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ABOMINABLE PUTRIDITY - The Anomalies of Artificial Origin
The Anomalies of Artificial Origin    (2012) [12" LP]  
Vinyl version with different cover art of the 2nd album from '12 by this russian band featuring Matti Way (ex-DISGORGE) on vocals, of super-heavy and ultra-guttural brutal Death in the vein of bands like DEVOURMENT, DISGORGE (usa), GUTTURAL ENGORGEMENT, DEFEATED SANITY, CEPHALOTRIPSY...
Price:   11.95 €
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AD PATRES - Scorn Aesthetics
AD PATRES [Death Metal]  [Brutal Death]  
Scorn Aesthetics    (2012) [12" LP]  
Vinyl version of the 1sy album from '12 by this french band that plays an intense and brutal Death Metal with influences in the vein of SUFFOCATION, NILE, HATE ETERNAL, HOUR OF PENANCE...
Price:   11.95 €
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BLOOD RED THRONE - Brutalitarian Regime
BLOOD RED THRONE [Death Metal]  [Brutal Death]  
Brutalitarian Regime    (2011) [12" LP]  
Vinyl version in orange wax of the 6th album from '11 by this norwegian band of heavy and brutal Death in the vein of CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEICIDE, MALEVOLENT CREATION, DECAPITATED, DEATH...
Price:   12.95 €
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CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN [Brutal Death]  [Grind/Death]  
Human Harvest    (2003) [12" LP]  
Vinyl version with diferent cover art of the 3er album del '03 of this original, brutal, technical and twisted american band of brutal Death/ Grind with touches in the vein of CEPHALIC CARNAGE, DEVOURMENT... 19 songs really varied, fast, heavy, brutal, aggressive, hysteric...
Price:   9.95 €
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DISAVOWED - Perceptive Deception
DISAVOWED [Brutal Death]  
Perceptive Deception    (2001) [12" LP]  
Vinyl version on red wax withblack splatter of the 1st album from '01 by this Dutch band, in the vein of PYAEMIA, so very similar to SUFFOCATION style, but faster... more in the vein of DEEDS OF FLESH. A real tornado!!
Price:   14.95 €
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GOREROTTED - Mutilated in Minutes
GOREROTTED [Brutal Death]  
Mutilated in Minutes    (2000) [12" LP]  
Re-issue on picture-LP with 3 bonus of the 1st album from '00 of this ultra-brutal british band that plays a mixture of brutal Death with Gore/ Grind elements. Just imagine an hybrid between ABORTED, ETERNAL SUFFERING and EXHUMED!!
Price:   12.95 €
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HOUR OF PENANCE - [clear] Disturbance
HOUR OF PENANCE [Brutal Death]  
[clear] Disturbance    (2003) [12" LP]  
Limited edition to 200 copies on transparent vinyl with full colour insert and heavy jacket of the awesome debut of this italian band that plays an ultra-brutal and fast Death Metal influenced by bands like HATE ETERNAL, NILE, GORGASM, MISERY INDEX... 10 songs with a killer production!! This band will become the kings of european brutal Death!! (Licensed by Osmose Prod.)
Price:   11.95 €
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MISERY INDEX - Pulling Out the Nails
MISERY INDEX [Brutal Death]  [Grind/Death]  
Pulling Out the Nails    (2010) [2x12”LP]  
Release in 2-LP with noble gatefold cover and 180gr. vinyl with all the non-album tracks from '01 to '08. A total of 30 songs taken from their split CD's, 7"EP's, some live and cover songs. Comes with a deluxe packaging!!
Price:   16.95 €
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SEVERE TORTURE - Misanthropic Carnage
SEVERE TORTURE [Brutal Death]  
Misanthropic Carnage    (2002) [12" LP]  
Vinyl version in 180gr. wax of the 2nd album from '02 of this ultra-brutal band from Holland that goes pretty much in the vein of bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE, SUFFOCATION, MALEVOLENT CREATION, VILE, MONSTROSITY...
Price:   12.95 €
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SKELETON OF GOD - Primordial Dominion
SKELETON OF GOD [Technical Death]  [Brutal Death]  
Primordial Dominion    (2008) [12" LP]  
Vinyl re-issue of the of the only album from '08 by this legendary US band ("Bleached in the Sun" wasn't an album although it's wrongly stated in some places) that played a weird, twisted and psychodelic Brutal Death like only SKELETON OF GOD played.
Price:   11.95 €
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TRAUMATOMY - Transcendental Evisceration of Necrogenetic Beasts
TRAUMATOMY [Brutal Death]  
Transcendental Evisceration of Necrogenetic Beasts    (2013) [12" LP]  
Vinyl version of the 1st album from '13 by this band formed by one member from japanese GOREVENT and two from russians DISFIGUREMENT OF FLESH where they play an ultra-guttural Slam Brutal Death only for lovers of CEPHALOTRIPSY, WAKING THE CADAVER, GUTTURAL ENGORGEMENT, VULVECTOMY...
Price:   11.95 €
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