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PURTENANCE 27.4.2012
After the highly acclaimed re-issue in 2011 through XTREEM MUSIC of the legendary debut album from 1992 "Member of Immortal Damnation", finnish Death Metal masters PURTENANCE decided to reform anf bring back to life the legend!! The band is more motivated than ever and have already inked a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the release of a new mini CD as well as their upcoming albums, first of them expected for 2013.

The new mini CD is already recorded and entitled "Sacrifice the King", featuring 6 songs in the already traditional Finnish Death Metal for which PURTENANCE is well known for. The current line-up cosists of original members Juha Ranniko (guitars) and Harri Salo (drums) plus new member Ville (bass/vox). Cover artwork had been again done by cult artist Chris Moyen.

Release date for "Sacrifice the King" is expected during the month of Juna 2012 (vinyl version will come later) and the band is already working on 12 new songs for their sophomore album expected during the 1st half of 2013. You can actually listen to an exclusive advance song as well as watching the cover art, both on HD quality on the following link:
AVULSED 23.4.2012
Just one month after the departure of ex-drummer Riky, AVULSED is proud to announce the joining of a new drummer to their ranks.

After testing three excellent drummers, the decision was taken in favour of Osckar (Oscar Bravo) which proved to be not only the best drummer, but also, and very important as well, to have great qualities as a person as well as the necessary dedication for the band, which will undoubtely inject fresh and renewed hopes.

Osckar is one of the best drummers on the Spanish Metal scene which also plays in the legendary Heavy Metal band SOBREDOSIS and also on NIGHTFEAR, as well as recently departed from melodic Death Metallers ATMOSPHERE GREY. Osckar is also endorsed by various prestigious brands like MAPEX drums, ZILDJIAN cymbals, EVANS drumheads, ZILDJIAN sticks and AXIS pedals.

All members in AVULSED feel so happy & proud of having found Osckar to fill the drum spot and he just came to stay as another full-time member, making the band stronger than ever before, and we can't wait to present him live as well as recording the new album towards the end of the year.

You can actually see a short video taken during our first official rehearsal with Osckar where he already played the first 5 songs he learned for the test. You can see he's perfect for the band!! Watch here. (We’re waiting for your comments!!)
XTREEM MUSIC is proud to announce the signing of one of Spain's most outstanding newcomer acts called ONIROPHAGUS.

Formed back in September 2011 with members that also plays in other bands like DECAPITATED CHRIST & ENTROPIA, the band recorded and self-released an EP entitled "Defiler of Hope" recorded at Moontower Studios (owned by Javi Félez from GRAVEYARD), includes 6 songs with a total length of 34 min. showcasing a dark, solemn & heavy brand of Death/ Doom with influences that ranges from bands like MY DYING BRIDE, ASPHYX, PARADISE LOST, INCANTATION, EVOKEN, AUTOPSY, OPHIS, IMMOLATION...

The band is currently completing their line-up for upcoming live performances at the same time that are working in the promotion of their EP and writing new songs for their debut full length album due for 2013.

In the meantime you can acquire their EP "Defiler of Hope" either through the band or Xtreem Music. You can actually listen to a couple of songa at the band's official Reverbnation:
PUTREVORE 5.4.2012
Swedish/spanish band PUTREVORE, formed by Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER) and Dave Rotten (AVULSED) is currently immersed in the mixing process of their sophomore opus that will be entitled "Macabre Kingdom".

      Music was recorded during January/ February in Sweden, this time with the help of Brynjar Helgetun on drums, who already played for bands like CRYPTICUS, RIBSPREADER, THE GROTESQUERY... Vocals were recorded during the last days of March in Spain, so now everything will be mixed in Sweden and should be ready during the month of April.

