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THE HERETIC 15.6.2010
With big sorrow we must announce that on past 13th of June, our great friend, drummer and leader (without doubt) of the band THE HERETIC, Cristobal, died in his flat due to a fortuitous home accident. It was yesterday, day 14th, when his flat-mate found his lifeless body and all his nearest people knew about this tragic event.

From XTREEM MUSIC we're deeply affected by this loss, since Cristobal wasn't only a great musician, but above all, a more than excellent person of great human quality that only left friends wherever he went. Anyone who had the pleasure of dealing personally with him, can only say good things about Cristobal and for us, whose relationship dates since more than 13 years ago, it's a shock having lost such a great musician and comrade.

We want to give our deepest condolence to his family, friends and specially his brothers in THE HERETIC (Juan Carlos, Fernando, Javier & Raul), band thanks to which Cristobal can be more than proud of being able to leave an indelible legacy of the highest quality through all their recordings and shows. Needless to say that the reunion show that the band were preparing for the next months where they would present their most recent release "Memorandum (1997-2007)", released just 2 months ago, won't take place and the future of the band remains more uncertain than ever.

The rest of members of the band are still very affected with this shocking loss, so they haven't been able to update their official website, but anyone who wish to leave their last words to Cristobal, can do it through:
DANTALION 24.5.2010
XTREEM MUSIC is proud to announce the signing of one of Spain's most prominent Black Metal bands called DANTALION. After having released two albums in '06 & '08 through german label Det Germanske Folket and having gained a respectful reputation, the band has now finished the recordings for their 3rd full length entitled "All Roads Lead to Death" which will be released in October 2010.

This new album was recorded at Oceano Studios & BV2 Studios and then mastered in Sweden at famous Unisound Studios by Dan Swano. "All Roads Lead to Death" has an excellent and original cover art as well as a great overall layout and means a definite improvement in the band's musical direction of aggressive yet melodic and melancholic Black Metal displaying 8 mature and varied compositions in a total of 56 minutes with the following song titles:

DANTALION1. Only Ashes Remains
2. Bleackness
3. Walking to Eternity
4. Claws of Pestilence
5. My Last Breath
6. Thought of Desolation
7. Scorn
8. Gloom and Failure

Until the release of this album in October, the band & Xtreem Music will be working on the pre-promotion of this work. At the moment you can actually listen to an advance on the band's official MySpace at:
OUIJA 4.5.2010
Spain's most legendary Black Metal band OUIJA have recently reformed featuring original vocalist Midgard and guitarist Map (founder and amin writer) together with three members from SPELLCRAFT: Fulgur (drums), Aldromk (bass) and Murcilag (guitar). The band just signed a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the release of their upcoming mini CD due to come out in fall 2010 and their long awaited 2nd full length album for 2011.

OUIJA released their debut album "Riding Into the Funeral Paths" back in 1997 on XTREEM MUSIC's former label REPULSE RECORDS and soon reached a high status as one of Spain's pioneer and most relevant Black Metal acts making of this album a true cult one!! The band later recorded a 2nd album which remained unfinished and wasted due to some circumstances and also provoked by the band's split-up. Ever since, vocalist Midgard has been working with also Black metallers SPELLCRAFT and it was in late '09 when he & Map decided to resurrect OUIJA ten years later and stronger than ever!!

The band is currently working on 4 new songs that will be recorded in later summer for a winter release and will mark the triumphant return of this mythic band whose Black Metal of ancient taste as well as personal, has been matured for years in the depths of hell. If you were living in another world or been shut away in a monastery and never heard about OUIJA before, then we recommend you to visit their offician MySpace to listen some songs of their legendary debut album as well as some songs from that unreleased 2000's album:
Belgium's darkest and most brutal Death Metal outfit FRACTURED INSANITY have inked a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the release of their upcoming second album which is actually being recorded in Poland at famous Hetrz Studios known for producing such killer bands like VADER, ABORTED, KRONOS, BEHEMOTH, SEVERE TORTURE, DECAPITATED, MENTAL DEMISE and countless others. The continuation to their 2007's debut album "When Mankind Becomes Diseased" (Goregiastic Rec.) will be entitled "Mass Awakeless" and will feature the band's new singer Fafa which will give the band one more twist on their already fucking intense, technical, dark and massive brutal Death Metal which perfectly blends influences from bands like NILE, IMMOLATION, HOUR OF PENANCE, SUFFOCATION, HATE ETERNAL, MORBID ANGEL...

