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DETERIOROT 7.11.2016
Mythic US Deathmetallers DETERIOROT will see their classic debut album from 2001 "In Ancient Beliefs" re-issued on CD format through Xtreem Music with remastered sound and new cover artwork by Juanjo Castellano.

Formed back in 1990 in New Jersey and later relocated in North Carolina, DETERIOROT is one of the pioneers of the heaviest and darkest US Death Metal alongside with INCANTATION. "In Ancient Beliefs" was the band's debut after a serie of demos and EP during the 90's and now sees a proper re-issue to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the album with a new stunning cover artwork and a heavier and darker sound obtanined with new remastering. This is how the album was always meant to sound!!

Tracklist for "In Ancient Beliefs" is as follows:

01. In Ancient Beliefs
02. Unholy Return
03. The Afterlife
04. Fallen Misery
05. Spiritual Evocation
06. Endless Hauntings of Demons and Despair
07. Eternal Darkness
08. Manifested Apparitions of Unholy Spirits
09. Ritual Ceremonies of Blasphemous Horror
10. Vile

Release date for "In Ancient Beliefs" will be November 20th through Xtreem Music on CD format as well as limited T-Shirts. You can visit DETERIOROT's official Facebook here:
and listen to an advance song on the following link:
HOLYCIDE 31.10.2016
Spanish new Thrash Metal sentation HOLYCIDE featuring Dave Rotten from AVULSED on vocals, have just revealed the first advance song from their upcoming album "Annihilate... Theh Ask!" in form of a killer lyric-video that you can watch here:

HOLYCIDE are currently finishing their crowdfunding campaign (which is at 50%) where they offer pre-orders on different formats and combos of the new album both on CD, 12"LP & Cassette formats as well as T-Shirt coming with lots of exclusive goodies. You can support the band until 10th of November on the following link:

"Annihilate... Theh Ask!" will be released on 1st of February 2017 through Xtreem Music on CD, 12"LP, Cassette & T-shirt. You can visit HOLYCIDE's Facebook profile here: and you can listen to another album advance of 5 song clips on the following link:
One of Belgium's finest Brutal Death Metal bands FRACTURED INSANITY have just released a lyric-video of the song "One Shot Salvation" taken from their recently released 3rd album "Man Made Hell".

"Man Made Hell" was released back in April 2016 through Xtreem Music in. You can visit FRACTURED INSANITY's Facebook profile here: and you can listen to another album track on the following links:

AGGRESSION (ca) 14.10.2016
The legendary thrashers AGGRESSION from Canada have reunited to stay, not just a temporal reunion, and proof of this is that they've inked a worldwide deal (except USA & Canada) with Xtreem Music for the release of their long awaited new album, first one recorded since their classic debut from '87 "The Full Treatment" recently re-issue also through Xtreem Music.

"Fragmented Spirit Devils" is the title of this third album cos in fact, their '04 album was that unreleased album from '86 which most of the songs were re-recorded on their definite debut album in '87. AGGRESSION 2016 is a strong and more brutal incarnation of the band featuring Brian Langley (ex-INFERNÄL MÄJESTY) on vocals and a little bit more Death Metal tinged approach while still retaining that main full raging Thrash Metal basis. Their sound swims in the same seas of bands like POSSESSED, DARK ANGEL, HELLWITCH, INFERNÄL MÄJESTY, MORBID SAINT... with strong riffing by original guitarist Denis "Sasquatch" Barthe, relentless drumming and demonic vocal delivery.

AGGRESSION will be touring Europe next month of November on support for their new album as well the re-issue of their debut. Here are the confirmed dates so far:

02.11 GER - Augsburg
03.11 GER - Nuermberg
04.11 FRA - Nancy
05.11 HOL - Eindhoven
06.11 HOL - Amsterdam
07.11 GER - Hamburg
08.11 GER - Leipzig
09.11 GER - Weimar
12.11 HUN - Budapest
13.11 ROM - Bucharest
14.11 GRE - Kavala
15.11 GRE - Athens
16.11 BUL - Sofia
17.11 SER - Belgrade
18.11 ITA - Turin
19.11 ITA - Padua
20.11 ITA - Milan
22.11 GER - Essen

Tracklist for "Fragmented Spirit Devils" is as follows:

1. At Play in the Fields of Satan
2. Chapel of Horrors
3. Unleashing the Ghost
4. Insanity Without Indulgence
5. Halo of Maggots
6. Furnace Creek
7. Dark Shadow Crossing
8. Strangulation Ejaculation
9. Evil Pox 2016
10. Razamanaz *
(*) Featuring Manny Charlton of Nazareth

Release date for "Fragmented Spirit Devils" will be November 10th through Xtreem Music on CD format worldwide except USA & Canada through Galy Rec, as well as limited T-Shirts. You can visit AGGRESSION's official Facebook here: and listen to an advance song on the following links:
AVULSED 11.10.2016
The pharaonic project where AVULSED got engaged called "Deathgeneration" is done and ready to be unleashed!! It's been many months in the works from the recordings, mixing & mastering, through crowdfunding (with 150% success and over 430 contributors) and then the design & manufacturing of the multiple formats and items of the album and its fantastic mega boxset.

