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FUCK OFF 23.8.2013
Spanish most legendary and pioneer Thrash Metal band FUCK OFF is about to unleash their long awaited comeback album!! Just one year after their 1988 debut album "Another Sacrifice" was re-issued, the band, reformed in 2010, will see their 3rd full length "Smile As You Kill" released in September through Xtreem Music.

"Smile As You Kill" will contain 7 new songs, a re-recording of 87's "People in War" from their very first 7"EP and a cover of RAINBOW's "Long Live Rock & Roll" which was intented for a DIO tribute album with spanish bands that was supposed to come out in early 2011. All this stuff has been written & recorded during the last 2-3 years with different members but with original member Pep Casas (guitars) and new vocalist Albert as main basis of the album. However, one of the songs ("Gardens of Stone") was entirely recorded by original vocalist Joe.

The new album follows the traditional style of the band, an old fashioned Speed/ Thrash/ Heavy Metal totally exempt from modern influences and clichés, being recorded the 80's way with analogic systems, but counting with the mastering of swedish gurú Dan Swanö who gave all the songs the heavy and powerful feeling it needed. Cover artwork has been made by great greek artist Gerasimos Kolokas.

Tracklist of "Smile As You Kill" is as follows:

1. Azor
2. Doomed From the Cradle
3. Gardens of Stone
4. Smile As You Kill
5. The Priest
6. We Are Back in Town
7. Impera la Corrupción
8. People in War [2013]
9. Long Live Rock & Roll [Rainbow]

The album will be released in mid-late September and it's it's a perfect dose for all these lovers of true 80's Speed/ Thrash that lost the faith with all these new school and also old classic bands that forgot their essence with these super-clean, perfectly retouched and digitally adultered recordings. FUCK OFF are here to show that true old fashined Metal will never die!! An advance track from "Smile As You Kill" can be heard on the following link:
Spanish heaviest Doom/Death outfit ONIROPHAGUS are ready to unleash their first full length album after their acclaimed debut EP "Defiler of Hope" which was self-released in early 2012 and was re-issued by XTREEM MUSIC back in April 2013.

"Prehuman" contains 7 songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Javi Félez at Moontower Studios and develops the style marked on their debut release with a massive dose of heavy, gloomy and solemn Doom/ Death dragging influences from bands like OPHIS, ASPHYX, INCANTATION, NECROS CHRISTOS, MY DYING BRIDE,...

Tracklist of "Prehuman" is as follows:

1. Baikal
2. Discordia
3. Feverish
4. Aeger
5. Nocebo
6. Nyarlathotep
7. Ceremonial Swamp

The album will be released in September 1st through the new collabotarion between XTREEM MUSIC & MDD. An advance track from "Prehuman" can be heard on the following link:
ROTTREVORE 24.7.2013
Although the long awaited comeback EP of US heaviest Death Metal legends ROTTREVORE was recorded back in March 2011 and planned for a summer release through Xtreem Music, the fact is that several problems made it impossible until now. However, the band already made available for listening these tracks on their website, getting an astonishing reaction from fans worldwide.

It is now, in August 2013, when this 3-song EP titled "Hung by the Eyesockets", recorded & produced by Erik Rutan at Mana Recording Studio in Florida, will see the light on CD format, being followed, a couple of months later, by a very special vinyl version.

One of these problems that delayed this release was the cover artwork and after trying three artists, the band decided to use the skills of Juanjo Castellano who again proved to be one of the most renowned artists in extreme Metal, creating another sick piece of art.

Originally entitled "Blind Sided attack", this EP changed its name for "Hung by the Eyesockets", so for those who might think this is a different release, don't worry it's the same one. This release will coincide with ROTTREVORE's very first and only European appearance ever at KillTown Deathfest in Denmark next 30th of August.

Release date for "Hung by the Eyesockets" is planned for August 8th and an advance track can be heard here:
AVULSED 23.7.2013
Finally!! This is the very first advance song of the new AVULSED album "Ritual Zombi" titled "Dead Flesh Awakened".
Check it out at the band's official Facebook and leave your comments!!
ABSORBED 10.7.2013
The wait is over!! One of the most sought after recordings of the 90's spanish Death Metal scene is finally going to be rescued from oblivion. This is the unreleased album "Reverie" by ABSORBED, recorded back in '96, but never totally finished and released... until now!! Accompanying this lost gem there's all the recorded material by the band from their very beginnings in '91 to their demise in '96. There's also an unreleased 7"EP from '93, tracks from a 3-way split CD from '94, their demos '91 & '92 and a very good live recording from '96.

