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Finnish Death Metal veterans TORTURE PULSE have inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their upcoming 2nd album which is currently being completed and will be entitled "God Leash".

TORTURE PULSE were formed back in 2005 featuring members from MYTHOS, BELIAL & IMPALED NAZARENE and have released a demo in 2008, followed by their debut album "Plague Poetry" in 2010, a split 7"EP with JOHANSSON & SPECKMANN and a 7-song mini CD entitled "Devilroot" in 2014. Their style is a heavy and catchy Death Metal in its purest form with a sound reminiscent of bands like GRAVE, ENTOMBED, BOLT THROWER, AUTOPSY, CARNAGE, VOMITORY...

Release date for "God Leash" is not settled yet, but will happen during this summer and soon we'll reveal the album cover art as well as an advance song, track listing and a definite release date for it. In the meantime, visit TORTURE PULSE's website at and listen to their latest EP here:
25 years after their inception, one of Spain's Death Metal pioneers SACROPHOBIA, is about to see all their recordings officially re-issued on CD under the title of "Dark Requiems".

Their 1st demo "Only Death is Irreversible" came out in 1991 through Drowned Productions (pre-Repulse/pre-Xtreem Music) being followed by a 2nd demo recorded in '92 which was destined to be a 7"EP on Seraphic Decay Records, but that never happend and thus remained unreleased. Then in '93 two more songs were records for a 5-way split CD with other 4 spanish Death Metal bands entitled "Dead Flesh". A total of 10 studio tracks plus 3 unreleased tunes recorded live in '93 and 2 live cover songs, was the legacy of SACROPHOBIA before splitting up in early '94. After this, one of their guitarists, Juancar, joined AVULSED.

SACROPHOBIA were true devotees of the most pure swedish Death Metal style reminiscent of bands like GOD MACABRE, UTUMNO, NIHILIST, MORPHEUS, CARNAGE, AFFLICTED... and this demo-collection is a must for any Death Metal specialist who isn't happy with just bad quality mp3's from the net. This CD comes with remastered sound and killer booklet with liner notes, demo covers, band photos, flyers, gig posters...

Release date for "Dark Requiems" is set for April 20th and in the meantime, you can listen to the opening track from the "Dead Flesh" split album '93 on the following links:
REINCARNATION, one of the most veteran and legendary Brutal Death Metal bands from the Spanish scene, are about to see their 1997 debut album "Void" re-issued together with their previous mini CD "Seed of Hate" from 1995. Both recordings will come with remastered sound and 4 live bonus with perfect soundboard quality taken from the legendary 1998 Repulsive Festival. Everything will come revamped design still retaining the awesome artwork painted by the mythic artist Joe Petagno (MOTÖRHEAD's favourite).

All fans of authentic Brutal Death (no modern -core shit) will applaude this re-issue, as this one belongs to the league of killer 90's albums when this style wasn't polluted by trendy fashion-boys influences (call them gay-looking fringe-boys or ridiculous rap-looking cap-posers). Remember the good old times of bands like PYREXIA, SKELETON OF GOD, SUFFOCATION, INTERNAL BLEEDING... and you'll get the point!!

REINCARNATION is currently hard working on their comeback album (although they never really splitted) that started to be recorded a couple of years ago and was interrupted because of several problems with the label that was supposed to release it. Now recordings are almost finished and soon they'll start the mixing process. Tentative title for this album, planned for fall 2015, is "The Beginning of the End" and will see the band digging deeper in their own style with a more brutal approach, tighter skills and much better production, still sounding 100% REINCARNATION!!

Check a studio video with a fragment of the new album clicking here.

Release date for "Void + Seed of Hate" is set for April 1st and in the meantime, check out the band's Facebook profile clicking here and you can also listen to an advance track on the following links:
GRAVESITE 13.2.2015
Friday the 13th... what a better day to announce the signing through Xtreem Music of italian horror freaks GRAVESITE?? Despite being a new band, formed in 2014 and with only one demo release, the band is formed by experienced musicians coming from bands like HAEMOPHAGUS, UNDEAD CREEP & CANCER SPREAD to name a few.

GRAVESITE's devotion for authentic Death Metal in its purest form, has managed to catch the attention of Xtreem Music and they're already working on the final details before entering Umberto Furlan's Inline Recording Studio during the 2nd half of April to record their debut album tentatively entitled "Horrifying Nightmares..." and whose release date is planned for July 1st, right before embarking on an European tour together with RESTOS HUMANOS.