"Deathgeneration" is a double album with 18 songs (75 min.) made of re-recorded songs spanning the band's career to commemorate AVULSED's 25th anniversary and each song (except one that Dave Rotten reserved for himself) features one killer and legendary vocalists, with a total of 16, who kindly contributed to make this release an anticipated classic!!

AVULSED is going to do three special 25th anniversary shows in Madrid (19.11), Barcelona (26.11) & Sevilla (03.12) where they'll record both sound & video for an upcoming 2-CD+DVD live album to be released in spring 2017 as part of the commemoration of their 25th anniversary.

Tracklist for "Deathgeneration" is as follows:

01. Amidst the Macabre (instr.)
02. Stabwound Orgasm
03. Breaking Hymens
guest: Per Boder (God Macabre/Mordbrand)
04. Sweet Lobotomy
guest: Chris Reifert (Autopsy)
05. Burnt But Not Carbonized
guest: Antti Boman (Demilich)
06. Daddy Stew
guest: Svencho (Aborted)
07. Addicted to Carrion
guest: Will Rahmer (Mortician)
08. Dead Flesh Awakened
guest: Rogga Johansson (Paganizer)
09. Powdered Flesh
guest: Ludo Loez (Supuration/S.U.P)
10. Gorespattered Suicide
guest: Mike Van Mastrigt (ex-Sinister/Neocaesar)
11. Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-mutilation)
guest: Johan Jansson (Interment/Moondark)
12. Exorcismo Vaginal
guest: Paul Zavaleta (Deteriorot)
13. Carnivoracity
guest: Anton Reisenegger (Pentagram Chile/Criminal)
14. Sick Sick Sex
guest: Ville Koskela (Purtenance)
15. Devourer of the Dead
guest: Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates)
16. Horrified by Repulsion
guest: Kam Lee (ex-Massacre)
17. Blessed by Gore
guest: Bongo (Necrophiliac)
18. Red Viscera Serology
guest: John McEntee (Incantation)

Disc #2 includes the same tracks, but on their original recordings, just to not dissapoint any freak!!

Release date for "Deathgeneration" is November 1st through Xtreem Music on 2-CD, 2-LP & 2-MC formats. The mega boxset was limited to the crowdfunding campaign only and below you can see some photos of it (click on it for more details). You can visit AVULSED's official Facebook here: and listen to an advance trailer of the 18 songs on the following link:
ADE 6.10.2016
Roman Death Metal centurions ADE have just unleashed an official lyric-video of the track "Carthago Delenda Est" taken from their third album with the same title"Carthago Delenda Est".

"Carthago Delenda Est" was released back in July 2016 through Xtreem Music in. You can visit ADE's Facebook profile here: and you can listen to another album track on the following links:

FAMISHGOD 30.9.2016
The Funerotting Doom/Death band FAMISHGOD, leaded by Dave Rotten (AVULSED) and Funedeim (BIZARRE), have just revealed the cover art for their 2nd album that will be entitled "Roots of Darkness" and was painted by artist Abigor Artaburu that already worked for bands like APOSENTO and OUIJA amongst many others. The new band logo has been designed by Phlegeton (WORMED).

The album is currently being mixed by Dave Rotten at his own Sanctuary Studios and it's scheduled for an early December release, just before FAMISHGOD's live appearance at the 4th edition of the MADRID IS THE DARK Festival together with bands like SAMAEL, TIAMAT, IN THE WOODS, PHLEBOTOMIZED, AHAB, SHAPE OF DESPAIR, DRACONIAN, NOVEMBRE, EREB ALTOR & HELEVORN.

"Roots of Darkness" again will contain 7 conceptual chapters that continues the story from their previous work and musically deepens on the dense, profound and dismal sounds already explored by FAMISHGOD on their previous "Devourers of Light" from 2014, although this time with a human drummer and a better and heavier production (if that's possible), and always keeping that rotting, majestic and enigmatic essence that charactarizes them.