"Mass Awakeless" is due to hit your neurones in late summer 2010 and since the band is currently in the recording process until May, we can't listen to any new song yet, but as soon as it's finished you'll be able to hear some advance tracks at their official MySpace where you can actually taste some doses of their acclaimed debut album:
RATO RARO 14.4.2010
RATO RARO, one of Spain's most veteran Grindcore bands (existing since '92) has come to an agreement with XTREEM MUSIC for the release of the band's long awaited 2nd full length album "AcideTHC".

The band has been very active their 2003's debut album, not only playing live both in Spain & Portugal, but also organzing countless shows for foreign and national acts whenever they stepped near their realms (Palencia), achieving a respected status within the iberian Grindcore scene.

"AcideTHC" contains 18 songs of a bizarre old fashioned free-style drug-induced Grindcore difficult to compare to any band in concrete due to their wide range of influences not limited to Grind, but also with a Crust & Death touch, but if we should place them in any league, they would be alongside with bands like CRIPPLE BASTARDS, AGATHOCLES, early NAPALM DEATH, ROT, early CARCASS...

RATO RARO's 2nd album is scheduled for imminent release during the first half of May. Don't hesitate to visit the band's official MySpace to hear some songs from their upcoming grinding opus at:
OMISSION 10.3.2010
XTREEM MUSIC is proud to announce the addition to their ranks of one of the best and most promising Thrash Metal acts from the Spanish scene which is no other than OMISSION. Formed back in 2002, they haven been gaining experience and a solid reputation through their three demos and powerful live performances until the release of their debut full-length album "Thrash Metal is Violence" by the end of 2009 on limited self-financed release of 500 copies.

Now this 1st run is sold out and the band has secured a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the re-issue of this album including two unreleased live bonus tracks taken from the same show featured on their split LP with germans OLD

OMISSION defines their style as "Satanicspeed Thrash Metal" and claim the following bands as their influences: Venom, Possessed, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Destruction, Kreator, Sodom... which can easily be heard on their debut full length album to be re-issued by April 15th.

In the meantime, if you're into old fashioned Speed/ Thrash Metal with a real attitude and true feeling, don't hesitate to visit their official MySpace to experience why "Thrash Metal is Violence".
AVULSED 9.3.2010
Spanish new brutal Death sensation has a name and it's THE MURDER INDUSTRY!! After releasing their debut mini CD "Man Devour the Man" in 2009, the band catched the attention of XTREEM MUSIC and signed a deal for the release of their debut album which is already recorded for an imminent release by mid March 2010.

"Death Motivation" is the title of THE MURDER INDUSTRY's debut full length and includes 8 songs with an awesome production made by the talented spanish producer Eric Monsonis who already did a splendid job on AGGRESSION's debut. "Death Motivation" has one of the best productions ever to be heard on a spanish band, it's simply astonishing!! So fucking heavy, tight and brutal!!! This, combined with the band's crushing brand of brutal Death rooted in the old tradition of bands like SUFFOCATION, KILLING ADDICTION, DYING FETUS, CANNIBAL CORPSE, NILE and a truly bzarre vocalist, makes of this debut album one of the hilights for the year 2010 within the spanish scene.

Don't hesitate th listen to the three new tracks that the band has posted on their official MySpace:
Florida's heaviest Death Metal legend KILLING ADDICTION are about to see, 16 years after their latest release, a new CD coming out on XTREEM MUSIC!! "Fall of the Archetypes" includes 6 new songs plus 5 bonus which are the ones featured on that mega-rare split cassette release in 1994 under the name of "Dark Tomorrow". Both recordings makes a 11-song full-length release that will serve as a perfect link from their old and new stuff, pretty much in the same vein, but with way better performance and production.

KILLING ADDICTION plays a fucking heavy and brutal Death Metal blending elements that could remind to bands like SUFFOCATION, CARCASS, INCANTATION, BOLT THROWER, MORBID ANGEL... creating a unique sound that has characterized the band's style since their inception in 1988.

Later on, still undetermined, the band will see their debut album "Omega Factor" ('93) re-issued, also through XTREEM MUSIC, along with their previous "Necrosphere" [7"EP/'91] & "Legacies of Terror" [Demo '90] as bonus.