If you're a true Death Metal lover and go nuts with bands like AUTOPSY, GRAVE, CARCASS... then GRAVESITE is for you and you shouldn't waste a second to visit their Bandcamp site to listen and download (for free!!) their debut demo "Obsessed by the Macabre" right here:
ASHCLOUD 6.2.2015
As announced before, here's the cover art for the debut album of swedish Deathmetallers ASHCLOUD "Abandon All Light" which was created by renowned swedish artist Daniel Devilish.

ASHCLOUD is the product of Jonny Pettersson's sick mind, who's also vocalist in the legendary swedish band WOMBBATH. Expect nothing but a heavy crusty Death Metal influenced by bands like CARNAGE, BOLT THROWER, VOMITORY, ENTOMBED, CONVULSE...

Track list for "Abandon All Light" is:

1. Under Dödens Vingar (pt.1)
2. Abandon All Light
3. A Hunderd Years of Darkness
4. Devoured Alive
5. Drowning in Your Own Blood
6. Watch Your Children Burn
7. The Second Wind is Coming
8. Under Dödens Vingar (pt.2)

Release date for "Abandon All Light" is set for March 10th and in the meantime, you can listen to an exclusive advance track on the following links:
FUCK OFF 23.1.2015
Spain's most legedary Thrash Metal band FUCK OFF are about to unleash a new album to commemorate the 25th anniversary of their 2nd album "Hell On Earth" originally released in 1990.

This album will be entitled "Hell On Earth II (Revisited & Faster)" and contains 7 re-recorded songs from the original album (one being the song "Inquisición" but sung in english under the title of "Embraced by Religion") as well as 4 original single versions from 1989, 2 long versions of the album tracks recorded in 2013 and 2 songs from the "Invasion" demo recorded in 2000. A total of 15 tracks in the classic Speed/ Thrash Metal style of this spanish classic band. Artwork has been again painted by greek artist Gerasimos Kolokas who already did their 2013 album "Smile As You Kill", creating another masterpiece as you can see here.

Track list for "Hell On Earth II (Revisited & Faster)" is:

01. Hell On Earth (2014)
02. Blasphemy (2014)
03. Whom You Have Never to Say His Name (2014)
04. Rider From Hell (2014)
05. Embraced by Religion (2014)
06. Witch, Hell Below the Belly (2014)
07. Midnight Confession (2014)
08. Torquemada (2000 Invasion - Demo) [Bonus]
09. Cyclone Pt. IV (2000 Invasion - Demo) [Bonus]
10. Hell On Earth (2013 Long Version) [Bonus]
11. Midnight Confession (2013 Long Version) [Bonus]
12. Embrion, Witch Below the Belly (1989 Single Version 1989) [Bonus]
13. Inquisición (1989 Single Version) [Bonus]
14. Hell On Earth (1989 Single Version) [Bonus]
15. Midnight Confession (1989 Single Version) [Bonus]

Release date for "Hell On Earth II (Revisited & Faster)" is set for March 1st and in the meantime, you can listen to an exclusive advance track on the following links:
HUMAN WASTE 14.1.2015
It was in 1991 when the 1st demo by spanish Death Metallers HUMAN WASTE was released on the legendary Drowned Productions (pre-Repulse/pre-Xtreem Music) and this was the 3rd title on this label. There weren't almost any Death Metal bands in the spanish scene, but HUMAN WASTE arose like a whirlwind with their brutal, twisted and somewhat technical Death Metal creating an own and recognizable sound with their weird riffing and complex structures.

HUMAN WASTE recorded 4 demos, one each year, between 1991 & 1994, but the 4th one, even if it was Death Metal, it was already showing a deviation towards more progressive & experimental sounds, so this release coming out in 2015 through Xtreem Music, is focusing on the first three demos, the most brutal and merely Death Metal. These three demos: "The Miracle of Death" ('91), "Existential Nausea" ('92) & "Promo Tape '93" ('93) are being re-issued in one CD entitled "Harvest Remnants" with remastered sound, liner notes and lots of bands photos, demo covers, flyers, etc. and comes with a killer artwork by canadian artist Derek Restivo.

Release date for "Harvest Remnants" is set for February 20th and in the meantime, you can listen to the opening track from their Demo '92 on the following links:
HOLYCIDE 29.12.2014
The debut EP of spanish Thrashers HOLYCIDE, featuring Dave Rotten (AVULSED) on vocals, is totally finished and ready to go!! So we can already advance the cover artwork for "Toxic Mutation", created by US artist Mark Riddick as well as an advance track.

