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As always, here at Xtreem Music we're never with the trends, so for us, Brutal Death is not about -Core or Hip-Hop shit... call us old fashioned (yes, please!), but for us Brutal Death is about brutality!! Who, Brutal Death lover, don't miss the good old days of... for example... the first DEEDS OF FLESH album?? When Brutal Death was pure and unadultered?? Luckily, norwegians THE SICKENING share with us that vision and here they have returned with hell of a fucking brutal 2nd album entitled "Sickness Unfold"!!

No modern riffing, no ridiculously-heavy sounding production or senseless compositions. "Sickness Unfold" comes with a fucking sharp production vomiting 9 own songs and a VILE cover, full of killer riffs and no bullshit!! Any lover of good old DEEDS OF FLESH, GORGASM, VILE... will adore this new opus!!

Track listing for "Sickness Unfold" is as follows:

01. Sickness Unfold
02. Fixed On Killing
03. Unnamed Horror
04. Throat Hole Ejaculation
05. Lord of Decay
06. A Mind Deranged
07. Powertool Sodomy
08. Suffer For My Pleasure
09. Consumed By Hate
10. Abort (the Fetus) [Vile cover]

Release date for "Sickness Unfold" is settled for July 20th through Xtreem Music. You can visit THE SICKENING's Facebook profile here:
and you can listen to an exclusive advance track of the album on the following links:
DAEMONIAC 12.6.2015
Italian swedish Death Metal worshippers DAEMONIAC have inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the imminent release of their debut EP "Lord of Immolation" as well as their upcoming albums.

Out from the ashes of the legendary italian band HORRID (now re-formed with a totally new line-up), comes DAEMONIAC, formed in 2013 and leaded by bass player & vocalist Max, which together with also ex-HORRID drummer Matt and guitarist Pier, have created a new Death Metal monster destined to preserve the true essence of good old 90's swedish Death Metal.

In fact, this "Lord of Immolation" EP was recorded, mixed and produced at Sunlight Studios by Tomas Skogsberg to ensure the perpetuation of the true spirit from bands like NIHILIST, CREMATORY (swe), early NECROPHOBIC, CARNAGE... There's also collaborations from Johan Jansson (INTERMENT/ MOONDARK) and Urban Skytt (CREMATORY/ GENERAL SURGERY) and cover artwork was created by mythic artist Chris C. Moyen.

Tracklist for "Lord of Immolation" is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Away From Christ
3. Demonic Possession
4. Chunks of Flesh
       (Crematory-swe cover)
5. Desecration of Christianity
6. Lord of Immolation

"Lord of Immolation" is due to come out through Xtreem Music on 10th of July 2015. You can follow DAEMONIAC through their official website and you can also check out the cover artwork and listen to an exclusive advance track on the following link:
GRAVESITE 5.6.2015
Italian horror Death Metal dealers GRAVESITE have finished the recordings of their debut album to be entitled "Horrifying Nightmares..." and here we can show you the cover artwork made by Mario E. Lopez M. as well as full tracklist and an exclusive advance song.

GRAVESITE was formed in 2014 by members from other bands like HAEMOPHAGUS, UNDEAD CREEP & CANCER SPREADING among others and released a demo entitled "Obsessed by the Macabre" signing to Xtreem Music for their debut album "Horrifying Nightmares..." which is formed by 9 tracks of an old fashioned Death Metal in the tradition of bands like AUTOPSY, GRAVE, DEATH, CARCASS...

Track listing for "Horrifying Nightmares..." is as follows:

1. Intro/Anguished Sleep
2. Submerged in Vomit
3. Horrifying Nightmares of Flesh and Blood
4. I Want to Rot
5. The Painter of Agonies
6. Where Mortals Fear to Thread
7. Curse of the Red Moon
8. Worship Death in All its Forms
9. Suscipe Mortem

Release date for "Horrifying Nightmares..." is settled for July 1st through Xtreem Music. You can visit GRAVESITE's Facebook profile by clicking here···>>> and you can listen to an exclusive advance track of the album on the following links:
German lovers of rancid and rotten Death Metal CRYPTIC BROOD have signed with Xtreem Music for the release of their upcoming EP and more albums to come.