Release date for "Roots of Darkness" will be December 1st through Xtreem Music on CD format. Soon we'll reveal an advance song and tracklisting. In the meantime you can visit FAMISHGOD's official Facebook here: and watch their live video-clip from their previous album on the following link:
AZOOMA 12.9.2016
Iran's Death Metal jewel AZOOMA already impressed us all with their debut EP "A Hymn of the Vicious Monster" released in 2014. Their astonishing brand of progressive yet brutal high class Death Metal didn't leave unperturbed anyone who dared to listen. Now the band is ready to unleash upon mankind their debut album "The Act of Eye", a conceptual work that push boundaries in Progressive Death Metal.

No, don't tremble after hearing the word "progressive". On this infested scene full of trendy proggies who care more about poseurism and too often forget about what Metal is all about, AZOOMA don't need to wear a fashion look or deny their Death Metal roots to prove there's plenty of room for innovation yet retaining classic elements at the same time. It's unbelievable that a band from Iran has to come and teach us all how this can be done! We, europeans and americans, think we're the top of the top and that's bullshit. AZOOMA proves it with total humbleness.

"The Act of Eye" comes with a brutal yet abstract cover art made by artist Shahriyar Shervin who also did all the booket artwork to illustrate this complex conceptual work. Mixed and mastered by Mathieu Pascal from french masters GOROD, "The Act of Eye" is a masterpiece that will raise an eyebrow on you if you leave your prejudices apart and give them a listen. Don't be a fool, try it!

Tracklist for "The Act of Eye" is as follows:

Act 1 - Plague of Predator
Act 2 - Umbra of Mirth
Act 3 - The Ocular Dominance
Act 4 - Erosion of Shadows
Act 5 - Non-Entity of Visions
Act 6 - Flare of Flames
Act 7 - Objectivity of Oblivion
Act 8 - The Eyes: A Tale of Sight and Shadows

Release date for "The Act of Eye" will be October 10th through Xtreem Music on CD format. You can visit AZOOMA's official Facebook here: and listen to an advance song on the following links:
The legendary Death Metal band from Florida KILLING ADDICTION are ready to release a new 4-song EP under the title of "Shores of Oblivion" through Xtreem Music next month of October.

After their 2010 EP "Fall of the Archetypes" and the 7"EP "When Death Becomes an Art" from 2014, KILLING ADDICTION is back with 4 brilliant tunes that clearly gets back to their classic debut album from '93 "Omega Factor" (that will be re-issued through Xtreem Music in 2017) where some CARCASS influences were masterly blended with heavy and brutal US Death Metal creating a very personal sound.

Tracklist for "Shores of Oblivion" is as follows:

1. Engine of Ruin
2. Cult of Decay
3. Extinction Agenda
4. Into Shadow

Release date for "Shores of Oblivion" will be October 20th through Xtreem Music on CD format. You can visit KILLING ADDICTION's official Facebook here: and listen to an advance song on the following links:
HOLYCIDE 2.9.2016
Spanish thrashers HOLYCIDE, featuring Dave Rotten from AVULSED on vocals (but on a total Thrasher register here), have just revealed the cover artwork for what's going to be their first full length album that will be entitled "Annihilate... Then Ask!" whose recording phase has been finished and they're now in the mixing process. Release for the album is scheduled for January 2017 through Xtreem Music.

Cover artwork for "Annihilate… Then Ask!” has been made by renowned artist Andrei Bouzikov (MUNICIPAL WASTE, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, SKELETONWITCH…) and for what you can see, it's a total Thrasher cover!!

The album will contain nine brand new songs as well as a cover version of legendary US Thrashers DÉTENTE and this is what the band said about the album: "We were in doubt between an abstract, transcendental, modern and post-whatever artwork to demonstrate we're so fucking mature, but in the end our natural born stupidity and lack of originality prevailed and since we're a Thrash band without modern bullshit, we decided to go for a cover that's total fucking 80's Thrasher as hell!! Regarding the music, we can assure it's way superior than our previous EP, a fucking killer album!".

By the end of this month of September, HOLYCIDE will launch a pre-order campaign through crowdfunding to help funding their studio and artwork costs. We'll keep you informed about this and more details about the album as they're happening or you can be updated through the official band's Facebook here: In the meantime you can see this couple of videos from HOLYCIDE's previous EP "Toxic Mutation" released last year:
NANGILIMA 31.8.2016
Swedish Doomsters NANGILIMA are about to release a new 2-song EP entitled "Shards of Loss". Clocking a total of 20 minutes, this EP was originally intended to be released only digitally, but Xtreem Music decided to do an ultra-limited physical release in form of a beautiful Digipack-CD with a run of only 100 copies for diehard fans and collectors.