Release schedule for "Fall of the Archetypes" is planned for the first days of March 2010. In the meantime, please visit the band's official MySpace to listen a couple of new songs at:
AVULSED 12.11.2009
Parece mentira... cómo pasa el tiempo!! Hace ya 3 años y medio desde que AVULSED tocó en Madrid por última vez!! Fue aquel concierto con SINISTER en Marzo del 2006 y ya ha llovido desde entonces!!

Aprovechando la reciente edición del nuevo álbum "Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-mutilation)", la banda estará presentando dicho trabajo junto a los también madrileños SECOND SILENCE y THIRTEEN BLEED PROMISES.

AVULSED presentará un extenso repertorio con un buen número de nuevos temas, así como algunos de sus ineludibles clásicos, todo ésto ofrecido con lo que sin duda es la más compacta y experimentada alineación que hace que sus conciertos sean más arrolladores que nunca conjuntando una brutalidad, técnica y contundencia sólo posible tras haber pateado escenarios de todos el mundo!! No os perdáis además la gran cantidad de nuevo merchandise que habrá disponible para éste concierto, algunos artículos serán sorprendentes!!

SECOND SILENCE practican un agresivo Metal/Hardcore lleno de intensidad, blasts y un encabronamiento natural que hará de su actuación una auténtica masacre!! Por otro lado THIRTEEN BLED PROMISES, cuyo estilo podría clasificarse como Brutal Deathcore con ritmos pesados, desquiciados blasts con variadas voces agresivas y ultra-guturales que no sólo sorprenderán a cualquier asistente, sino que los dejará "patascagás" con su brutalidad!!

Para éste evento tan especial, AVULSED se ha decidido por contar con dos bandas de estilos claramente diferentes a su clásico Death Metal, aunque siempre seguros de que lo que predominará será la caña y la brutalidad sobre el escenario. No habrá sobre-saturación de Death, ni aburriminento, éso os lo garantizamos!!

A todo ésto podríamos añadir que, según qué factores se den, ésta podría ser la última vez que AVULSED toque de manera oficial en Madrid, ciudad en la que sólo ha tocado 4 veces en los últimos 8 años. Seguro que hace mínimo 3 años y medio que no ves a AVULSED en Madrid, y seguro que no los volverás a ver en los próximos 3 años al menos, o quizá nunca más, quién sabe!! Te lo vas a perder??

No faltéis, cabrones!! No nos falléis, hay que liarla parda!!
AGGRESSION 28.10.2009
One month after releasing the new album called "Moshpirit", the spaniards are ready to start the promoting tour of his debut called "MoshpiriTour". This tour will take the band to the most important cities inside of Spain and will last from winter 2009 to Mid 2010.

There are still some dates to confirm, but these are the ones confirmed so far:

Saturday 7 Noviembre – Zaragoza - Sala Ultimátum w/ Death Over Threat, Demonished Friday 4 Diciembre – Bilbao – Sala Bilborock Saturday 5 Diciembre - TBA Saturday 19 Diciembre – Barcelona – Sala Mephisto w/ Decapitated Christ, Asphyxion + banda por confirmar Saturday 16 Enero – Madrid – Sala Ritmo y Compás w/ Unsouled, Rancor + banda por confirmar Saturday 6 Febrero – Badajoz – Centro de Ocio Contemporáneo w/ Sheratan Saturday 20 Febrero – Murcia – III Heavy Metal Espectros Fest Saturday 13 Marzo – TBA Saturday 20 Marzo – Valencia – Sala XY

Finally, after 4 years of hard work, sees the light the expected full lenght of the Spanish Thrash Metal band Aggression. "MoshPirit" is already available to buy it from any place of the world.

All the people interested in buying a copy of the album, have some options to buy it:

- Contacting and buying it directly to the band, sending an e-mail with the complete personal information (complete name and address) to We send worldwide.

- Through Xtreem Music's mail order (, where you can buy your copy from any place of the world.

- In your regular record store, doing a reserve of the album to the label (Xtreem Music).

Very soon will be available a very limited edition of "Moshpirit" shirts, with the cover of the album, that we'll remind that was done by the legendary north american ilustrator Ed Repka (Megadeth, Death, Venom, Vio-lence...) for first time in a Spanish band.

