brutal Death]  
Embryonized [+Demos]    (2002) [CD]  
10th anniversary re-issue of the 1st album of this incredible band from Spain of pure brutal Death in a similar level to any american band!! Brutal and heavy production!! If you like bands like DISGORGE (usa), BRODEQUIN, DEVOURMENT, SUFFOCATION, PYREXIA... Includes the demos '99 & '01 as bonus as well as new layout!!
-20% Price:   8.95 €
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HUMAN WASTE - Harvest Remnants
HUMAN WASTE [Death Metal]  
Harvest Remnants    (2015) [CD]  
Re-issue of the thre first demos (their best stuff) from '91/'92/'93 by this legendary spanish band of intense, corrosive and twisted Death Metal. Includes liner notes, lyrics, covers, photos, flyers... For lovers of bands like GORGUTS, MORBID ANGEL, PESTILENCE, SUFFOCATION, MASSACRA, VOIVOD, OBITUARY...
-20% Price:   8.95 €
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