After gaining some serious recognition within the Doom/ Death scene with their debut album "The Dark Matter" released back in November 2014 through Xtreem Music, a new bass player joined the band, which is none other than Evilead from spanish bands ELDERDAWN & BIZARRE. The two new songs included in "Shards of Loss" follow the style of the band of dark, emotional and heavy Doom/ Death that will for sure appeal to every fan of bands like SWALLOW THE SUN, NOVEMBERS DOOM, SATURNUS, INBORN SUFFERING, DOOM:VS...

Release date for "Shards of Loss" will be September 27th through Xtreem Music on Digipack-CD format limited to 100 units and only available through the label's mailorder. You can visit NANGILIMA's official Facebook here: and listen to an advance song on the following links:
AGGRESSION (ca) 29.8.2016
Los legendarios thrashers canadienses AGGRESSION verán su debut álbum de culto de 1987 "The Full Treatment" re-editado con el arte original por vez primera a través de Xtreem Music!!.

Surgidos en 1985 junto a otras legendarias bandas canadienses de Thrash Metal como SACRIFICE, INERNAL MAJESTY, RAZOR, ARMOROS, SOOTHSAYER, DBC, etc., AGGRESSION crearon ondas con sus tres demos durante el '85/'86 y la inclusión de algunos de esos temas en recopilatorios de New Renaissance Rec. como "Thrash Metal Attack" y "Speed Metal Hell II", hasta que su álbum debut "The Full Treatment" fue editado por Banzai Records en le '87. De todos modos, la banda no duró mucho más tras esto y su popularidad no pudo alcanzar mayores niveles, pero este álbum permanece como una auténtica joya para cualquier amante del intenso y pegadizo Thrash Metal en la línea de bandas como MORBID SAINT, DARK ANGEL, ARMOROS... quienes sin duda amarán este clásico!!

La fecha de edición para "The Full Treatment" será el 1 de Octubre a través de Xtreem Music en formato CD mientras que una edición en picture 12"LP saldrá por Weird Face Prod. siendo seguido por un tour europeo durante ese mismo mes. Puedes visitar el Facebook oficial de AGGRESSION en y también escuchar el tema de adelanto en los siguientes links:
GUTTED 19.8.2016
Hungary's most brutal outfit GUTTED, have inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their upcoming 4th full length album which is actually in recording process and will be entitled "Martyr Creation".

GUTTED has been delivering their merciless brutality since 1996 and ever since they've released a demo, an EP and three albums, developing an insanely fast brand of Brutal Death Metal with a technical edge that will please the ears of fans of bands like ORIGIN, IMMOLATION, DEEDS OF FLESH, GORGASM, NILE... The band will also work on an official video-clip for the song "Deeper Than Hell" to be release alongside the album.

Release date for "Martyr Creation" will be set once the band finishes their recording sessions and will be announced at the same time we'll reveal cover artwork, track listing and an advance song. You can visit GUTTED's official Facebook here: and also watch an unofficial video of a demo track to be re-recorded for the album on the following link:
One of spanish melodic Death Metal pioneers IN THOUSAND LAKES have inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their long awaited 2nd album to come out in early 2017.

Formed back in 1996 from the ashes of another melodic Death Metal act called DORMATH who released their only album one year before, IN THOUSAND LAKES lived only during 3 years ('96-'98) where they released a demo and a full length album entitled "Lifeless Waters..." where they got excellent reviews and gained great recognition within the spanish scence. Unfortunately, the band ceased to exist after that until they reformed in 2013 releasing a new mini CD in 2014 and doing a re-issue of their debut album with the demo as bonus and a new song in early 2016.

Now IN THOUSAND LAKES are hardly working on new songs for their second album that will be entitled "Age of Decay" with some songs like “I Rise”, “True North”, “Fall Into the Void”, “Blind Eyes” or “Wolfzeit”. This is no bullshit melodic Death Metal (yes, Death Metal) in the good olD 90's tradition of very early IN FLAMES, DARK TRANQUILLITY, GARDENIAN... so you can expect killer melodies blended with heavy and aggressive swedish-styled Death Metal!

As soon as we have more details about the album, we'll keep you informed. In the meantime you can visit the IN THOUSAND LAKES official website: and also watch the video-clip made for the newest 2016 song "The Scaffold" here:

If there's a pioneer band in the Spanish Death Metal scene, that's NECROPHILIAC! Emerged in '88, the band released various demos until '92 when their classic album "Chaopula - Citadel of Mirrors" was released. After that, the band did split-up and it's now when, after 6 long years trying to get this release out, Xtreem Music is proud to announce the release of a 2-CD containing this album with all demos, unreleased 7"EP's and live tracks with unreleased tunes on it.