Let's remind that "Moshpirit" was produced by the young Spanish productor Erik Monsonís and recorded in Axtudio (Barcelona). The album have a bonus track, with the special collaboration of Jani Pihlman on the lead guitar.

To know more about Aggression and to listed two tracks of the new album, we invite you to go to their myspace (
AVULSED 20.10.2009
Although it's been already two weeks since AVULSED returned back from their European tour, we've been just recovering and getting back on track, so now it's time to thank everybody that attended to our shows in all countries we played such as Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Croatia, Slovakia & Slovenia. The last three shows, along with the one in Brosserlach (ger) were definitely the best & craziest ones!! We really enjoyed sharing the stages with our brutal friends in EMETH and our sick brothers from GRIMNESS 69. Thanx for everything and see you soon!!

Soon we'll be back around Europe, and the first show coming up is a Festival in the very south of Belgium (Izel) in late January. Many more European shows will follow and of course we're quite busy playing all over the spanish territory, including the two upcoming shows in the canary islands!!

New merchandise is in the works, so in the meantime, please, don't miss the chance to listen to our brand new album "Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-mutilation)"!!
ANDRALLS 24.9.2009
Brazilian Thrashers ANDRALLS have signed a deal for the worldwide release of their 4th studio album simply entitled "Andralls" through XTREEM MUSIC!! Originally released in summer of the same year only in Brazil, the band is now ready to hit the European continent for the 2nd time with an intensive tour of 25 dates where they'll spread their "fasthrash"!!

"Andralls" shows what's perhaps the most honest, intense and stablished Thrash Metal band coming out from Brazil since SEPULTURA. No bullshit!! Formed over a decade ago and having released 6 albums (4 in studio & 2 live), ANDRALLS have gained a solid reputation not only in Brazil but also abroad with their uncompromising brand of furious and intense Thrash Metal which reminds to the good old days of bands like SLAYER & SEPULTURA. Just think on how many Thrash Metal albums you've heard since SLAYER's "Reign in Blood" and SEPULTURA's "Beheath the Remains" with such motherfucking intensity... well, if you want to get that feeling back again, then the new ANDRALLS album is what you need!!

For a release scheduled by mid October, "Andralls" will include not only the 12 original tracks, but two live bonus on the XTREEM MUSIC version which will leave you breathless. Just make sure to check them out at any of their European dates during November & December 2009 which will be shortly posted on the band's MySpace, where you can also hear some of the new songs:
DETERIOROT 17.9.2009
2009 marks the unholy return of Death Metal legends DETERIOROT, and they're doing it through XTREEM MUSIC!! Hailing from the early 90's NJ/NY scene together with bands like GOREAPHOBIA, MORTICIAN, IMMOLATION, REVENANT, INCANTATION, CEREMONIUM.... DETERIOROT released a demo in '92 and a 7"EP in '93 on Repulse Rec. (formerly Drowned, later Xtreem Music) and they were supposed to release their debut on the same label later in '94, but due to some internal problems both in the band & label, nothing happened until in 2001 the band finally released their full length album "In Ancient Beliefs". Later in '03, the band recorded their sophomore release "The Faithless", but another band split-up left the album unfinished until now, after summer 2009, XTREEM MUSIC got in touch with DETERIOROT's mainman Paul Zavaleta and agreeded to finish the recordings for this album to give it birth in early 2010.

The band is currently re-erecording all vocals, bass and some guitar lines as well as mixing and mastering the album to ensure their most dark and heavy release so far. "The Faithless" keeps all the trademarks of the band in terms of heaviness and brutality that always characterized their sound along with an unique voice that differs form the usual guttural growlings, and opting for a more evil and dark approach. Lovers of early INCANTATION stuff with a heavier and darker feel, with a hint of AUTOPSY and old Swedish & Finish Death Metal bands. will for sure praise DETERIOROT (in case they didn't already!!).