ABSORBED was one of the leading Death Metal bands in the spanish scene during the 1st half of the 90's playing a somewhat unique style unusual on this scene back then, which was a quite technical Death Metal in the vein of the early precursors of this style such as DEATH, OBLIVEON, GORGUTS, PESTILENCE, ATHEIST...

This release, which is part of the "Xtreem Cult Series", comes in a 2-CD with 31 songs clocking 2 and a half hours containing all the aforementioned recordings with remastered sound and a complete booklet featuring an exclusive interview depicting the complete band's history as well as lots of photos, demo covers, etc.

"Reverie" is a must-have piece on every good old 90's classic Death Metal collector. Release date is expected for July 22th and here you can hear the opening track for this unreleased album:
AVULSED 3.7.2013
After 5 endless months since recordings started and going through laborious process of editing, mixing & mastering, the long awaited new album of AVULSED "Ritual Zombi" is finished!! This album will have a never-seen-before particularity on such an undeground Death Metal release (even never seen on major labels!!) and consists of a simultaneous release with 9 releases on 8 different labels around the world in 4 different formats:

- Xtreem Music (Europe) CD
- Seraved Rec. (North America) CD
- Coyote Rec. (Russia/CIS) CD
- American Line Prod. (Central America) CD
- Obliteration Rec. (Japan/Oceania) CD
- Disembodied Rec. (South America) CD
- Xtreem Music (World) vinyl 12"LP
- Narrowwards Rec. (Asia) Cassette
- Metalhit & Avulsed (World) Digital

All releases are due to come out in September 1st, making it instantly available almost everywhere at reasonable prices within their own territories.

Track listing for "Ritual Zombi" is as follows:

01. Dawn of Apocalypse (Intro)
02. Dead Flesh Awakened
03. Z-Hunter
04. ...Was Not My Blood
05. Horrified by Repulsion
06. Zompiro
07. Elegy for the Rotting (Interlude)
08. Unborn of the Undead
09. Brainsuck
10. Zombie Ritual (DEATH)
11. Cannivegan Corpse
12. Cult of the Living Dead
13. Devoured and Forgotten (Outro)

As the band states: "We're extremely proud of the final result. We feel we took the best decision using Javi from Moontower Studios for the mixing cos he knew what we wanted in every moment; his experience was essential. But the work made by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios on the mastering which in fact wasn't a typical mastering, but kind of a second mix, was what definitely gave this new album an incredibly heavy, thick and organic sound. We never sounds so fucking crushing!! This is easily the best AVULSED album, not only productionwise, but also the own songs and the great cover artwork, of course!!".

A new song will be revealed in the coming days via the band's official Facebook, so stay tuned!! In the meantime, the band has organized a special pre-listening party next friday 19th of July at the Tyrant metal pub in Madrid after 20:30h. for anyone, both medias, fans and friends that wants to give it a complete listening to the album. Of course, all band members will be there to share some beers, so if any of you is in Madrid in that moment and want to have an exclusive listening to the whole "Ritual Zombi" album, you're more than welcome!!

The band is preparing very special packs both on CD & 12"LP (gatefold) formats contaning lots of stuff like exclusive shirt, signed photocard, patch, sticker, badge, guitar pick, exclusive card, poster, etc... limted to 100 units that will be available for preorder in early August exclusively through the Xtreem Music online shop.
NECROPSY 30.5.2013
Legendary Finnish Death Metallers NECROPSY have inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their brand new 4-song mini CD "Psychopath Next Door" and their upcoming 2nd full length album most probably for 2014.

Formed back in 1987, the band released numerous demos and EP's until 1993 when they disbanded to later reform in 2011. Among these early recordings, the band did a split LP with DEMIGOD and they're having all these demos, split and EP's re-issued on a 3-CD/4-LP set through Century Media under the title of "Tomb of the Forgotten" out in June 2013. After releasing their debut full length in 2011, the band started long negotiations with Xtreem Music resulting on a deal that will see their new work widely spread, putting back the band's name on the underground Death Metal map in hopes to get the recognition they always deserved.