Formed back in early 2013, CRYPTIC BROOD released their first demo tape "Morbid Rite" in october of the same year, being followed by a split CD/LP with countrymates GRAVEYARD GHOUL released on Final Gate Records in Fall 2014. Now in 2015 the band has recorded three new tracks plus an original "Autopsyzed" cover of SUFFOCATION's "Infecting the Crypts" and are working on the final touches for their upcoming EP that will be entitled "Wormhead". CRYPTIC BROOD's sound can be defined as a truly heavy and ugly Death/ Doom influenced by bands like AUTOPSY, WINTER, DERKETA, UNDERGANG, early ASPHYX, HELLHAMMER...

"Wormhead" is due to come out through Xtreem Music in fall 2015 and as soon as the recordings and artwork are finished, we'll advance one song and cover art as well as settle a definite release date for it. In the meantime you can visit CRYPTIC BROOD 's oficial sites here:
& and you can listen to their demo & split album on the following link:
DECREPID 20.5.2015
British Death Metal mongers DECREPID have finished their sophomore album and it's ready to be unleashed upon mankind!! Title for this monstrous work is "Osseous Empire" and it was originally intended for a 2014 release, but line up changes forced the band to delay their plans until 2015.

Formed back in 2005, and specially since the release of the band's debut album "Devoted to Death" in 2011, which was very well received by the scene, DECREPID have been forging a reputation by themselves as one of UK's most pure and uncompromising Death Metal acts with a sound that's brutal yet old school sounding with songs full of killer and crushing riffs. Definitely not for modern trendy core-boys.

Track listing for "Osseous Empire" is as follows:

1. Concussion
2. Death Walks Above
3. Indulgence in Self Destruction
4. Ashumaniac
5. Into to the Doom
6. Breeding Anger
7. Fear Within

Release date for "Osseous Empire" is settled for June 20th through Xtreem Music. You can visit DECREPID's Facebook profile here: and you can listen to an exclusive advance track of the album on the following links:
PUTREVORE 13.5.2015
Swedish/Spanish/Norwegian combo PUTREVORE, are finishing the recordings for their third album. The band, always formed by Rogga Johanson (PAGANIZER) & Dave Rotten (AVULSED), is again hiring the drumming skills of Brynjar Helgetun (THE GROTESQUERY) who already played on the band's previous album "Macabre Kingdom" released in 2012. The band is sure that this album is their most heavy, crushing, rotting and thick work so far!! You can expect the perfect sound definition of their own name!!

PUTREVORE's new album will be entitled "Tentacles of Horror" and recordings were made during the first month of 2015 in each respective member's country of origin for a latter mixing process that will be handled by Dave Rotten himself at his own Sanctuary Studios and most probably will be mastered at Overhead Studios by Raúl Fournier "Furni", who's currently working on the recordings of the new AVULSED EP. Cover artwork, as on their two previous albums, will be handled by Juanjo Castellano who's again doing a masterpiece!!

There's no release date for "Tentacles of Horror", but should be sometime in late summer or fall 2015. As soon as the mixing process is finished, we'll show you an advance track as well as cover art, tracklist and a definitive release date. In the meantime you can always check PUTREVORE's website at and also listening to their two first albums in full on the following links:
MASACRE 8.5.2015
Colombian true living Death Metal legends MASACRE have inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the European version of their latest album "Brutal Aggre666ion", the 5th in their long career for this band formed back in 1988 that has built a truly incorruptible cult status as one of the most mythic south american bands ever!!

First released only for the colombian territory through the band's own label Mórbida Prod. in October 2014, "Brutal Aggre666ion" is another solid step in the band's discography, showing a truly brutal form of Death Metal in their traditional style, empowered, once again, by the production skills of HATE ETERNAL/ ex-MORBID ANGEL's Erik Rutan at his own Mana Studios in Tampa, Florida.

Track listing for "Brutal Aggre666ion" is as follows:

1. La Guerra
2. Mutilated
3. Bullets
4. War in Hell
5. Donde Habital el Mal
6. Satanic Peace Agreement
7. Reality Death
8. The Calm Before the Storm
9. Valle de la Muerte

"Brutal Aggre666ion" is due to come out through Xtreem Music in June 10th. You can visit MASACRE's Facebook profile here: and you can listen to an advance track of the album on the following links:
2nd album out of the five finnish Death Metal releases planned for this year on Xtreem Music is TORTURE PULSE's sophomore release "God Leash". Hereby we can already reveal the album cover art made by Toni Hietomaa, an advance track, full album tracklist and release date.