      Nine songs were recorded this time, eight of them will go on the album and one will be kept for some possible split EP with some rotting band if there's a chance for that. Song titles of the album songe are:

1. The Mysteries of the Worm Part I
2. The Mysteries of the Worm Part II
3. Beyond Human Comprehension
4. Universal Devourer
5. Awaiting Awakening Again
6. The Morbid Mass of Swarming Entities
7. The Tentacles Through Time
8. Tattooed Skin Map

      Cover art for "Macabre Kingdom" has been again done by spanish master Juanjo Castellano who did what's perhaps one of his most brilliant cover arts ever!! Just judge by yourself!! You can see it with more detail by

      This new PUTREVORE slab of sonic putrefaction will be release through XTREEM MUSIC, although there's not a definite release date for this album yet, but most probably it'll be first released on 12"LP vinyl format around June and some months later, on CD format, so all vinyl freaks will get priority before any new generation ipod-consumer boy, who will have to wait before getting their cystal-clear digital bootlegged ethereal mp3.

      No advance tracks can be heard yet, but hopefully we'll be able to post something during the coming weeks at the band's official MySpace at:
AVULSED 31.3.2012
To all followers and fans of AVULSED:

We're sorry to communicate you that since last 20th of March, Ricardo Mena (Riky) is no longer the band's drummer. Due to differences on how to deal with different internal issues within the band, we've decided, after a reunion, that the best thing for both parts is not to continue together. No hard feelings, beyond the sadness that all this means for us all.

Due to this, we must announce the cancellation of the performance on the two upcoming festivals in April where AVULSED was going to participate: Thrashway Fest (Oviedo) and Barroselas SWR Fest (Portugal). However, there's a possibility that the last show with the current line-up with Riky might happen at Hellfest in France.

We just want to thank Riky for his eight years of total devotion and profesionalism as a musician and his friendship, that we'll keep, of course. And to wish him the best both on personal and professional on musical matters.
DESECRESY 17.2.2012
Finnish Death Doomsters DESECRESY started the recordings of their sophomore album in late 2011 and are currently in the final stages to complete this magnificent opus which will be entitled "The Doom Skeptron". Mixing is being mixed by Jani Loikas who already worked for bands like SLUGATHOR and DEEPRED amongst others.

In "The Doom Skeptron" you shall witness the approaching mass of Death Metal forged by the weight of kick drums crushingly rotating onwards alongside with palm muted tremolo riffing and guitar leads dwelling from chambers of distant monoliths. All this accompanied by deep voices from the realms underneath ours... Thematically stroking lyrical landscape portraits of surroundings from darkest predictions, and relating tales of creatures beyond our mortal existence.

As we all heard on the band's debut album "Arches of Entropy", DESECRESY values the Finnish Death Metal tradition as a source of inspiration, having also influence from bands like BOLT THROWER, IMMOLATION, INCANTATION and ASPHYX.

The album will contain 8 songs with the following titles:
1.Forged from Chaos / 2.The Sleep of Titans / 3.The Sceptre of Damnation / 4.Declined Resplendence / 5.Burial Adorations / 6.Vortex Unwinding / 7.Sons of the Burning God / 8.The Solemn End

Release schedule for "The Doom Skeptron" is planned sometime in Summer 2012 and you can actually listen to a rough-mix advance track at the band's official MySpace:
Portugal's most brutal, depraved and infamous band known as HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL, have inked a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the worldwide release of their 3rd full length album "Gorefilia" for an imminent release in April 2012.

"Gorefilia" is a 18-song tornado recordes at 213 Studios in their comeland for a later mix & mastering at world-famous Hertz Studio in Poland where bands like BEHEMOTH, VADER, KRONOS, DECAPITATED, ABORTED... have already worked on previous albums.

In times of Repulse Records, we were reponsible of discovering to the world, bands like DERANGED, DEEDS OF FLESH or DISGORGE (mex) amongst others... then in Xtreem Music we did the same for bands like KRONOS, HOUR OF PENANCE & FRACTURED INSANITY. Tima is now for these portuguese masters of the sickest blend of Brutal Death, Gore and some Grind spices. This new opus means a quality step on the band's sound, showing a much more mature, yet even more brutal & intense, song-writing with songs varying from 1 to 3 minutes without fillers, just fucking heavy, fast and relentless songs gathering influences from bands like ABORTED, CANNIBAL CORPSE, early DERANGED, NAPALM DEATH, SUFFOCATION, CARCASS...