Although "The Faithless" will be released in early 2010, you can actually hear one advance song on the band's newly created official MySpace:
WINTERWOLF 10.9.2009
XTREEM MUSIC is more than proud to announce the signing of one of the most well hidden treasures in the finnish Death Metal scene!! This band is no other than WINTERWOLF, whose one of their interesting point is the feature on their ranks of DEMILICH's mastermind Antti Boman on both guitar/ vocals. WINTWEROLF started back in '97 and was active until 2001 when the band changed its name into DEATHCHAIN after recording 2 demos. However, in 2006, original band members decided to bring back to life WINTERWOLF and during 2009 the band decided to record their debut full length album "Cycle of the Werewolf" which came to the ears of XTREEM MUSIC, during its recording process, who immediately offered the band a deal for its release.

"Cycles of the Werewolf", by band's decision, will be initially release on 12"LP vinyl format on a limited edition of 500 copies in early October 2009 and will be followed by CD version some months after, maybe December '09 or maybe January 2010.

This album is an absolutely masterpiece of pure scandivanian Death Metal, strongly rooted in the early swedish scene of bands like ENTOMBED, CARNAGE & DISMEMBER although with a different feel by the addition of influences from bands like BOLT THROWER, DEMILICH, OBITUARY, CELTIC FROST... which surely adds a killer feel to this album that will for sure crush all these "we-are-true-old-school-boys" which constantly fail in their imitations of the true sound and feeling of the early scandinavian Death Metal. WINTERWOLF will blow your ears with perhaps the most fresh, heavy, intense and "perfect" album since EMTOMBED's "Left Hand Path". You're warned!!

You can actually listen to 3 tracks from WINTERWOLF's imminent debut album on the band's official MySpace:
AVULSED 9.9.2009
AVULSED is ready for their 4th European tour, this time alongside with belgians EMETH and italians GRIMNESS 69. The tour will go through 7 different countries and comes 4 years after their previous Euro-tour. Now, presenting their 5th full length album "Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-mutilation)", AVULSED will continue spreading their sickness amongst the vast legions of Gore-maniacs around Europe. Check out the dates below or visit and if you live near, don't miss the chance to check AVULSED on stage. Shows around the whole spanish territory already started back in June and will continue with lots of shows around the country.


12.09.2009 Sevilla Sala Q AVULSED + DYING + KILLEM

NULLIFYING EUROPE TOUR 2009 25.09.2009 Niederkruchten [GER] Pitch Black AVULSED + EMETH + GRIMNESS 69 26.09.2009 Grosserlach [GER] VFRR AVULSED + EMETH + GRIMNESS 69 + IMMORTAL RITES 27.09.2009 Rotterdam [HOL] Baroeg AVULSED + EMETH + GRIMNESS 69 + VERMIN + THE VILE CREATION 28.09.2009 Antwerpen [BEL] De Rots AVULSED + EMETH + GRIMNESS 69 29.09.2009 Berlin [GER] K17 AVULSED + EMETH + GRIMNESS 69 30.09.2009 Wien [AUT] Escape Metalcorner AVULSED + EMETH + GRIMNESS 69 + ANTHAGORA + SQUIRTOPHOBIC 01.10.2009 Osijek [CRO] Mini Teatar AVULSED + EMETH + GRIMNESS 69 02.10.2009 Nitra [SVK] Anaal Fest (Naozzay Club) AVULSED + EMETH + GRIMNESS 69 + FLAG + SUBURBAN TERRORIST 03.10.2009 Ljubljana [SVN] Channel Zero AVULSED + EMETH + GRIMNESS 69


24.10.2009 Tenerife Tenerife Metal Fest (Cine Teatro de los Realejos) AVULSED + LEO + HYBRIS + MERIDIAN ZERO 07.11.2009 Las Palmas de Gran canaria Sala Paraninfo AVULSED + APOSTLES OF PERVERSION 14.11.2009 Madrid Sala Live! AVULSED + SECOND SILENCE + 13 BLEED PROMISES 04.12.2009 Alicante Stereo Alicante AVULSED + MUERTE POR MIL CORTES 05.12.2009 Murcia Stereo Murcia AVULSED + EXQUISITE PUS 11.12.2009 Zaragoza Pub Ultimatum (antes Utopia) AVULSED + ATARAXY 12.12.2009 Barcelona Mephisto AVULSED + VIDRES A LA SANG + KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR
GOREZONE 3.9.2009
German ultra-brutal Death Metallers GOREZONE, who already signed a deal with XTREEM MUSIC in fall 2008, have finished all works on their long awaited 3rd album which will finally see the light in October.