The recording and mixing process of "Toxic Mutation" took around 5 months, being recorded in different studios and mixed and mastered by Raúl Fournier "Furni" at his own Overhead Studios, achieving a truly great production!! The EP contains 5 own songs plus a cover version of DARK ANGEL's "Merciless Death", showing such a fresh, aggressive, dynamic, intense and catchy Thrash Metal like most probably you haven't heard for a long time!! Lovers of bands like DARK ANGEL, INFERNAL MAJESTY, ATROPHY, CORONER, SACRIFICE, SEPULTURA (beneath)... will find in HOLYCIDE a new force to reckon!!

Tracklist for "Toxic Mutation" is as follows:

1. No Escape
2. Blood Typhoon
3. Apocalypse Riders
4. Radiation Endgame
5. Life Turned to Dust
6. Merciless Death (Dark Angel)

Release date for "Toxic Mutation" has been set for the 10th of February 2015 and you can check the band's official sites at and, as well as listening to an exclusive advance track on the following links:
ULULATE 26.12.2014
2014 has been a very productive year for Xtreem Music!! 27 releases in 12 months with bands from places like Iran and Nepal, but now we can announce the signing of a quite veteran band from... China!! They're ULULATE, a one-man band that started back in 2001 as a Black Meta outfit and now have mutated into a solid Death Metal act.

ULULATE released their debut album back in 2002 and then some EP's and splits until in 2014, Spectre, the only man behind the band, who plays all instruments, recorded a new album entitled "Back to Cannibal World" displaying a very personal vision of horror themed Death Metal incorporating weird and twisted elements in it. To give you an idea of ULULATE's sound, it comes as a blend of influences from bands like very early CARBONIZED, AUTOPSY, IMMOLATION demo days, OLD FUNERAL and even japanese NECROPHILE.

Cover artwork for "Back to Cannibal World", depicting some chinese zombies, has been created by killer spanish artist César Valladares and tracklist for the album is as follows:

1. Not Always Be Silent
2. Red Wine
3. Decease and Sadness
4. Anxiety of Mortality
5. Enchantment
6. Mrs. Cobra
7. Real Catastrophe
8. Song Dan Ping

Release date for "Back to Cannibal World" has been set for the 1st of February 2015 and since there's no official website for ULULATE (and there won't be), we invite you to listen to this exclusive advance track on the following links:
APOSENTO 23.12.2014
Spanish legendary Death Metal act APOSENTO (formed back in 1990), have unleashed their very first video-clip ever, taken from their debut album "Aposento", released back in May 2014 through Xtreem Music. The chosen track is "Alma Condenada" (Condemned Soul), which perfectly represents the crushing Death Metal style of the band, always loyal to 90's Florida style.

You can get more info about APOSENTO on their own Facebook site as well as listening to an album song on the following links:
BREATHLESS 22.12.2014
Spanish thrashers BREATHLESS are totally ready for the release of their sophomore album that will be entitled "Return to Pangea" whose cover artwork we can actually reveal as well as an advance track. Release date has been set for the 20th of January 2015 through Xtreem Music.

The debut album of BREATHLESS was released back in January 2011 and quickly helped them to get stablished amongst the finesh Thrash Meal acts within the spanish scene. Now, four years later, the band is back as a trio, more mature and with a more defined style, thrashier than ever!!

Tracklist for "Return to Pangea" is as follows:

01. Tectonic Chant
02. Killing-sophy
03. Atomic Waste
04. Introspective Nightmare
05. Return to Pangea
06. Beyond the Ritual
07. Masterade
08. Ursula has a Tank
09. Breathless
10. Brooding Wraith
11. Spinning Metal

Check out the official BREATHLESS Facebook site at:
and listen to this exclusive advance track on the following links:
CEREBRAL FIX 19.12.2014
Yes, you've read well!! British Crust/Punk fueled Thrash Metal legends CEREBRAL FIX have inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their long awaited new album!!

Existing since 1986 and having released 4 albums between 1988-1992, CEREBRAL FIX reformed back in 2006 with both original guitarists Gregg Fellows and Anthony Warburton together with former vocalist Simon Forrest, the band got Andy Baker (ex-SACRILEGE) on drums and Steve Watson (RAVENS CREED) on bass to complete the line-up. The band was especially active during 2014 when they got to play a few shows until in October, due to personal reasons, vocalist Simon Forrest had to leave the band, being immediately replaced by Al Osta, who already proved to be a good frontman in RAVENS CREED. With this line-up, CEREBRAL FIX opened for MORBID ANGEL last 10th of December in Birmingham, getting a very good acceptance.

CEREBRAL FIX is now working on last details for their comeback album which is planned to be recorded during the first months of 2015 and according to Andy Baker's words "it's going to be a cross between the 1st album and upbeat DISCHARGE". So this is a clear statement that the band is back where they left on their acclaimed debut album from 1988 "Life Sucks… and Then You Die!".