This new album "Gorefilia" will definitely put HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL on a new level and will for sure catch the attention from the worldwide Death Metal audience for their top-quality stuff and sheer blasting brutality. Album comes with a truly bizarre cover art as well as a killer inner design. After the album release, the band will present the "Gorefilia" in various festivals around europe, so just be sure not to miss their intense live performance!!

You can now listen to an advance song on HD quality here:

Get more info about HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL at the band's official website:

HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL will be the next Death Metal sensation, time will give us right!!
AGGRESSION (ES) 16.1.2012
AGGRESSION have already finished their long waited second full-length, after their acclaimed debut "Moshpirit", that was released on September 2009.

After a slight delay in the release of the album due to problems encountered at the level of production, that were completely alien to the band, finally the new official date of release of "Viocracy" is Wednesday, February 1st of 2012 through XTREEM MUSIC.

The mix of "Viocracy" took place during the month of November by Julian Janovich and mastering has been done in the Swedish Fascination Street Studio, at the hands of Jens Bogren (OPETH, AMON AMARTH, KREATOR, SYMPHONY X). The pre-production and production have been carried out entirely by the band.

"Viocracy" will be available for pre-order through the official store of the band ( two weeks before its official release; from the 16th of January. It will be possible to pre-order the new album as well as the new limited merchandising, and each order, in addition to getting the album before its official release, will be presented with a full color poster signed by the band as well as other gifts unrevealed yet.

You can actually listen to an advance song of the album on HD quality here: and also:
REDIMONI 23.12.2011
The maniacs of REDIMONI have signed to XTREEM MUSIC for the release of their 2nd full length album!!

Influenced by old SODOM, EXODUS, SLAYER and ABSU this Barcelona-based old school Thrash Metal band has been ripping around for over twelve years. Their debut MCD "The Onset of Chaos" and their 1st album "Into the Coiling Arms of Mayhem" constitute a true sheer attack of Thrash without mercy only for old school freaks.

Recorded at "Claws and Agony" Studios and Namtaru Creations in charge of the cover design, this ReDimonic third delivery of chaos and madness will be entitled "Standing Before the End of Time" and it's expected to be released sometime in spring 2012.

You can actually listen to two advance tracks (Shrapnel Wounds" and "Towards Destruction") still unmastered, through the band official MySpace ( or at their website (
SPELLCRAFT 8.12.2011
Spanish Black metallers SPELLCRAFT have inked a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the release of their sophomore album entitled "Yersinia Pestis" excepted for spring 2012.

Formed back in 1996 and actually sharing of 4 out of the 5 members of the current OUIJA line-up, SPELLCRAFT has been gaining a strong reputation within the Spanish Black Metal scene not only with their three demos between '97 & '07, but also with their 1st album "Stirpe Obscura" in 2008. Their high-class brand of Black with melodic Death touches influenced by bands like MORK GRYNING, early SATYRICON, DISSECTION, SACRAMENTUM is reaching its most supreme expression on this magnificent album of an astonishing production and outstanding compositions.

"Yersinis Pestis" is completely recorded and only a few details on the overall design are being finished until its release in spring 2012. In the meantime, you can listen to 2 exclusive advance songs at the band's official MySpace site:
EXMORTIS 25.11.2011
Cult US Death Metal band EXMORTIS have inked a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the release of an EP in late december 2011 and a full length CD in 2012.

The mini CD titled "Resurrection... Book of the Dead" was a long project in the making but after much work was recorded by Brian Werking at Shockwerks Audio in Tampa, Florida during September/ October of 2011. This EP was then mixed and mastered by Javier Fernández at Room 101 Studios in Guadalajara (Spain) in October/ November of the same year.

If you remember EXMORTIS from the early days of Death Metal, then you will enjoy this classic recording set in modern times. The extreme brutality it presents is undoubtedly some of their best work to date and will again engrave itself with a strong hold in the Death Metal underground where they plan to stay.