"God Leash" is hell of a Death Metal opus featuring 10 relentless songs that ranges from crazy fast grinding parts to crushing slow passages, going through catchy crusty riffs, everything in a killer blend of old school fashioned finnish and swedish-styled Death Metal that will for sure please every fan of bands like GRAVE, ENTOMBED, BOLT THROWER, AUTOPSY, CARNAGE, VOMITORY...

Track listing for "God Leash" is as follows:

01. Myths of Belial Incarnated
02. On Lacerated Wings
03. Burst of Black Blood
04. Napalm to the Cross
05. Macabre Magister
06. Army of Pestilence
07. Plague Poetry
08. Glory that Was
09. Golgotha Revisited
10. Morbid Connection Through Flesh

Release date for "God Leash" is settled for June 1st. You can visit TORTURE PULSE's Facebook profile here: and you can listen to an exclusive advance track of the album on the following links:
AZOOMA 22.4.2015
After releasing their astonishing debut EP, "A Hymn of the Vicious Monster" in May 2014 through Xtreem Music, Iranian Death Metal act AZOOMA have recently entered the studio to start recording their first full length studio album which will be released this year again via Xtreem Music. The recording will take place in Mashhad at 'Azooma Studio' under the supervision of the band's drummer Saeed Shariat.

Saeed commented: "We are excited indeed to bring some new material to our fans. Our upcoming album will have more horror, a more complicated story and more blood. This is something different and we assure you that this one will blow your mind, it's something you haven't heard before".

Also the band has recently signed a management contract with Mohsen Fayazi and Stargazer Consultancy. Mohsen commented on AZOOMA's forthcoming album: "I am glad that these guys found their way on the Death Metal path of glory. By listening to the demos of Azooma's upcoming album, I can say they found their signature style in this genre of music".

Check out what the band had to say to their fans from the studio on the Youtube clip here:

If you're one of these few scatterbrains that only consumes mainstream shit and still don't know this awesome band, you can discover them by listening to their EP in full on the following link:
AVULSED 15.4.2015
Spanish Death Metal veterans AVULSED are entering the studio this friday to begin recording process of 4 new songs for an upcoming new EP due to come out next September right before embarking on their 5th European tour (3rd one as headliners).

Title for this new EP will be "Altar of Disembowelment" and it's going to include 4 new songs plus a cover song of BLACK SABBATH's "Neon Knights" recorded in December 2010 for a spanish tribute to B.S. that never happened, so the band decided to use it on this release. Recording and mixing will be handled by Furni (ex-AVULSED drummer) at his own Overhead Studios to be mastered later on by Dan Swanö and Unisound Studios.

The 4 new songs are following a heavier direction than the previous stuff still with the unmistakable Death Metal style of AVULSED and will mean the recording debut with the band for drummer Erik Raya. Cover artwork will be once again handled by the genius Juanjo Castellano.

Late 2014 & 2015 is showing AVULSED in better shape than ever having already played festivals like Hammersonic (Indonesia), Metal Head's Mission (Ukraine), Euskal Assault, (Spain), BOS Deaftest (Greece), Apulia Metalfest (Italy) and tons of shows around Spain. Upcoming dates for this year includes:

25.04 Grado / Mutant Fest
08.05 Salamanca / III Bunker Metal Fest
09.05 Segovia / Dislocation Fest
16.05 Catania (Italy) / III Rise of the Underground
23.05 San Sebastián / Sala Doka
24.05 Clermont-Ferrand (France) / 10th EuropaVox Fest
06.06 Jaén / 6ş Jaén Metal Fest
17.07 Domasa (Slovenia) / Festering Blood Fest
RITUAL ZOMBI OVER EUROPE 2015 (Avulsed+Natron+Prion)
18.09 Lyron (France) / Warmaudio
19.09 Wermelskirchen (Germany) / NRW Deathfest
20.09 Zandaam (holland) / Zaandam Deathfest
21.09 Paris (France) / Le Klub
22.09 Deinze (Belgium) / Elpee
23.09 Berlin (Germany) / K17
24.09 Prague (Czech Rep.) / Modra Vopice
25.09 Brastislava (Slovakia) / U Ocka
26.09 Brescia (Italy) / Brixia Deathfest
06.11 Badajoz / TBA
07.11 Beja (Portugal) / 5th Pax Julia Metal Fest
19.12 Valencia / Festival TBA