"Psychopath Next Door" delivers 4 songs of heavy and catchy classic Death Metal with their usual finnish touch. Release date for this EP is still not decided though it should happen during summer 2013. For now you you can actually listen to an advance song on the following link:
and also check the band's official Facebook at: Necropsy
@ Facebook
"Cancer Eradication", the very long awaited 2nd album of CHRIST DENIED, one of the most talked about returns in the Brutal Death camp, is totally finished and ready for its release next 15th of June as previously announced. Just 2 weeks after this, the band will perform their very 1st show ever on their almost 20-year history!! This will be at the MOVE YOUR FUCKING BRAIN FEST in Barcelona, followed a week later by OBSCENE EXTREME FEST in Czech Republic and later on, in October, at the RITUAL ZOMBI FEST in Madrid.

The band is absolutely satisfied about how the production of the new album turned out, achieving a truly crushing, brutal and heavy sound, making of this album a fucking sonic bulldozer, an absolute madness of blasts and unparalleled guttural delirium!!

Track listing for "Cancer Eradication" is as follows:

1. Weak Lunatics
2. Blasphemic Blessings
3. Putrid Christian Blood
4. Christ is Gone
5. Limbless God
6. Prophylactic Execution
7. Beheading the Abomination
8. Infidel's Triumph
9. Of the Underworld (Imprecation)

As previously revealed, the magnific cover artowk was created by greek artist Gerasimos Kolokas, which you can see on HD quality as well as listening to an advance song on the following link:

For more information about CHRIST DENIED, you can follow them at their official Facebook:
DECREPID 17.5.2013
London-based Death Metal merchants DECREPID have inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their sophomore album sometime in 2014. The band has been getting a strong reputation within the british scene since the release of their debut album "Devoted to Death" in 2011 which was oriinally self-released on 12" vinyl and later on released on CD by Heretic Death Call Prod. in 2012.

This is what guitarist Danny Price had to say about their new deal: "We are very proud to be signing to a label with such great bands, the likes of Rottrevore, Hallows Eve and Avulsed have been a staple sound track to many nights and most definitely have had an impact on my compositions and guitar playing in one way or another and the chance to work with someone like Dave Rotten could not be ignored. I think this is the best way forward for DECREPID and I look forward to the release of our next full length album. Until then drink up, be merry and raise hell fuckers! - Danny".

The band replaced their originaly drummer by Donna Grimshaw in 2012 and have recently recorded a 4-song demo still unreleased, but can be heard on their own Youtube channel as well as some of the album tunes and live clips here:
Any lover of real Death Metal with a classic approach, heavy sound and powerful riffing, should defintely give a good listening to DECREPID!!

More info about DECREPID can be found on their official website & Facebook located here:
AVULSED 10.5.2013
Brutal Spanish Death metallers AVULSED have released the artwork for their new album.The brutal artwork for ‘Ritual Zombi’ was done by artist Juanjo Castellano and is set for release on 31 August, the palindromic 31-8-13, via Xtreem Music in Europe and Sevared in the US.

To top it off, AVULSED have even rustled up some exclusive wallpapers featuring the artwork for your computer/tablet or smartphone. To download your wallpaper of choice, head here.
A new band has joined the Thrash legions of Xtreem Music and they're none than one of the leading acts of the 2nd generation of greek Thrash Metal called BENEFACTOR DECEASE. This Athenian combo was formed back in 2007 releasing a demo and a 12" mini LP in '08 followed by a split CD with NADIMAC the year after. Then the band entered on hiatus between 2010-2012 after which they returned with full force with enough songs for their debut album.

In spring 2013 the band got in touch with Xtreem Music with whom they have just signed a deal for the release of "Anatomy of an Angel", the band's first full length album which is currently being recorded at their own Parafiliak Studios for a tentative release after summer of the same year. The style of BENEFACTOR DECEASE is a raw, fast and violent yet technical Thrash Metal grabbing influences from bands like CORONER, RIGOR MORTIS, DARK ANGEL, SLAYER, SADUS…

Cover artwork for "Anatomy of an Angel" was done by great artist Andrei Bouzikov who created such an awesome painting for what will be a great album that will for sure take the European Thrash Metal scene by surprise!!

For more info about BENEFACTOR DECEASE, please visit their official Facebook at: Benefactor Decease @ Facebook and you can also watch the album cover and listen to an advance track on the following link:
TRALLERY 3.5.2013
Spanish Thrash Metal newcomers TRALLERY have reached an agreement with Xtreem Music for the exclusive worldwide distribution and promotion of their debut album "Catalepsy". Coming out from various local acts and previously playing as a METALLICA cover band, TRALLERY finally decided to start the recordings of their album in summer 2012 finishing in December of the same year that's when they got in contact with Xtreem Music who immediately shown interest in the band. After some months where the band had to deal with various matters, specially the making of the cover art by renowned artist Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse, Skeleton Witch, Deathraiser…) and their participation on the Wacken battle of bands of which they were winners of the whole Spanish territory, resulting on the band's inclusion on Wacken 2013, TRALLERY is ready to release this album and June 1st is the chosen date for its release date.