CEREBRAL FIX is having a new split 7"EP with SELFLESS through Fear Me! Music during December and we'll keep you informed as news flows from the band regarding the recording of the new album. In the meantime, visit their official websites at and
We can finally reveal the cover art, tracklist and advance song of the 2nd album of holland's most bizarre and depraved Death Metal horror freaks NAILGUN MASSACRE, whose release date has been set for the 10th of January 2015 through Xtreem Music.

"Boned, Boxed and Buried" is the title of this magnific second opus that includes 12 songs of an ugly, grotesque and terrifying Death Metal mainly influenced by bands like Autopsy, Impetigo, early Death, Sempiternal Deathreign, Macabre, Pungent Stench and in general the good old school Death Metal with lyrics and imagery dealing with B-Horror movies, zombies, 80ties slashers, rednecks and powertools.

Tracklist for "Boned, Boxed and Buried" is as follows:
01. Where's the Head?
02. Boned, Boxed and Buried
03. Stinky Stench
04. I Bury the Hatched in your Face
05. Meat Locker
06. Nailgun Messiah
07. Casket Full of Fun
08. The Doctor and the Beast
09. Mad Road Killer
10. What's in the Box?
11. Lower Me Down

Check out the official NAILGUN MASSACRE Facebook site at: and listen to this exclusive advance track on the following links:
CENDRA 5.12.2014
Satanic Punk bastards CENDRA (means Ash) have everything ready for the release of their 2nd album "666 Bastards"!! We can now reveal the complete artwork as well as full tracklist for this 12-song album that is planned for the very 1st of January 2015!! What a better way than celebrating new year drinking whiskey to waste and listening to CENDRA??

"666 Bastards" is a fucking addictive album that will hook you with their evil and nasty songs that blends in equal parts, elements of Black, Thrash and Death with a strong Punk stench. This stuff is suitable for every lover of bands like SODOM "In the Sign of Evil", TOXIC HOLOCAUST, very early ONSLAUGHT, DISCHARGE, MIDNIGHT, early SARCOFAGO…

Tracklist for "666 bastards" is as follows:

01. Satŕnic D-beat
02. Argh!!!
03. 666 Bastards
04. Mort
05. Dalla
06. Cementiri Rocker
07. Sang, Suor i Alcohol
08. Tot és Una Porqueria!
09. Fart
10. Dimonis Motöritzats
11. Privant Fins Rebentar
12. Castell Okupat

Stay tuned for 1st of January and in the meantime, check out CENDRA's website at:
and don't stop listening to this advance track on the following links:
DRĹP 3.12.2014
Only one week left to see the debut album "En Naturlig Död" of swedish Crust/ Death Grinders DRĹP released on CD format through Xtreem Music and here you can see a killer video-clip of the opening track "Preparat".

Release date for the CD version of "En Naturlig Död" is planned for next 8th of December and you can get more info about DRĹP on their own Facebook site:

as well as listening to an album song on the following links:
ASHCLOUD 28.11.2014
Swedish Death Metal newcomers ASHCLOUD, featuring Jonny Peterson, vocalist in the legendary WOMBBATH, have just inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their debut album sometime during spring 2015.

ASHCLOUD's 1st album will be entitled "Abandon All Light" and it's already recorded, which about to get the final touches in the mix and mastering. During that process, great artist Daniel Devilish will take care of the artwork for the album. "Abandon All Light" contains 8 songs of a heavy crusty Death Metal influenced by bands like CARNAGE, BOLT THROWER, VOMITORY, ENTOMBED, CONVULSE...

As soon as we got the album cover finished and the final mix & mastering of the album, we'll reveal it along with a definite release date. In the meantime, check out ASHCLOUD's official Facebook: and also listen to a rough-mix version of an album track here:
HOLYCIDE 21.11.2014
Spanish new Thrash Metal sensation HOLYCIDE, leaded by Dave Rotten from AVULSED are currently in studio finishing the mixes of their upcoming debut EP at Overhead Studios with Raúl Fournier "Furni" (ex-AVULSED drummer) as producer.

HOLYCIDE's inception happened back in 2004 and went through various line-up tryouts and a couple of songs were recorded, but nothing serious until in spring 2012 Miguel Bárez (guitar) and in summer 2013 Dani Fernández (bass), joined the band and thus recorded a 2-song demo by the end of 2013. After this, in spring 2014, two more members completed the band: Salva Esteban (guitar) & Jorge Utrera (drums). With this line-up, the band started to record 5 songs and a cover version of DARK ANGEL in summer of the same year.