"Brutalities of Modern Domination" is the result of seven months of intensive work in three different studios and featuring not one but two new vocalists. This concept album offers a framework in which all the songs, lyrics and the layout match. It's mainly about politics and social criticism: it's about how power is being used to suppress people, how people are suffering from globalization and finally the mechanisms behind that. The album cover was made by Italian artist Marco Hasmann ( who made a brilliant work which perfectly fits into the concept of the album.

This 3rd opus of the band is definitely their most complex work to date, an album that could easily be classified as a perfect job!! GOREZONE's sound & style has evoluted into an unexpected form of Brutal Death which featues a wide range of riffing, extraordinary blasting and vocal variety, unusual in basically every Brutal Death Metal band and performed with an astonishing technical skills. Without any doubt, "Brutalities of Modern Domination" will push the bar even further for this genre!!

Release date for GOREZONE's new album is set for October 1st and you can actually hear a couple of new tracks at the band's official MySpace:
Spanish brutal Death maniacs EXQUISITE PUS have inked a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the release of their debut album "Dead [Forgotten]" due for immediate release in September 10th.

Formed back in 2004 as a one-man project, the band has been completing a full line-up through their demo and a 3-way split CD where their sound has been evolving from classical incluenced of bandas like SUFFOCATION, MORBID ANGEL, CANNIBAL CORPSE, CRACASS to more modern sounds like ABORTED, SEVERE TORTURE, JOB FOR A COWBOY...

"Dead [Forgotten]" includes 10 songs with a great production and the awesome guitar solos of their recently joined guitarist Achokarlos. The band describes themselves as "Groovy Brutal Death" where they combine brutality, technical skills, heaviness, blast beats and controlled madness. EXQUISITE PUS is definitely a new force to reckon in the spanish extreme Metal scene!!

You can actually hear two advance tracks from "Dead [Forgotten]" on the band's official MySpace:
CRYING BLOOD 18.8.2009
XTREEM MUSIC has come to an agreement with spanish Blackers CRYING BLOOD for the imminent release of their 3rd opus "Animae Damnatae".

CRYING BLOOD is one of the most veteran bands in the spanish Black Metal scene that is still active and they're pioneers in singing in their native tongue (spanish) giving it a different feel compared to other bands of similar sound. Entirely recorded at VRS Studios (Avulsed, Haemorrhage, Mistweaver, Looking For An Answer...) in Madrid, "Animae Damnatae" features 13 songs in over 55 minutes of a majestic and symphonic Black Metal which will surely please any fan of the good old days of CRADLE OF FILTH & DIMMU BORGIR and with this, the band relies on giving their strongest step forward to stablish them as one of the most recognised Black Metal forces in the spanish scene.

The release of "Animae Damnatae" is scheduled for release during the first days of September and you can already hear some advance tracks at the band's official MySpace:
VIDRES A LA SANG 13.8.2009
After three years working in the shadow, spanish darkened Death Metal mongers VIDRES A LA SANG are back on track to complete and announce the coming of their third opus completing a trilogy that has transported us through the realms of poundingness, brutality, epic, feelings and drama dualized in only one context of life and death.

"Som" is the title of this new album that will reveal new horizons for the band that even though they still keep it loyal to their trademarks, explores new ways to reinvent themselves and keep on growing in their creative camp of maximum maturity. "Som" is a risky and honest work, carefully ellaborated, dense and crushing, intense and suffocating, simple and twisted in equal parts, the masterpiece that should VIDRES A LA SANG to the top of contemporaneous extreme Metal.

The band has been working again at AXtudios during the months of July and August for an scheduled release date of September 15th again through XTREEM MUSIC which is already their third consecutive collaboration.

"Som" is the third album, the one that closes the trilogy with 6 songs on each record. "Som" features 6 tales, 6 visions, 6 songs...

1. Som (Somos / We Are)
2. Policromía (Policromía / Polichromy)
3. Esclaus de la Modernitat (Esclavos de la Modernidad / Slaves to Modernity)
4. A l’ombra (En la Sombra / In the Shadows)
5. El Crit (El Grito / The Scream)
6. No Tornaré a Ser Jove (No Volveré a Ser Joven / I Won't be Young Again)

The recording will be finished around August 20th and by the end of this month it'll be possible to listen to some advance songs on the band's official MySpace:
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