TRALLERY plays and stunning brand of classic Thrash Metal with a fresh sound and varied dynamics resulting on extremely catchy yet both melodic and aggressive tunes with an outstanding instrumental and vocal performances that makes of this band one of the most hopeful formations on the healthy Spanish Thrash Metal scene.

For more information about the band, please check TRALLERY's official Facebook here:
Trallery Thrash Metal @ Facebook

An advance song of the album "Catalepsy" can be heard on the following link:
SORCERY 26.4.2013
SORCERY has come to an agreement with Xtreem Music for the re-issue on CD of their legendary debut album from 1991 "Bloodchilling Tales" together with their previous 7"EP from 1990 "Rivers of the Dead", both with remastered sound for the first time and a totally revamped artwork and layout. This new re-issue comes under the title of "Legacy of Blood" and has been released last month by swedish labels To The Death & Blood Harvest on 12"LP vinyl format.

This album was out of print on its original CD version for a few years already and since the layout, sound and original cover were of poor quality, the band decided to give it a completely new look. However, original cover art both from the album, EP, photos and lyrices are being included on the new design for everyone's enjoyment.

SORCERY's debut 7"EP caused quite an impact in the swedish scene back in 1990 as well as their debut album a year later, being considered one of the leading Death Metal bands in their country together with acts like ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, CARNAGE, GROTESQUE... creating their own sounding DM style with a devilish feel resulting on a cult album for any lover of swedish Death Metal.

Release date for CD version of "Legacy of Blood" will be May 10th. You can actually see the album cover on big size and listen to an album track on the following link:
(choose HD quality & full screen)
Legendary spanish Brutal Christophobic Death Metallers CHRIST DENIED, who got reactivated in late 2011, have been hard working on their long awaited sophomore album after their acclaimed debut in 1996 "...Got What He Deserved" and various split CD's and their collection CD "Drink... Drink the Blood!" from 2004. This work has resulted in 8 new songs plus a cover song of IMPRECATION which will be featured on the new album that will be entitled "Cancer Eradication", that continues where the band left, combining all elements of their different recordings and for sure will not dissapoint any of their fans.

Recordings are almost finished and the album is expected to be released during the first days of June, right before the very first shows of the band in its history. Yes, CHRIST DENIED will perform live, something unthinkable until Roger Infected joined the band replacing David Nigger. So far, the band has already been confirmed for three festivals for this year:

Jun.29 - Move Your Fucking Brain Fest (Barcelona/Spain)
                   (w/Enthroned, Severance, Benighted, Baalphegor....)
Jul.06 - Obscene Extreme Fest (Trutnov/Czech Rep.)
                   (w/Napalm Death, Cryptopsy, Grave, Exhumed...)
Oct.12 - Ritual Zombi Fest. (Madrid/Spain)
                   (w/Avulsed, Purtenance, Dissect & Onirophagus)

At the moment there's no more shows expected and the band wants to keep it this way, just offering very few and selected live appearances, So don't miss your chance to experience the relentless blasting & guttural performance of CHRIST DENIED on stage while you can!!

Hereby we can reveal the artistically blasphemous cover artwork for "Cancer Eradication", a magistral piece of ART made by greek artist Gerasimos Kolokas, an artist rarely (if ever) used on extreme Metal, but which perfectly captured the essence of the ancient paintings, giving it a totally gloomy and macabre atmosphere. If you want to check the cover art on bigger size with more detail, vist the band's official Facebook at:

As soon as the recording, mixing & mastering process of the new album are finished, the band will post one advance song on their official Facebook as well, so keep an aye open for it!! The war against christian hypocrisy is fiercer than ever and CHRIST DENIED are already embarked on their second crusade to eradicate the worst cancer of humanity!!
Brazilian thrashers DEATHRAISER have recorded a professional videoclip of the song "Terminal Disease" from their acclaimed debut album "Violent Aggression" released in March 2011 through XTREEM MUSIC.