The aim of HOLYCIDE is to create some intense and aggressive yet varied and catchy Thrash Metal, focusing in 80's style of bands like DARK ANGEL, INFERNAL MAJESTY, ATROPHY, CORONER, SACRIFICE, SEPULTURA (beneath)…

The EP will be entitled "Toxic Mutation" and the cover artwork has been created by famous artist Mark Riddick. This recording will show a huge improvement from their debut demo and as soon as it's finished, we'll show you an exclusive advance track as well as the cover artwork, full tracklist and definitive release date that might be around January/ February 2015 through Xtreem Music. After this, HOLYCIDE will start offering their very first live shows around their local clubs in Madrid.

In the meantime, visit the band's official sites at & and don't forget to give a listen to their full demo 2013 (only released on cassette) on the following link:
DRĹP 14.11.2014
Swedish Crust/Death Grinders DRĹP have just inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the CD release of their debut album "En Naturlig Död" (A Natural Death) that was self-released earlier this year by the band themselves on vinyl format.

Hailing from Sundsvall (Sweden), DRĹP is a band that blends elements of Crust, Death, Grind and even Black to create their own style. There you can find such varied influences from bands like SKITSYSTEM, DOOM, PORTAL, DISFEAR and even DEATHSPELL OMEGA. In "En Naturlig Död" you'll get 11 songs, one of them being a bonus track not featured on the first vinyl edition:

1. Preparat
2. Avsked
3. Förstörd
4. Häktad
5. Horblod
6. Nekad Till Vĺrd
7. Vedergällning
8. Höstmörker
9. Ett Hopplöst Fall
10. En Naturlig Död
11. Min Förlorade Värld (bonus track)

Release date for the CD version is planned for next 8th of December and you can get more info about DRĹP on their own Facebook site clicking here ···>>>
as well as listening to an album song on the following links:
DÉTENTE 6.11.2014
Xtreem Music is more proud than ever before, by announcing a release that's one of our absolute top Thrash Metal albums EVER!! A fucking classic!! This is the debut album from Los Angeles' DÉTENTE "Recognize No Authority".

Formed back in 1984, this re-issue celebrates the 30th anniversary of the band and includes absolutely all demos from DÉTENTE plus two unreleased songs taken from live & rehearsal recordings, and the two CATALEPSY demos, a side band from some members, which sounded basically the same as DÉTENTE. This release has been approved and directed by former bass player Steve Hochheiser and means the one and only band's demo & discography from the 80's, contradicting some websites like whose information is wrong.

"Recognize No Authority" was originally released in 1986 through Roadrunner Records in the US and Metal Blade in Europe. Leaded by female vocalist Dawn Crosby (rip), the band quickly gained a status within the Thrash Metal scene with their unique style aside from the typical bands from these times. However, this success wasn't well managed by the band members back then and this leaded to creating a side-band (CATALEPSY) and even disbanding after a 4th demo in '89. Dawn Crosby later formed FEAR OF GOD with whom she recorded two albums before dying in '96.

This release will come in form of a 2-CD containing two bonus on CD1 with re-recorded versions of two album tracks (one being the instrumental track "Catalepsy" but here with original lyrics), made in 2010 and sung by current vocalist Tiina Teal. On CD2 there's 19 songs from the 4 band's demos recorded in '84, '87 & '89 plus two unreleased songs recorded live & rehearsal in '85 and the 2 only demos by CATALEPSY from '87 & '88. All songs comes with remastered sound and packed with a complete presentation full of band photos, flyers, lyrics and extensive liner notes from Steve Hochheiser. There will be also a limited run of T-Shirts that will be available only through the Xtreem Music webstore.

Release date for "Recognize No Authority" [2-CD] is set for December 15th. You can visit the band's official Facebook site at: and also listen to the opening album track here:
CENDRA 24.10.2014
Spanish satanic bourbon-fueled Punk/Black/Thrash/Death maniacs CENDRA have just inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of the band's second album that will be entitled "666 Bastards".

CENDRA have just finished the recordings at the renowned Moontower Studios where they have vomited 12 songs of nasty Punk/Metal depravation. Their style, as described above, blends elements of Black, Thrash and Death with a strong Punk feeling to it. Anyone into bands like SODOM "In the Sign of Evil", TOXIC HOLOCAUST, very early ONSLAUGHT, DISCHARGE, MIDNIGHT, early SARCOFAGO, will find in CENDRA a new soundtrack for their neverending alcoholic nights!!

The band is currently working on the artwork for the album and as soon as it's done, and a release date has been scheduled for "666 Bastards", we'll announce it, but you can expect it around the first months of 2015. In the meantime, check out the CENDRA's website at and here you can also listen to an exclusive advance track:
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