EXMORTIS was originally inspired by such bands as Destruction, Kreator, Slayer, Possessed and the list goes on. If it's old then that's what EXMORTIS represents. Even to this day EXMORTIS is and will always be an underground sensation.

Songs included on this EP are the following:

1. Creation (intro)
2. Book of the Dead
3. The Slaughter Begins
4. And There was Pain
5. Deep Red
6. Parade of Chanting Ancients

The cover artwork for this CD was created by Eric Rot Engelmann and was colorized by Tinamarie Linares. The release date for this EP is scheduled for December 20th, 2011 and until then you can listen to one advance track called "The Slaughter Begins" on YouTube and the band's official MySpace here:
ALTAR OF SIN 3.11.2011
Spanish most infernal Thrash Metal warmachine ALTAR OF SIN, have inked a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the release of their upcoming 2nd full length album which will be entitled"Tales of Carnage First Class".

After having released two CD's "Praising Evil" (their two EP's in one CD) in 2008 and "The Damned Dogs of Hell" in 2010, the band entered Fireworks Studios in September 2011 for the recording of what's undoubtely their finest work to date.

"Tales of Carnage First Class" is a true merciless massacre which combines both old school Thrash Metal and first-shape Death Metal blending influences from bands like SLAYER, POSSESSED, SODOM, SARCOFAGO, KREATOR... but with a relentless intensity that has crushes the listener ears til making them bleed!!

Cover artwork for this album has been created by Namtaru Creations and although there's not a fixed release date for this new opus, it's expected to show up during the first months of 2012 and will definitely become one the most furious and intense Thrash Metal releases of the year!! In the meantime you can listen to two advance tracks at ALTAR OF SIN's official MySpace:

AVULSED 5.10.2011
Yes, AVULSED is finally playing in Colombia, perhaps the country in the whole South America where the band has a stronger fan base. Thanx to Alex Okendo from the mighty MASACRE and also MORBID MACABRE, the band was selected to headline this year's edition of the ALTAVOZ Festival in Medellin on Sunday 16th of October together with bands like MORBID MACABRE, VITAM ET MORTEM, ETERNAL and WITCHTRAP. This festival is a really huge one that always gathers not less than 10.000 metalheads. You can check videos from previous editions
here or here.

Also, the day before, on the 15th, AVULSED has been invited by Daniel from the legendary colombian act PURULENT, to headline the 10th anniversary of BOGOTA Deathfest alongside with SUPPURATION, VEHEMENTER, CARNAL BLASPHEMY, INBREEDING SICK, HOLY SHIT B.S.E. and ATHANASE GENOCIDE. Both shows are going to be something really brutal and memorable!!

But a week before that, AVULSED is playing in one of Germany's best uprising festivals like it is WAY OF DARKNESS. Check poster here

And most probably this will be all regarding shows for this year, but in 2012, during the first months there will be a bunch of shows around Spain, still to be confirmed, in places like Granada, Murcia, Mallorca, Asturias, Cantabria… and then the strongest ones will follow!! First another performance at Portugal's 15th anniversary of SWR Festival ( and later on, what's perhaps the biggest festival ever to have the pleasure of counting with AVULSED on its stages: HELLFEST!! (

In the meantime, the band decided to cancel the release of their 20th anniversary CD "Fleshcube" mainly because there were several problems regarding the recording sessions and that delayed the whole project to the point that it was going to be impossible to release it for this year, so… who knows, perhaps for our 25th anniversary!!

However, this cancellation was taken in a positive way, because this helped the band to concentrate in the songwriting of their upcoming album "Ritual Zombi" whose recordings are planned for spring/summer 2012. Although some labels have already shown interest on signing AVULSED, the band won't take any decision about it until more offers are being received and then will carefully check one by one in order not to commit another mistake like it was done with their previous album "Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-mutilation)" which suffered of total lack of care regarding distribution & promotion from Metal Age Prod. in Europe and Ibex Moon Rec. in the US. Luckily it was released in time by Xtreem Music, which saved this magnific album. But for the next full length, AVULSED is still looking for a suitable partner, so any interested record label, please get in touch with the band at
Yes, the mighty french legend SUPURATION (aka SUP) are back from the crematory in form of a retrospective collection CD which includes all the earliest and most brutal stuff of the band from '89 /'90 when they were in their most Death Metal shape right before they started to experiment with clean vocals and more varied sounds.