Release date for "Altar of Disembowelment" is secheduled for 9th of September on CD format through Xtreem Music while a vinyl version on 10" format should come out through greek label Repulsive Echo Records on a still undetermined date. Before that, Xtreem Music will also be doing a re-issue of the classic band's 2nd album from '99 "Stabwound Orgasm" both on CD, 12"LP & T-Shirt formats.

Stay tuned at AVULSED's official websites for more information: &
AMPUTORY 10.4.2015
In 2015, Xtreem Music will speak finnish... this is because we'll be releasing 4 of the best Death Metal albums to come out from Finland!! First of them is the debut of AMPUTORY which will be entitled "Ode to Gore", a fantastic album that follows the tradition of legendary countrymates like FUNEBRE, ADRAMELECH, DEMIGOD, DEPRAVITY... yet with a slight swedish touch in some riffs.

AMPUTORY spent the whole year 2014 and first months of 2015 recording "Ode to Gore" and it's now when this beast of an album will get you all by the balls!! It has all the good elements to become a future classic in finnish Death Metal. Yeah, we all say this, but OK, we'll see you in 10-15 years, haha!!

Track listing for "Ode to Gore" is as follows:

1. Enslaved in the Basement
2. Ode to Gore
3. Cleansing by the Blade
4. Aghori
5. Unclean
6. Bludgeoned
7. Unaccountable
8. Illusion of Sanity

AMPUTORY will also participate at this year's edition of the already cult festival Finish Death Metal Maniacs ( that will take place in Pori (Finland) next 10-12th of September for which tickets were sold out in a matter of hours!!

"Ode to Gore" is due to come out through Xtreem Music in May 10th. You can visit AMPUTORY's Facebook profile here: and you can listen to an exclusive advance track of the album on the following links:
HOLYCIDE 7.4.2015
Spanish new Thrash Metal sensation HOLYCIDE have launched a killer new video-lyric from the song "Apocalyse Riders", made by DP Rey and taken from their debut EP "Toxic Mutation" released back in February 2015 through Xtreem Music.

The video can be watched here:

"Toxic Mutation" is a gasp of fresh air in the healthy and uprising spanish Thrash Metal scene, showing an intense and aggressive yet catchy style discovering the vocal capabilities of AVULSED's Dave Rotten who's surprising everyone with his raging and dynamic thrashing style. HOLYCIDE are here to claim and preserve the true essence of Thrash Metal, the aggressive way, no wimp shit!! Any lover of bands like DARK ANGEL, INFERNÄL MÄJESTY, ATROPHY, CORONER, SEPULTURA (beneath), SACRIFICE... will go nuts with HOLYCIDE!!

You can visit HOLYCIDE's websites: and you can listen to their EP in full (and buy it digital if you want) right here:
...and if you still appreciate physical format on CD or Cassette & even T-shirts, you can buy it here:
British Death Metal mongers RAVENS CREED have inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their upcoming album which is currently being recorded at Tenko Studios in Nottingham and will be entitled "Ravens Krieg".

RAVENS CREED was formed back in 2006 by Steve Watson (ex-Iron Monkey & Cerebral Fix) and Jay Graham (ex-Skyclad, Return to The Sabbat and Iommi) being joined by Frazer Craske (ex-Sabbat) and Ben Ward (Orange Goblin) who later left the band during some of the various line-up changed the band suffered, being nowadays completed by Al Osta (Cerebral Fix) & Rod Boston.

The discography of RAVENS CREED is compound by four EP's and two albums, these two through Czech label Doomentia: "Albion Thunder" ('09) and "The Power" ('12) where the band has been developing their very own style of old fashioned Death Metal with a Crusty edge inspired by the sound of bands like MASTER, VENOM and HELLHAMMER.