"Maze of Forking Paths" is a complete collection of the band's studio & live recordings from '88 to '92, all remastered with the best possible sound and a killer booklet full of photos, liner notes, demo covers, lyrics, flyers, etc. This is a mandatory release to understand where the spanish Death Metal scene comes from!

Release date for "Maze of Forking Paths" will be September 1st through Xtreem Music on 2-CD format with limited T-shirts available at the same time. You can visit NECROPHILIAC's official Facebook here: and listen to an advance song on the following links:
BIZARRE 21.7.2016
Spanish Death Metal band BIZARRE have just unleashed an official lyric-video of the track "Fleshless" taken from their debut EP "Inner Necropolis".

BIZARRE features members from ONIROPHAGUS, FAMISHGOD & ELDERDAWN, that plays a dark, heavy and brutal Death Metal taking influences from the finnish scene (ADRAMELECH, CARTILAGE, DEMIGOD, DEMILICH...) as well as other varied inspirations like ANASARCA, INTESTINE BAALISM, AVULSED, GRAVE...

"Inner Necropolis" was released back in March 2016 through Xtreem Music in. You can visit BIZARRE's Facebook profile here: and you can listen to another EP track on the following links:
OBSCURE 7.7.2016
One of the very first Death Metal bands emerged in the spanish scene in late 80's was OBSCURE, whose second demo "Curse the Course" created some waves in the underground. Now the band sees their only three demos re-issued on a CD entitled "Back to Skull".

The three demos included on "Back to Skull" are: "Non Existendi Cultus" ('92), "Curse the Course" ('90) and "Disgusting Reality" ('89) coming with the best possible sound (unmastered, but enhanced) as well as all demo covers, lyrics and tons of photos & flyers. OBSCURE, who are actually back again with three original members, started as a Thrash/ Death outfit and developed into a dark and heavy Death Metal act in the vein of bands like BOLT THROWER, GRAVE, ENTOMBED...

Release date for "Back to Skull" will be August 1st through Xtreem Music on CD format with limited T-shirts available at the same time. You can visit OBSCURE's official Facebook here: and listen to an advance song on the following links:
ADE 21.6.2016
Roman Death Metal centurions ADE have revealed the first advance track for their upcoming 3rd album "Carthago Delenda Est", an stunning album that for sure will stand out as one of the best releases of this genre for 2016. Just listen to this advance track and judge for yourself!!

Release date for "Carthago Delenda Est" will be July 15th through Xtreem Music on CD format with limited T-shirts available at the same time. You can visit ADE's official Facebook here:
and listen to the album's advance song on the following links:
British Crossover Thrash legends CEREBRAL FIX are done with the recording process of their long awaited return album, the 5th in their career and 1st one in 24 years!! Initial plans were to record is during summer 2015, but during the recording process, two members (vocals & bass) decided to leave the band, so new members had to be found.

"Disaster of Reality" is completed and contains 12 rabid songs that are a back to basics, a return to their 1st album days with an upbeat DISCHARGE dose. CEREBRAL FIX of today is what originally was meant to be, a raw'n'crusty Crossover Thrash/ Punk beast retaining that feeling that only the originals can have!!

Tracklist for "Disaster of Reality" is as follows:

01. Justify
02. Mosh Injury
03. Crucified World
04. Realities of War
05. Skate Fear
06. Reality Pill
07. Dear Mother Earth
08. Dead Cities
09. Never Say Never Again
10. Felted Cross
11. Inside My Guts
12. (Untitled Mystery Track)

Release date for "Disaster of Reality" is set for 15th of September July through Xtreem Music on CD & 12"LP and in the meantime you can visit CEREBRAL FIX's official Facebook here: and also listen to an exclusive advance track from the album on the following links:
AVULSED 30.5.2016
With only 10 days left on AVULSED's pre-order campaign through crowdfunding, the band has decided to reveal the astonishing album cover for their upcoming 25th anniversary double album "Deathgeneration".

You can see it with more detail here:

Artwork for "Deathgeneration" was made by russian artist Daemorph Evilartdominion, also bass player in the Death Metal band GROND.

AVULSED is currently embarked in a crowdfunding campaign to achieve, with the help of their fans, an extremely ambitious project to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the band. You can find information about it and also on how to contribute to it through pre-orders on their many articles and packs, on the following link:

This crowdfunding campaign started in April 25th and will end in June 10th. Release date for "Deathgeneration" double album is set for 1st of November with Xtreem Music in charge of the marketing, promotion and distribution on a worldwide basis.
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