"Back from the Crematory" is the generic title of this cult release which is planned for an imminent release on September 16th. The CD includes the awesome band's debut self-financed mini CD "Sultry Obsession" ('90), their only demo "Official Rehearsal" ('90) as well as the impossible-to-find demo of the band's very 1st studio recording "Haunted" under their previous monicker ETSICROXE as well as a 9-song live show, both from '89.

This masterpiece comes with remastered sound and packed in a total old-fashioned layout in contrat to their latter weird & sophisticated designs. Includes killer 12-pages booklet featuring an exclusive retro-interview, liner notes, cover and tons of old photos & flyers. This definitely a must-have release not only for every SUPURATION fan, but for every lover of the good old Death Metal from late 80's and early 90's!!

AGGRESSION (ES) 23.8.2011
After going through several line-up changes, Spanish thrashers AGGRESSION, are working on the last details of their long waited sophomore album, after their acclaimed debut "Moshpirit", that was released on September 2009. On this second album, that will receive the name of "Viocracy", there will be able to appreciate clearly a music style readjustment, oriented to a most technical, eclectic and progressive Thrash Metal, but without losing the first album essence.

Those changes have been enhanced with the entry of the new members, who help the band to acquire a technical and musical level never seen before in the band's history.

Actually, this is the AGGRESSION's line-up:
- Pol Luengo (Guitar and lead vocals)
- Oscar Reka (Guitar and back vocals)
- Carlos Leonardo (Bass and back vocals)
- Jose Rosendo (Drums)

The recording, mixing and the mastering of "Viocracy", will be done during this fall. The recording will be performed in Sweet Home Studios (Barcelona) on September, and the mix and the mastering will be done again (just like the first album) by the young producer Erik Monsonis.

The album will also include a cover of the classic "YYZ" from the legendary progressive rock band RUSH, from their highly acclaimed album "Moving Pictures".

The track list of "Viocracy" is going to be the following:
01. False Flags
02. Chemical Slavery
03. Viocracy
04. MK Ultra
05. Get Mad
06. Awake Awareness
07. Human Nature
08. Dehumanized
09. Victims of Bias
10.- YYZ (Rush cover)

The cover of the album has been designed by the renowned German illustrator Eliran Kantor, who has worked with bands like SODOM, ATHEIST, TESTAMENT, etc.

"Viocracy" will be released worldwide in January 1st, 2012 through XTREEM MUSIC, and which international promotion will be done by the professional musical agency Top Artist Promotion, who has already worked with bands like GAMMA RAY, STRATOVARIUS, KAMELOT, and so on. Listen to AGGRESSION at their official MySpace:
VERMINOUS 29.7.2011
Eight years since the debut album ”Impious Sacrilege”, VERMINOUS is finally back rape mother earths womb, once more, with the sophomore album ”The Unholy Communion”. The studio is booked for August 2011 and ten new songs will be recorded to ravage the congregation of christ!

Some titles from the new album are:
- Keepers of Chaos
- Hordes of Vermin
- Iesus Nazarenus Rex Insecta

This is my body, this is my blood, happy are they who come to Verminous supper.

For more info please visit the band's official sites:

DOMINUS XUL 20.5.2011
Chile's darkest and heaviest Death Metal legends DOMINUS XUL have inked a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the release of their upcoming 2nd album "To the Glory of the Ancients" which is currently being recorded at Maestro3 Studios in Santiago.