You can watch the video on the following link:
DISSECT 17.4.2013
SORCERY 9.4.2013
Swedish Death Metal legend SORCERY will be touring the US for their very first time, on support of their highly acclaimed return album"Arrival at Six" released both on CD & 12"LP back in January through XTREEM MUSIC.

The tour features a total of 15 shows across the United States of America accompanied by Mexico's Death Metal outfit INFINITUM OBSCURE, two bands that promise to deliver the most utter Death Metal Darkness.

ARRIVAL OF THE BLACK - Vinland Tour 2013
Tour Dates:

Apr 12 - The Black Castle - Los Angeles, CA
Apr 13 - Oakland Metro Operahouse - Oakland, CA
Apr 14 - Rotture - Portland, OR
Apr 15 - Studio Seven - Seattle, WA
Apr 16 - Burt's Tiki Lounge - Salt Lake City, UT
Apr 17 - Sokol Underground - Omaha, NE
Apr 18 - Ultra Lounge - Chicago, IL
Apr 19 - The Foundry - Lakewood, OH
Apr 20 - Sergio's Place - Silver Spring, MD
Apr 21 - Freddies Tavern - Bristol, PA
Apr 22 - Swayze's - Marietta, GA
Apr 23 - Matthews Bar and Grill - Birmingham, AL
Apr 24 - Walter's Downtown - Houston, TX
Apr 26 - Til-Two Club - San Diego, CA
Apr 27 - Cheyenne Saloon - Las Vegas, NV
RANCOR 20.3.2013
Spanish thrashers RANCOR have signed a deal with Xtreem Music for the immediate release of their sophomore album "Dark Future" which was recorded during the last months of 2012 by the band themselves under the production of their guitarist Vasco Durán being mixed and mastered at Rock Lab Studios by Dan Díez.

In March 2nd, the band released a mini CD entitled "Raining Bombs" containing an unreleased song from the same sessions as well as an album track ("Dark Future") plus two old re-recorded song. This EP is exclusively sold only through the band on their official website and live shows.

"Dark Future" contains 9 slabs of intense Thrash Metal in its purest form, blending aggressive riffing with a great sense of melody creating memorable songs dragging varied influences that might remind you to bands like MORTAL SIN, OVER KILL, SLAYER, old METALLICA, TESTAMENT, early ANNIHILATOR and the Bay Area sound. Album cover art has been made by comic artist Vito Sicilia, who did an awesome job which for sure is a plus for this brilliant album.

RANCOR is already working on upcoming shows to present "Dark Future", some of them supporting (again) UK's legend ONSLAUGHT.

Release date for "Dark Future" is scheduled for April 15th. You can visit the band's official website at or their Facebook at and listen to an advance song on the following link:
VERMINOUS 18.3.2013
After an incredible delay of several months caused by the artist in charge of the cover artwork that made us impossible to set up an exact release date for the new VERMINOUS opus, we can finally reveal the cover art for "The Unholy Communion" and track list which is as follows:

01. Intro
02. Keepers of Chaos
03. I.N.R.I (Iesus Nazarenus Rex Insecta)
04. Hordes ov Vermin
05. In the Name
06. Glorious Sacrilege
07. Verminous Fluids - Part II
08. Old is the Shadow of Death
09. Immersed in Semen
10. The Gospel of Verminous
11. Devil Worship (Sabbat cover) [*]

[*] Bonus for 12"LP version

The definite release date for CD will be April 15th whilst vinyl version will come out two weeks later in May 1st.

You can actually see the album cover on big size and listen to an advance album track on the following link:
(choose HD quality & full screen)
DEATH VOMIT 16.3.2013
Chilean Deathmetallers DEATH VOMIT have inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their debut album which is actually being recorded for a summer release both on CD & vinyl format.

DEATH VOMIT was born in 2011 in the city of Curico (Chile) by Azazzel (guitar/ vocals) and Evil Escorzized (drums) influenced by ancient beasts with a grotesque, putrid and devastating sound in the vein of classic bands like Megaslaughter, Purtenance, Cancer, Merciless, Carbonized... recording their debut demo "Infestation" in 2012, released only on cassette format. Later on, bass player Tom "evil" Hill, who already played on the demo, joined the band as permanent member, followed by Sebastián Salce (guitar) as well, completing the line up and starting to create new tunes of the most violent and perverse Death/ Thrash for their debut album.

At the moment the band don't have any official website since they consider it doesn't fit on the band's philosophy and so far the only way to contact them is through Xtreem Music. You can listen to the entire "Infestation" demo 2012 on the following link:
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