There's still no release date for "Ravens Krieg" as recordings and artwork haven't been finished yet, but as soon as all is done, we'll reveal both cover art, advance track and definite release date, which should happen during this summer. In the meantime, check out RAVENS CREED's Facebook profile by clicking here···>>> and you can listen to their two albums at Doomentia's Bandcamp site on the following links:
Spanish legedary Brutal Death Metal band CHRIST DENIED, formed back in 1994, is getting ready for their very 1st live performance as a quartet after changing from a 2-piece to a 4-piece band!! This will be next 1st of May in Madrid (Spain) during the 1st edition of the MADRID DEATHFEST alongside with bands like INTERNAL SUFFERING, INCINERATE, NEUROMA, KEVLAR SKIN, VIRULENCY & CRANIAL BLOWOUT.

Back in February, CHRIST DENIED rehearsed for the first time as a quartet and here you can see a video of that first session: as well as the very first band photo with the current line-up (from left to right):

Roger B. - Guitars
Dave Rotten - Vocals
Roger P. - Bass
Erik Raya - Drums

The two latest addition to CHRIST DENIED are drummer Erik Raya who also plays in AVULSED & FAMISHGOD and bass player Roger P. who also plays in TIBOSITY together with Roger B. (INFECTED FLESH). The band is now getting ready for their upcoming live show and after that will start writing new material for their 3rd album, first one having a human drummer after more than 20 years of existence!!

For more info about the MADRID DEATHFEST, check the Facebook event here: and check out the song "Weak Lunatics" from their very first rehearsal ever:
MOONDARK 27.3.2015
Recently reunited swedish masters of the darkest and heaviest Death Metal ever to come out from that country, namely MOONDARK, will see "The Shadowpath", their only recording to date, re-issued through Xtreem Music next May 1st.

MOONDARK was born in 1993 with members that later have played in bands like INTERMENT, ENTRAILS, CENTINEX, KATATONIA, UNCANNY, DELLAMORTE, FULMINATION and many more. They only recorded a 7-song demo in '93 that remained unreleased until 2007 when it was released on (supposedly) limited edition on CD & 12"LP with quite poor presentation. The style of MOONDARK is an incredibly heavy, rotting an dark Death Metal in the vein of bands like early CRYPT OF KERBEROS, CREMATORY (swe), BOLT THROWER, ETERNAL DARKNESS...

Now "The Shadowpath" gets a proper re-issue featuring new cover artwork by the killer artist Juanjo Castellano and a complete booklet with liner notes, lyrics, original demo cover, live photos from both their only show in '93 and their reunion show at Killtown Deathfest 2014. First will come the CD version with a limited T-shirt run and some months later there will be a vinyl version with gatefold cover and all that mentioned stuff.

As announced above, release date for "The Shadowpath" is set for May 1st and in the meantime, you can listen to one of the songs on the following links:
Finnish Death Metal veterans TORTURE PULSE have inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their upcoming 2nd album which is currently being completed and will be entitled "God Leash".

TORTURE PULSE were formed back in 2005 featuring members from MYTHOS, BELIAL & IMPALED NAZARENE and have released a demo in 2008, followed by their debut album "Plague Poetry" in 2010, a split 7"EP with JOHANSSON & SPECKMANN and a 7-song mini CD entitled "Devilroot" in 2014. Their style is a heavy and catchy Death Metal in its purest form with a sound reminiscent of bands like GRAVE, ENTOMBED, BOLT THROWER, AUTOPSY, CARNAGE, VOMITORY...

Release date for "God Leash" is not settled yet, but will happen during this summer and soon we'll reveal the album cover art as well as an advance song, track listing and a definite release date for it. In the meantime, visit TORTURE PULSE's website at and listen to their latest EP here:
25 years after their inception, one of Spain's Death Metal pioneers SACROPHOBIA, is about to see all their recordings officially re-issued on CD under the title of "Dark Requiems".

Their 1st demo "Only Death is Irreversible" came out in 1991 through Drowned Productions (pre-Repulse/pre-Xtreem Music) being followed by a 2nd demo recorded in '92 which was destined to be a 7"EP on Seraphic Decay Records, but that never happend and thus remained unreleased. Then in '93 two more songs were records for a 5-way split CD with other 4 spanish Death Metal bands entitled "Dead Flesh". A total of 10 studio tracks plus 3 unreleased tunes recorded live in '93 and 2 live cover songs, was the legacy of SACROPHOBIA before splitting up in early '94. After this, one of their guitarists, Juancar, joined AVULSED.