DOMINUS XUL was formed back in 1992 under the name of DOMINUS releasing a demo & EP in '94 & '97 respectively and then changing its name into DOMINUS XUL to release 1st full length album "The Primigeni Xul" in '98. After that, the band did split up and some members formed MELEKTAUS until in 2010 they decided to resurrect DOMINUS XUL with the following line-up:

Claudio Salinas - Vocals (Trimegisto)
Alejandro Lizana - Guitar (original member & also ex-Melektaus/ex-Thornafire)
Fernando Villalobos - Guitar (ex-Melektaus)
Eduardo Fuentes - Bass (ex-Azael)
Felipe Zará - Drums (Innana/Trimegisto)

"To the Glory of the Ancients" will be released during summer 2011 and will feature 8 songs with a musical, lyrical and graphical content full of dark, brutal and occult knowledge that has always characterized DOMINUS XUL throughout all their existence.

Since the album is still not finished, they can't offer any advance yet, but you can always listen to three new demo songs from 2010 that will appear on the imminent band's opus at the band's official MySpace:

MOÑIGO 14.4.2011
In 2005 (anus satanae), from the most nauseous and vomitive sewers of Madrid (Spain), emerged one of the most extreme diehard worshippers of the true excremental cult under the monicker of MOÑIGO (one of the many spanish words for "DUNG", whose right definition would be: Compact portion of human -or inhuman- excrement that's expelled at one time). After a demo in '06 entitled "Copromo" and a 3-way split CD in '08, the band felt the need to spread their aural diarrhoea in a massive way through the recording of a full length defecation divided in 14 farts for an easier digestion. This analbum was recorded in 2010 under the title of "Coprometidos con la Causa (Shit & Honor!)" (Copromised with the Cause) and it's finally set for an immediate release through XTREEM MUSIC in May 2011. MOÑIGO are without any doubt the spanish new sensation for the Gore/ Grind scene, following a path already shown by bands like HAEMORRHAGE, MACHETAZO & GRUESOME STUFF RELISH. Now the time has come for MOÑIGO who has been quietly excreting their shit on their previous recordings and funny live shows where shit is the main protagonist and the only reason of their existence. Never the shit received such an exquisite treatment and adoration, enriched by a fucking heavy and groovy brand Copro Gore Grind/ Death which gathers influences from classic bands like CBT, IMPETIGO, MUCUPURULENT, GUT, MORTICIAN, XYSMA...

With the always professional and stunning artwork of Phlegeton Art Studios, "Coprometidos con la Causa (Shit & Honor!)" is ready to spread their shit over us like putting a mung on a ventilator. Nobody will be safe!! Get ready for the brown monolith cult!! You can already taste a couple of bits of their shit through their MySpace with songs like "Las tias Buenas No Cagan" (Gorgeous Girls Don't Shit) and "Modelo Shitman" (Shitman Model) here:
ROTTREVORE 12.3.2011
UNDERGANG 27.1.2011
The endless wait is over!! The CD version of denmark's best kept Death Metal secret UNDERGANG, is finally going to be released!! "Indhentet af Doden" was previously released on vinyl format, with only black & white cover, in January 2010 by UK label Me Saco un Ojo Rec., although the band already signed to XTREEM MUSIC back in September '09. However, for the CD release, the band encountered countless problems, both with the design and also other derived form their private lives, which caused such a long delay until in November 2010 everything was finished and ready to find a spot in the label's tight release schedule after so many delays. "Indhentet af Doden", which has already been circulating through the underground for over a year now, has got nothing but praises everywhere, being acclaimed as one of the heaviest (if not the heaviest) bands in the whole european Death Metal scene and who knows if in the rest too!! UNDERGANG's music is devoted to the most dense and heavy Death Metal that reminds to the good old days when bands like ROTTREVORE, MYTHIC, very early GRAVE, CREMATORY (swe), early AUTOPSY, early INCANTATION, MORTICIAN and the likes, were setting the limits for the heaviest music ever made.

For a release date scheduled for February 15th, UNDERGANG's debut album will definitely go straight to the list of upcoming classics in the heaviest Death Metal camp!! If you want to hear few songs from this debut album, please visit the band's official MySpace at:

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