SACROPHOBIA were true devotees of the most pure swedish Death Metal style reminiscent of bands like GOD MACABRE, UTUMNO, NIHILIST, MORPHEUS, CARNAGE, AFFLICTED... and this demo-collection is a must for any Death Metal specialist who isn't happy with just bad quality mp3's from the net. This CD comes with remastered sound and killer booklet with liner notes, demo covers, band photos, flyers, gig posters...

Release date for "Dark Requiems" is set for April 20th and in the meantime, you can listen to the opening track from the "Dead Flesh" split album '93 on the following links:
REINCARNATION, one of the most veteran and legendary Brutal Death Metal bands from the Spanish scene, are about to see their 1997 debut album "Void" re-issued together with their previous mini CD "Seed of Hate" from 1995. Both recordings will come with remastered sound and 4 live bonus with perfect soundboard quality taken from the legendary 1998 Repulsive Festival. Everything will come revamped design still retaining the awesome artwork painted by the mythic artist Joe Petagno (MOTÖRHEAD's favourite).

All fans of authentic Brutal Death (no modern -core shit) will applaude this re-issue, as this one belongs to the league of killer 90's albums when this style wasn't polluted by trendy fashion-boys influences (call them gay-looking fringe-boys or ridiculous rap-looking cap-posers). Remember the good old times of bands like PYREXIA, SKELETON OF GOD, SUFFOCATION, INTERNAL BLEEDING... and you'll get the point!!

REINCARNATION is currently hard working on their comeback album (although they never really splitted) that started to be recorded a couple of years ago and was interrupted because of several problems with the label that was supposed to release it. Now recordings are almost finished and soon they'll start the mixing process. Tentative title for this album, planned for fall 2015, is "The Beginning of the End" and will see the band digging deeper in their own style with a more brutal approach, tighter skills and much better production, still sounding 100% REINCARNATION!!

Check a studio video with a fragment of the new album clicking here.

Release date for "Void + Seed of Hate" is set for April 1st and in the meantime, check out the band's Facebook profile clicking here and you can also listen to an advance track on the following links:
GRAVESITE 13.2.2015
Friday the 13th... what a better day to announce the signing through Xtreem Music of italian horror freaks GRAVESITE?? Despite being a new band, formed in 2014 and with only one demo release, the band is formed by experienced musicians coming from bands like HAEMOPHAGUS, UNDEAD CREEP & CANCER SPREAD to name a few.

GRAVESITE's devotion for authentic Death Metal in its purest form, has managed to catch the attention of Xtreem Music and they're already working on the final details before entering Umberto Furlan's Inline Recording Studio during the 2nd half of April to record their debut album tentatively entitled "Horrifying Nightmares..." and whose release date is planned for July 1st, right before embarking on an European tour together with RESTOS HUMANOS.

If you're a true Death Metal lover and go nuts with bands like AUTOPSY, GRAVE, CARCASS... then GRAVESITE is for you and you shouldn't waste a second to visit their Bandcamp site to listen and download (for free!!) their debut demo "Obsessed by the Macabre" right here:
ASHCLOUD 6.2.2015
As announced before, here's the cover art for the debut album of swedish Deathmetallers ASHCLOUD "Abandon All Light" which was created by renowned swedish artist Daniel Devilish.

ASHCLOUD is the product of Jonny Pettersson's sick mind, who's also vocalist in the legendary swedish band WOMBBATH. Expect nothing but a heavy crusty Death Metal influenced by bands like CARNAGE, BOLT THROWER, VOMITORY, ENTOMBED, CONVULSE...

Track list for "Abandon All Light" is:

1. Under Dödens Vingar (pt.1)
2. Abandon All Light
3. A Hunderd Years of Darkness
4. Devoured Alive
5. Drowning in Your Own Blood
6. Watch Your Children Burn
7. The Second Wind is Coming
8. Under Dödens Vingar (pt.2)

Release date for "Abandon All Light" is set for March 10th and in the meantime, you can listen to an exclusive advance track on the following links:
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